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Warriors Record | When will the NBA Finals Start for the Warriors?

– Warriors Record –

The Warriors will face the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals after winning their conference. However, concerning the warriors record, the question is, when will the NBA finals start for the warriors? see the full information in this article.

Warriors record

After completing a five-game Western Conference finals shutout of the Dallas Mavericks with a 120-110 win, Thursday night at Chase Center, the Warriors are back in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2019. 

After defeating the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, Golden State will face the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.

As a result of the Warriors having a higher regular-season record than the Celtics, they will enjoy home-court advantage in the NBA Finals.

Who Are the Warriors?

who are the warriors

The Golden State Warriors are a San Francisco-based professional basketball club. Philadelphia, Oakland, and San Jose have all been home to the franchise (during a renovation of its home arena).

More so, in the National Basketball Association, the franchise is a member of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference (NBA).

Under coach Edward Gottlieb, the Warriors joined the Basketball Association of America (BAA) as the Philadelphia Warriors in 1946 and won the first BAA championship title the same year.

The Warriors have been a part of the NBA since its inception in 1949. In their first NBA season, the Warriors went 26–42 and lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Syracuse Nationals.


More on the Warriors

Before the 1962–63 NBA season, Franklin Mieuli and the Diners Club pulled together a group of 40 local investors to move the Warriors to San Francisco, with Mieuli finally purchasing all of the franchise’s shares to keep the team.

The reason was to keep the team from failing and to maintain it in the area. The franchise moved to Oakland full-time for the 1971–72 NBA season and changed its identity to the Golden State Warriors after some home games.

Moreover, the Warriors, led by Rick Barry, were a formidable franchise in the middle of the 1970s, winning every season from 1971–72 to 1977–78, earning two division titles, and capturing the NBA championship in 1975.

They were not in contention for a championship for the next 35 seasons after Barry left at the end of the 1977–78 season. Between 1978–79 and 2011–12, the Warriors only had eight seasons with winning records.

Other Things to Know

However, with no playoff appearances between 1994–95 and 2005–06, the team has the fourth-longest playoffs drought in NBA history, trailing only the Braves/Clippers between 1976–77 and 1990–91.

The Warriors overcame the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games to win the 2015 NBA championship, led by NBA’s Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry.

More so, they finished the following season with the best record in NBA history, 73–9, one win more than Michael Jordan’s 1995–96 Bulls, thanks to over a half-decade of smart drafting.

These Golden Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals in 2016 but were defeated in seven games by the Cavaliers. They won 67 games in the 2016–17 season after signing Kevin Durant in the off-season.

Important Things to Note

The Warriors broke another NBA record by winning 207 games in the three years leading up to 2017. The Warriors met the Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals and won the championship in five games.

In 2018, the Warriors swept the Cavaliers in the finals for the fourth consecutive season, winning the decisive game 108–85. The Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals for the seventh time in a row in 2019.

Although the Cavaliers did not play in this series. They became only the second team in NBA history to make the Finals five times in a row. The Warriors were pitted against the Toronto Raptors and were defeated in six games.


Warriors Record

Warriors Record

Series odds and stats:

How Did Warriors Get Here?

How Did They Get Here?

The Warriors are back in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2019 and the sixth time in the last eight seasons. But, unlike their dynastic run from 2014 to 2019, a trip to the Finals wasn’t a foregone conclusion.

They had the worst record in the NBA just two years ago. Also, they missed the playoffs last year after losing both play-in games. Klay Thompson was out for the first half of the season due to ACL and Achilles tendon problems

However, he returned in January after a 941-day layoff. Draymond Green, however, had a back injury on the day he returned.

Important Things to Know

Green returned two months later, but Stephen Curry strained his foot just one game later and missed the last month of the regular season.

Meanwhile, the Warriors were able to stay in the top three in the Western Conference because to the development of Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, and Kevon Looney.

They were crucial in helping the Warriors return to the NBA’s biggest stage in the playoffs.

All-Time Warrior Record

Statistic Wins Losses Win%
Philadelphia Warriors regular-season record (1947–1962) 558 545 .506
San Francisco Warriors regular-season record (1963–1971) 330 399 .453
Golden State Warriors regular-season record (1972–present) 1,938 2,087 .481
All-time regular-season record (1947–present) 2,826 3,031 .482
Philadelphia Warriors post-season record (1947–1962) 36 41 .468
San Francisco Warriors post-season record (1963–1971) 21 27 .438
Golden State Warriors post-season record (1971–present) 133 91 .594
All-time post-season record (1947–present) 190 159 .544
All-time regular and post-season record (1947–present) 3,016 3,190 .486

How is home-court advantage determined in the NBA Finals?

home-court advantage

Unlike the first three rounds of the playoffs, when the higher seed gets the home-court advantage, the NBA Finals give it to the club with the best regular-season record.

The Warriors went 53-29 in the regular season, while the Celtics went 51-31, therefore Golden State gets the home-court advantage.

In most circumstances, the higher-seeded team also has a better record. Prior to this season, the last time a team with a higher seed started the Finals on the road was in 2019.

Other Things to Know

The Warriors were the No. 1 seed in the West, but Game 1 of the Finals was held in Toronto versus the 58-24 Raptors, who were the No. 2 seed in the East.

The 2006-07 Cleveland Cavaliers (50-32, No. 2 seed in the East) were the last team to begin the Finals on the road while having a higher seed than their opponent, the San Antonio Spurs (58-24, No. 3 seed in the West).

While the mechanism for obtaining a home-court advantage in the Finals alters, the series format remains the same throughout the playoffs.

Game 1 is hosted by the same team that hosts Games 2, 5, and 7. Games 3, 4, and 6 are hosted by the team that starts the series on the road.

NBA History 

Most Finals Appearances In NBA History

















Warriors Weakness: Problems with turnover

Warriors Weakness

Kerr joked before the conference finals that he wasn’t going to bring up turnovers because it had been an issue for his team for the previous eight years. He doesn’t have to remind his players to keep those down any longer.

The Warriors’ Achilles’ heel this postseason has been turnovers once again. Golden State is averaging 14.8 turnovers per game in the playoffs, good for 15.9 points (fifth-worst among the 16 postseason teams).

That doesn’t sound horrible at first glance, but when you look at the Warriors’ wins and defeats thus far, it becomes clearer.


Other Things to Know

The Warriors have averaged 16.3 turnovers for 20.8 points in their four playoff losses, which is the third-most turnovers for the fifth-most points allowed in the postseason.

However, they reduced that figure to 14.2 turnovers for 14.3 points in wins (top 10 in both categories).

The Warriors are well aware that their fast-paced style of play, which includes a lot of ball movement, would inevitably result in mistakes. They’re concentrating on cutting down the ones that result from poor or lazy passes.

The Warriors will be significantly tougher to beat if they reduce their turnovers. And if they lose, it won’t be because they handed the ball on to the opposition.

NBA Finals Schedule







Game 1

Thursday, June 2

6:00 p.m.

Chase Center


95.7 The Game

Game 2

Sunday, June 5

5:00 p.m.

Chase Center


95.7 The Game

Game 3

Wednesday, June 8

6:00 p.m.



95.7 The Game

Game 4

Friday, June 10

6:00 p.m.



95.7 The Game

Game 5*

Monday, June 13

6:00 p.m.

Chase Center


95.7 The Game

Game 6*

Thursday, June 16

6:00 p.m.



95.7 The Game

Game 7*

Sunday, June 19

5:00 p.m.

Chase Center


95.7 The Game

How to watch NBA Finals games

  • TV: ABC
  • Stream: Watch ESPN | Sling TV

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NBA Playoffs 2022: Results from each round

Eastern Conference Finals results

(1) Heat vs. (2) Celtics: Boston wins 4-3

Game Result
Game 1 Heat 118, Celtics 107
Game 2 Celtics 127, Heat 102
Game 3 Heat 109, Celtics 103
Game 4 Celtics 102, Heat 82
Game 5 Celtics 93, Heat 80
Game 6 Heat 111, Celtics 103
Game 7 Celtics X, Heat X

Western Conference Finals results

(3) Warriors vs. (4) Mavericks: Golden State wins 4-1

Game Result
Game 1 Warriors 112, Mavericks 87
Game 2 Warriors 126, Mavericks 117
Game 3 Warriors 109, Mavericks 100
Game 4 Mavericks 119, Warriors 109
Game 5 Warriors 120, Mavericks 110

Eastern Conference Semifinals results

(1) Heat vs. (4) 76ers: Miami wins 4-2

Game Result
Game 1 Heat 106, 76ers 92
Game 2 Heat 119, 76ers 103
Game 3 76ers 99, Heat 79
Game 4 76ers 116, Heat 108
Game 5 Heat 120, 76ers 85
Game 6 Heat 99, 76ers 90

(2) Celtics vs. (3) Bucks: Boston wins 4-3

Game Result
Game 1 Bucks 101, Celtics 89
Game 2 Celtics 109, Bucks 86
Game 3 Bucks 103, Celtics 101
Game 4 Celtics 116, Bucks 108
Game 5 Bucks 110, Celtics 107
Game 6 Celtics 108, Bucks 95
Game 7 Celtics 109, Bucks 81

Western Conference Semifinals results

(1) Suns vs. (4) Mavericks: Dallas wins 4-3

Game Result
Game 1 Suns 121, Mavericks 114
Game 2 Suns 129, Mavericks 109
Game 3 Mavericks 103, Suns 94
Game 4 Mavericks 111, Suns 101
Game 5 Suns 110, Mavericks 80
Game 6 Mavericks 113, Suns 86
Game 7 Mavericks 123, Suns 90

(2) Grizzlies vs. (3) Warriors: Golden State wins 4-2

Warriors record

Game Result
Game 1 Warriors 117, Grizzlies 116
Game 2 Grizzlies 106, Warriors 101
Game 3 Warriors 142, Grizzlies 112
Game 4 Warriors 101, Grizzlies 98
Game 5 Grizzlies 134, Warriors 95
Game 6 Warriors 110, Grizzlies 96

Eastern Conference first-round results

(1) Heat vs. (8) Hawks: Miami wins 4-1

Game Result
Game 1 Heat 115, Hawks 91
Game 2 Heat 115, Hawks 105
Game 3 Hawks 111, Heat 110
Game 4 Heat 110, Hawks 86
Game 5 Heat 97, Hawks 94

(2) Celtics vs. (7) Nets: Boston wins 4-0

Game Result
Game 1 Celtics 115, Nets 114
Game 2 Celtics 114, Nets 107
Game 3 Celtics 109, Nets 103
Game 4 Celtics 116, Nets 112

(3) Bucks vs. (6) Bulls: Milwaukee wins 4-1

Game Result
Game 1 Bucks 93, Bulls 86
Game 2 Bulls 114, Bucks 110
Game 3 Bucks 111, Bulls 81
Game 4 Bucks 119, Bulls 95
Game 5 Bucks 116, Bulls 100

(4) 76ers vs. (5) Raptors: Philadelphia wins 4-2

Game Result
Game 1 76ers 131, Raptors 111
Game 2 76ers 112, Raptors 97
Game 3 76ers 104, Raptors 101
Game 4 Raptors 110, 76ers 102
Game 5 Raptors 103, 76ers 88
Game 6 76ers 132, Raptors 97

Western Conference first-round results

(1) Suns vs. (8) Pelicans: Phoenix wins 4-2

Game Result
Game 1 Suns 110, Pelicans 99
Game 2 Pelicans 125, Suns 114
Game 3 Suns 114, Pelicans 111
Game 4 Pelicans 118, Suns 103
Game 5 Suns 112, Pelicans 97
Game 6 Suns 115, Pelicans 109

(2) Grizzlies vs. (7) Timberwolves: Memphis wins 4-2

Game Result
Game 1 Timberwolves 130, Grizzlies 117
Game 2 Grizzlies 124, Timberwolves 96
Game 3 Grizzlies 104, Timberwolves 95
Game 4 Timberwolves 119, Grizzlies 118
Game 5 Grizzlies 111, Timberwolves 109
Game 6 Grizzlies 114, Timberwolves 106

(3) Warriors vs. (6) Nuggets: Golden State wins 4-1

Game Result
Game 1 Warriors 123, Nuggets 107
Game 2 Warriors 126, Nuggets 106
Game 3 Warriors 118, Nuggets 113
Game 4 Nuggets 126, Warriors 121
Game 5 Warriors 102, Nuggets 98

(4) Mavericks vs. (5) Jazz: Dallas wins 4-2

Game Result
Game 1 Jazz 99, Mavericks 93
Game 2 Mavericks 110, Jazz 104
Game 3 Mavericks 126, Jazz 118
Game 4 Jazz 100, Mavericks 99
Game 5 Mavericks 102, Jazz 77
Game 6 Mavericks 98, Jazz 96

How Golden State Handles a Switch-heavy Defense?

Golden State

Golden State Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals without meeting a defensive-minded opponent. They still rank ninth among the 16 postseason teams in terms of opponents switching against them during the playoffs.

However, that is about to alter dramatically. During the regular season, no team swapped more than the Celtics, and thus far in the playoffs, they’ve switched the second most (44 percent).

Switching most screens could theoretically throw the Warriors out of their preferred free-flowing approach.

Consider how the Houston Rockets slowed down Golden State’s attack in the 2018 conference finals, keeping them to under 95 points in back-to-back victories in Games 4 and 5.

More About Handling Switch-heavy Defense

In those games, the Warriors had a total of 32 assists, a little increase above the 31 assists they had in the previous round against the New Orleans Pelicans (30.8).

Golden State no longer has a single isolation player like Kevin Durant to look for mismatches against a switch-heavy defense, as it did in 2018.

The Warriors, on the other hand, have encountered switches frequently enough in the postseason to have built a complete menu of choices to counter them. 


Important Things to Know

Beginning with Curry’s ability to move without the ball and Green’s ability to pick apart defensive mistakes.

Those characteristics were on full show in Golden State’s closeout victory against Dallas, which switched 63 percent of the Warriors’ on-ball screens in Game 5 per Second Spectrum, the most in any Warriors postseason game.

That didn’t stop them from dishing out 36 assists in the game, the second-most in the playoffs. Curry and Green each scored nine points. Having a clean warriors record for the warriors has always been the goal.

Other Things to Know

Furthermore, at the same time, Golden State did so against a team that rarely changed its lineup during the regular season or playoffs.

The Warriors will now have to deal with a well-practiced switching offense that comes from a position of strength rather than vulnerability.

Conclusively, the Finals’ outcome will be determined in large part by how successfully they handle switches. Will this bring color to warriors record? this will be known when the game keeps up.

If you found this article helpful, you should also share it with your friends. Leave a comment on the comment section as we will like to know your view on this. 


FAQs About Warriors Record | When will the NBA Finals Start for the Warriors?

1. What was Pete Rose’s Best Defensive Position?

Leftfield is Pete Rose’s greatest defensive position. During his 24-year career, Rose played five different primary positions, with left-field being the only one where he excelled.

2. Did Steve Nash Deserve to Win MVP Either Time?

Steve Nash won MVP two times because his club was the most dominant offensive squad in the NBA at the time. Even though they lost in the playoffs, the Suns were the “best” club in the NBA and had the greatest record.

3. Will Anyone Ever Beat Nolan Ryan’s Career Strikeout Record?

No one will ever match Ryan’s strikeout total because no one has ever gone after the strikeout with such unhittable stuff and a relentless sense of purpose.

4. What Would Happen if an NBA Player Hits a Referee?

The player would be expelled from the game and fined, as well as suspended and compelled to attend anger management classes or something similar. They’d probably be done with their career if it was a nobody.

5. Did Medieval Soldiers Wear Long Hair?

It was extremely normal for nobility to let their hair grow out, which included warriors during medieval times.

More FAQs About Warriors Record

6. Who was Better Jason Kidd or Steve Nash?

Nash is a far better shooter than Kidd. Nash has always been a strong mid-range and long-range shooter, shooting 49 percent from the field and an amazing 43 percent from behind the arc in his career.

7. Who is the Fastest Player in NBA History?

John Wall holds the record for being the fastest player in NBA history.

8. Who is the Greatest NBA Center of all Time Today?

With six NBA titles, two Finals MVPs, six MVPs, ten All-NBA 1st Team honors, 19 All-Stars, and five All-Defensive 1st Team picks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest NBA center of all time. First in scoring, third in rebounding and blocks, 45th in assists, and 107th in steals in the NBA.

9. Why doesn’t Steve Nash have no Rings?

Steve Nash has no rings. He’s won back-to-back MVPs, but he’s not keen on the concept of winning a ring as a player.

10. How many Female Referees are there in the NBA?

The NBA employs six female referees on a full-time basis.
























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