What To Know About Renting A Carpet Cleaner At Walmart

What To Know About Renting A Carpet Cleaner At Walmart – Are you looking for a place to rent a carpet cleaner and you just out of clue? well, there is a place to do that fast and cheap, Walmart is the place!! read through to get all necessary information about renting a carpet cleaner at Walmart.

How to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Walmart

The carpet cleaner rentals at Walmart is made up a  Rug Doctor self-service kiosks with bright signage who is in charge of advertising rental options and cost.

(Keep in mind these kiosks are separate from carpet cleaning machines on sale in other parts of the store.) Carpet cleaning kiosks in Walmart are generally situated in a very visible area in front of the store close to the customer service desk.

Rug Doctor is an instituted national firm that rents and sells the different quality of carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning products to consumers.

They have partnered with ATV Inc. to offer carpet cleaner rental services in Walmart stores. Note that not all Walmart stores rent Rug Doctors, so make sure your desired Walmart store is on the list of locations that carry Rug Doctor carpet cleaner rental kiosks.

Paying for the rental is instant when you come prepared. When you approach the kiosk, you’ll see a touch screen. Select the machine you want (many kiosks offer two sizes) and follow the directions on the screen.

You will be prompted to enter your personal information, including your name, address, and phone number. You will then be asked to swipe your credit card, debit card, or Walmart Money Card to pay the rental fee.

Once your card is accepted, the door unlocks, and you can remove a cleaning machine. An email is automatically generated.

Rug Doctor cleaners have an all-in-one design that includes a removable tank, a lower tank, an upholstery tool, a two-handed adjustable handle, and sturdy wheels. After removing the machine from the kiosk, tilt it back and push forward as you walk.

When returning the machine, enter your information again at the kiosk’s touch screen and place the machine into the storage container. Make sure the machine is not damaged when you return it. Damaging it will attract an extra payment.

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Price

The cost for a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner is $29.99  for a whole day(this is 24 hours) whether at Walmart or a different retailer.

Walmart doesn’t charge if you return the machine late, but you will be charged an additional day’s rental if you do not return the cleaner by its due date and time, per a Walmart customer service representative.

If you don’t return the carpet cleaner within the allotted time frame, your debit or credit card will be charged an additional $29.99 or other amounts you paid for the daily rental. This charge will continue for each day until the carpet cleaner is returned.

The buying of a cleaning solution for the carpet cleaner will add to your over-all rental cost. Cleaning solutions cost is between $5 to $20 and is available for sale above or near the Rug Doctor kiosk.

You may select from a number of commercial carpet cleaning solutions that address your unique needs, such as pet stain removal, heavy traffic solution, stain pre-treatment, and upholstery cleaners.

While some people do use homemade cleaning solutions for professional carpet cleaners, there is no assurance of good results with DIY recipes.

Rug Doctor doesn’t require renters of its machines to use its cleaning solution products, so you are free to use other products. However, you should consider using professional cleaning solutions designed to work with industrial carpet cleaners for the best results.

How to Use the Carpet Cleaning Machine Itself

The carpet cleaning machine you rent from Walmart is specially built to deep clean standard carpeting and rugs, therefore, Caution should be taken before using a carpet cleaner on braided, hand-loomed, jute, silk, or sisal carpeting or rugs.

Also, Using the carpet cleaning machines for hard floor surfaces, such as tile, linoleum, or wood is not recommended.

Here’s how to use the machine:

Step 1: For rugs with a hard and stubborn stain, apply a pre-treatment solution to those areas. Before treating, it’s a good idea to perform a spot test in a hidden corner to make sure the product is safe to use in a larger area.

Some pre-treatments have a 24-hour wait period before the deep cleaning. Make sure you read the directions to ensure good results.

Step 2: Fill a bucket with two gallons of water. The best option will be hot water,  However, if you are cleaning a wool rug, we recommend you stick to cool water to avoid fiber shrinkage.

Fill the carpet cleaning solution’s measuring lid with one-quarter to a half-cup of cleaning solution. The dirtier the rug the more cleaning solution you’ll need. Pour the cleaning solution directly into the bucket of water.

Step 3: Lift the exterior lid of the carpet cleaner. Remove the interior tank and set it aside. You’ll see an empty lower tank. Pour the water-carpet cleaning solution from the bucket into this tank. Replace the tank and securely close the upper lid.

Step 4: Check the connections located on the back of the carpet cleaner. Make sure the main house and the metal coupler mechanism are securely attached (not loose).

Step 5: Adjust the telescoping handle to your liking and move the machine to your desired starting location. Make sure the switch is set to the carpet setting. Plug the machine into the wall outlet and press the power switch to ON.

Step 6: Press the button located on the top of the handle to start the cleaning process. Keep your finger on the button as you slowly pull the machine backward. The machine will continue to dispense the water and cleaning solution onto the carpet while the button is pushed.

Release the button, move the machine forward to the next desired location, and continue the cleaning process by pushing the button and slowly moving the machine backward.

Note that these machines only clean using the backward movement. When you move the machine forward, you will need to tilt it back onto its two, rear wheels.

Steps on How to Use the Upholstery Tool

The machine is built with different functions and can perform other tasks that you can explore. For instance, while you have the rental machine, you can take advantage of the upholstery tool to clean all your upholstered furniture, such as chairs and sofas.

This tool is also useful for cleaning carpeted stairs or the upholstered interior, carpeting of your car.

Step 1: Following the upholstery cleaner bottle directions, mix the cleaning solution with water in a bucket.

Step 2: Remove the machine lid and tank. Fill the lower tank with the solution.

Step 3: Hold the solution coupler down and insert the solution line from the tool into the coupler. Release to secure the connections. Disconnect the hose from the main unit, and connect it to the base of the upholstery tool.

Step 4: Plug the machine into a close electrical outlet. Switch the setting to the upholstery setting and turn on the machine.

Step 5: Position the tool at a starting point. Press the switch on the handle and move the tool backward to clean.

Step 6: After you’re done, switch the machine connections back to their original carpet cleaning positions.

How to Clean the Carpet Cleaning Machine before Returning

Cleanliness speaks a lot about your personality and as such it important, hence before returning the carpet cleaner to Walmart, take the time to empty and clean the machine.

There is no penalty for returning an uncleaned machine, but it the right thing to do because you were not given a dirty machine in the first place.

Cleaning helps keep the machines in good working order and other users appreciate renting a clean machine.

Step 1: Remove the top tank and empty the dirty water into a sink, toilet, or tub.

Step 2: Unplug the machine and take it outdoors or to the bathroom tub. Tilt the machine forward to allow any excess dirty water to drain out.

Step 3: Remove the filter located inside the clear dome and run it under tap water. Check to make sure there’s no remaining residue, dirt, or hair in the filter.

Step 4: Clean the inside of the dome with a damp cloth or paper towel. Replace the filter.

Step 5: Tilt the machine backward and use a napkin to gently clean the underside of the machine and the brushes. If you used the upholstery tool, bring the machine to a sink or bathtub and spray out the remaining water through the tool. Follow steps two through four.

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