Walk Fit Platinum Review 2023: Other Alternatives to Walk Fit Platinum

Do you know there’s an inexpensive orthotic implant called Walk Fit Platinum you can put into your shoes to help get rid of the pain and stop having to see expensive doctors?

Walk Fit Platinum Review 2020: Other Alternatives to Walk Fit Platinum

WalkFit Platinum asserts that while standing, walking, or running, their orthotics will improve your comfort. Orthotics are specialized shoe insertions that are intended to relieve various aches and pains thought to be related to the structure and function of your feet.

They can be custom made, licensed, or purchased over the counter (OTC). Some orthotics are intended for specific activities such as prolonged standing or biking, while others claim to provide substantial relief.

As your feet serve as your body’s foundation, they may be the source of the knee, hip, and back pain. Thus, these issues may be relieved by making corrections from the ground up.

By simply inserting their orthotic into your shoes, WalkFit Platinum alleges they will:

What are Walk Fit Platinum Orthotics?

The WalkFit Platinum orthotics are the latest generation of the Walk Fit orthotic products.

Their products have been on the market for over a decade and have stood the test of time as an affordable solution to help with people’s foot, arch, and lower-body pain that comes with standing and walking.

In many cases, people experience pain and aches due to weak arches that have broken down over the years or possibly even for their entire life from poorly shaped feet.

How Does WalkFit Platinum Work?

These orthotics work like many of the other products currently available.

The first step is to select the sizing appropriate for you. Fit is based on traditional shoe sizing and available in men’s size 6–14.5 and women’s size 5–12.5.

Next, simply insert the orthotic into a pair of shoes.

WalkFit Platinum orthotics are thought to accomplish the proposed benefits by supporting your foot and working to evenly disperse your weight. This minimizes the risk of painful pressure points, stress, and rubbing.

This should also reduce the impact forces exerted upon your feet with every step you take. The orthotics essentially act as a shock absorber to limit the forces exerted upon your joints.

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You can order your WalkFit Platinum Orthotics directly from their site.

Each pair of orthotics is $19.95 + $9.95 shipping and comes with the following:

Each purchase is backed by a 30-day guarantee. According to their website, their orthotics are also under a lifetime warranty.

“To replace your WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics for any reason, just return them to the address above (with $9.95 shipping & processing), and we will exchange them for FREE, FOREVER.”

The orthotics are also sold on Amazon. This is one of the few instances where this option won’t offer savings, however.

The orthotics are sold for $29.95 and ship free with Prime, though it seems as if their shipping fee has been tacked onto the sale price.

Is WalkFit Platinum Safe?

Orthotics are generally safe to use, though there are some concerns you should be aware of before using.

First, inserting an orthotic will alter the way your shoe fits. While the risk for poor fit can be reduce by opting for custom made orthotics, you may have to try a number of OTC versions before finding the best option.

Orthotics that cause your shoes to fit tightly can lead to the formation of bunions, corns, blisters, and other undesirable conditions.

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This can be especially dangerous in those with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, or other conditions that negatively affect the sensation in your feet.

You should also be mindful that there are a wide variety of potential causes for foot, knee, hip, and back pain. Foot orthotics may not alleviate or even improve many of the causes.

Some of the sources of pain can be serious and require medical management.

For these reasons, it is best to first identify the source of your pain and to include your doctor in the decision to use an orthotic.

Alternatives to Walk Fit Platinum

As we’ve already mentioned, you can work with your doctor to coordinate a prescription, custom-made orthotic.

There are also a number of OTC orthotics currently available – a simple internet search will reveal the numerous options.

Dr. Scholl’s is a popular brand of orthotics that offers a variety of products. Their Pain Relief Orthotic also claims to distribute weight and absorb shock. It’s just $12.97 at Amazon.

This brand offers kiosks at various retailers that can help guide you to the right orthotic. That’s while standing on a pressure sensing platform.

Final Say

While WalkFit Platinum claims that their orthotic has been clinically tested, they refused to provide further details beyond the graph offered on their site.

It is unlikely that this study used the scientific method or was published.

Nonetheless, reviews for WalkFit Platinum are generally favorable.

If your pain is severe enough that you’re actively looking for treatment, seeing your doctor may be a better first step. As there are many sources of foot, knee, hip and back pain, identify the cause first as something more than an orthotic may be needed.

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