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5 Things to Know About Walmart Vision Center Before Your First Visit

If you wear glasses, you are likely aware of how costly and inconvenient it can be to get a new pair. I’ve worn glasses for years and have in the past put off getting new ones because I didn’t want the trouble. In this post, I’ll examine Walmart Vision Centre, a practical choice for buying glasses in-person or online.

walmart vision centre

About Walmart Vision Center

Walmart ranked third among American distributors of optical products in 2019. Walmart Vision Centers inside actual shops and online purchasing were used to achieve this.

If there is a Walmart nearby, chances are good that you have seen the section of the store with the optometry department.

You can shop for glasses and contacts, have your prescription updated, and have your eyes examined.

You can get non-prescription readers and sunglasses from the website if you can’t find them in a store. Through a different website named Walmart Contacts, Walmart additionally sells contacts online, Walmart vision center.

Pros and Cons of Walmart Vision Centers

Vision Pros of Walmart Vision Center

  • several areas across the country
  • convenience(you can buy school supplies, groceries, and new glasses in one trip)
  • provides kids’ spectacles, and they can buy contacts online.

Walmart Vision Cons

  • The website is difficult to navigate and does not provide options for prescription eyewear
  • Excessive turnover among optometrists
  • Litigation involving the abuse of employees and billing methods with customers

What Services are Provided by Walmart Vision Centers?

walmart vision centre


The Walmart Vision Centers provide contacts, reading glasses, computer glasses, prescription sunglasses, and eyeglasses. Basic single-vision lenses, line bifocals, and no-line bifocals are all available.


Clear, colored, polarized, and transition lenses are available at Walmart. They provide various lens coating protection options.

Walmart also offers the option of having your old lenses placed in new frames.

Eye Tests Walmart Vision Centre

Optometrists working within Walmart Vision Centers offer optical tests for people who require a current prescription before purchasing a new pair of glasses.

Locate the Walmart Vision Center in your Area


A Few Words About Walmart Vision Center’s Eye Doctors

Some optometrists work for Walmart because regulations differ from state to state, but the majority are independent practitioners who rent space and equipment from Walmart vision center.

If you prefer to see the same eye doctor every year yet Walmart Vision Centers has a high doctor turnover rate, try your local optometrist’s office.

What Products Does Walmart Vision Centre Online Offer?

Visit the website to browse a variety of nonprescription eyewear choices, such as sunglasses, readers with a magnifying lens, and blue-light-blocking eyeglasses.

Glasses for men, women, girls, and boys are separated on the website. You can narrow your search results using criteria like delivery time, frame size, price, color, and brand.

You can purchase eye drops and other comfort and accessory goods

When looking for eyewear, the website might be difficult to browse and may require some scrolling to get specific item information. The website of Walmart features several sellers of glasses.

Once you’ve chosen a frame and put it in your cart, you may check it out by clicking on the cart icon. You might pick up your items in a store or have them delivered to your home.

Contact Walmart Walmart Vision Centre here

You can get contacts from well-known brands and manufacturers by entering your prescription information in the online Walmart Contacts store.

Before ordering, make sure you have a current doctor’s prescription for contact lenses.

Purchase prescription contacts online at Walmart Contacts.

How Much do Eyeglasses Cost at Walmart Vision Centers?

Glasses range in price from $10 to $40, but you should prepare to spend more.

With the purchase of a frame, single lenses are free. There is an additional fee for no-line bifocal lenses, typically around $80.

Other lens choices include plain colored glasses, which start around $40, polarized lenses, which start around $50, and transition lenses, which start around $65.

A variety of coatings are available. While impact-resistant lenses cost roughly $30, the basic anti-scratch coating is free.

Expect to pay roughly $120 if you want high-definition digital lenses, anti-smudge and water-resistant coatings, and a 2-year limited coating guarantee.

 Do you also want lenses that are lighter and thinner? Expect to increase your cost by roughly $150. To confirm these costs, get in touch with your nearby Vision Center.

If you’re curious how this compares, glasses from stores like Warby Parker can be more expensive than some of Walmart’s higher-quality selections (especially the designer brands).

But there are many brands and frame designs available at Walmart.

walmart vision centre

How Much do Eye Exams Cost at Walmart Vision Centers?

For the cost of an eye checkup, get in touch with your neighborhood shop. Depending on the region of the nation you are in, this can change.

A basic eye checkup starts at $65 and can cost up to $100, for comparison’s sake. Depending on the region of the country you live in, a basic contact lens examination costs roughly $125.

Do Walmart Vision Centers Accept Insurance?

Yes, most of the major vision insurance companies are accepted at many Walmart Vision Centers for both eye exams and in-store purchases.

How to Use Walmart Vision Centers

You can easily move on to buying frames or contacts if you already have an updated prescription (or want non-prescription glasses) Walmart vision centre.

If not, you must first schedule a consultation with a doctor or an optometrist from the Vision Center.

Stop by a Walmart Vision location to test on eyeglasses. The next step is choosing the type of lens and any tints and coatings to preserve it after you’ve found a pair you like.

All that’s left to do is pay at the counter, then wait for your contacts or glasses to be made once you’ve made those crucial decisions and had your measurements taken.

You have the option of picking them up in person or having them delivered to your home.

Return Policies for Walmart Vision Centers

Online purchases from Vision Center have a 30-day return period starting from delivery.

There is a 60-day return period for in-store purchased frames and lenses. If your doctor changes your prescription within 60 days of your exam, you can also get new lenses for free.

Regarding contacts, you have 365 days following the purchase date to return a ripped or damaged pair.

It’s important to remember that different lens manufacturers have various defective lens return policies. Return policies frequently vary, so be sure to confirm the specifics before making a purchase.

What You’ll Need Before Making a Purchase

It should prepare you with your most recent prescription before placing your order. Bonus points if you have the actual prescription, but if not, Walmart can call your doctor to confirm if you do.

Ordering from Walmart Vision Centre

You can expect to receive your order 3 to 7 days after placing it if you choose to pick it up in the store.

Receiving delivery of stuff to your home? 98 percent of orders, according to Walmart, arrive in 7 two 10 days. It’s not unusual to receive an item even sooner if it’s in stock.

If you need anything sooner, you may also sort reading glasses and computer glasses on the website by different levels of expedited shipping.

Walmart Vision Centers’ Reputation

There has been some debate regarding Walmart Vision Centers.

Because of claims that they were failing to pay their employees the proper overtime, they were forced to settle with the Department of Labor.

It has also filed a class action lawsuit, claiming that Walmart Vision Centers overcharged clients by not fully reimbursing them for their vision insurance coverage.

They claimed Walmart was receiving two payments—one from insurance and one from the client.

There have also been legal battles about how optometrists and their practices have been treated.

Alternatives to Walmart Vision Centers

Uncertain if a Walmart Vision Center is the best option for you?

Other Alternatives Include:

  • Internet vendors. Many of the online capabilities offered on the website of Walmart Vision Center are also provided by businesses like Liingo, Warby Parker, and Zenni.

Some include unique features, such as free mail-in try-on services and the chance to view how you would appear in glasses online.

  • Vision Merchants. Other merchants like Costco Vision Centers, Target Vision, and LensCrafters provide in-person shopping and eye exams similar services and goods.
  • Local Ophthalmologists and optometrists. Local eye doctors’ offices are where you may receive an eye exam, new glasses, and contact lenses if you want to support small companies or prefer more individualized care. You should conduct research into your local possibilities in order to compare prices and services.

The Last Word

The Walmart Vision Centers may satisfy your needs if you’re looking for a quick and handy place to purchase locally.

Along with contact lenses, they provide a large selection of frames for kids, adults, and everyone in between. On the same trip, you can go to your eye appointment and do your grocery shopping.

However, other websites like Liingo, Warby Parker, and Zenni provide possibilities for online ordering that Walmart’s website does not.

You can find your ideal glasses through other online and local sources if you don’t like Walmart or would prefer a different shopping experience.

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