Best Video Websites That Are Like YouTube in 2022

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YouTube is probably the most important platform on the internet for streaming free online videos. However, there are some great YouTube alternative video sites, although the “better than” is clearly open to debate.

Best Video Websites That Are Like YouTube in 2020

YouTube is, without any doubt, the leading platform for streaming or creating free online videos.

YouTube videos are viewed and commented on daily by millions of users. Being the best website for online videos, YouTube continues to add bulk content and continues to boost the active user base every day.

However, many people are unhappy with the changes in the YouTube guidelines without any prior notice and the appearance of toxic videos.

A large segment of unsatisfied users searches for sites that can provide them with parallel content, such as YouTube or alternative video sharing sites.

Best Video Websites That Are Like YouTube in 2022

1. Dailymotion

Among video sharing sites like Youtube, Dailymotion is already a popular name and also has an interface similar to it. Here, on the homepage, one can find trending videos or find more through the section of categories and search bar at the top.

At a resolution of 1080p, content creators can upload content up to 4 GB in size and 60 mins in length. This website serves as an excellent portal to share your content with people all over the world, with 112 million visitors per month.

However, Dailymotion has its own collection of dos and don’ts, the rules on copyright are not as scary as YouTube.

Therefore, for content uploaders, there is more versatility and higher tolerance, but this benefit often has consequences.

There is also a possibility for the content to be monetized through ads or a paywall. Therefore, viewers may expect those videos to see advertisements when other videos are totally ad-free.


  • High-quality content
  • The layout of the website being similar to YouTube makes it easier to use
  • Lax rules with fewer risks of content removal

2. Metacafe

Another great YouTube alternative is Metacafe. To ensure all submitted videos are of good quality, Metacafe has a fantastic system, and there are no duplicates on their website.

They also categorize videos into various categories, including entertainment, sports, video games, movies, news, and television, and each month they receive millions of unique viewers.

That’s why we’ve rounded up several facts about Metacafe which sum up why we believe it is really worth considering:

  • Metacafe is one of the largest video-sharing sites, with 2 million visitors a month on average.
  • There is a reward system called Producer Reward Program that allows you to get revenue from your videos.
  • You can get paid up to $5 per 1,000 visits from this program.
  • Sadly, your video needs to rack up to 20,000 views to be eligible for this program.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best video hosting sites for artists and classy filmmakers. This platform encourages professionals in fields like music, dance, cinematography, photography, etc. to show off their work.

So if you want to see some random cat and dog videos, you might have to look somewhere else. But if classic short videos, experimental music clips, or interesting snapshots are your thing, Vimeo is your go-to place.

This platform has strict guidelines for uploading content as it hosts high-quality content where you can also enjoy 4K Ultra HD visuals with HDR.

The best thing about Vimeo is its ad-free model. It is supported by the donations made by users and a paywall for some videos.

As far as the cons are concerned, its 500MB weekly upload limit can be disappointing for content creators. Although there is an option to upgrade this limit to 5GB yet it is too little considering that you are paying for it.


  • Neat interface with well-defined categories for easy search
  • Reliable YouTube alternative for hosting your videos online
  • More focus on video and less distracting elements in the background for a better viewing experience

4. Veoh

Originating from Israeli startup Qlipso, Veoh is a YouTube alternative that describes itself as an internet TV company. The site boasts millions of videos, most of them professionally produced.

Veoh features a wide range of TV content, including full episodes and clips from shows including NCIS, Two and a Half Men, The Price Is Right, and The Young and the Restless.

It also has videos from classic series, such as Family Ties, Melrose Place, and the original Beverly Hills 90210.

In addition to TV clips, Veoh has music content across a wide range of genres. It also has a movie section that includes some full-length features, as well as memorable clips from a large number of films.

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5. DTube

The way we create, share, and consume content online will be changed by blockchain technology.

Although websites such as Veoh use peer-to-peer technology to host their videos, DTube has gone a step further and launched blockchain technology, placing users in control of anything from sharing to accessing content without restrictions.

Content creators get paid via Steem, a popular cryptocurrency. You can keep it in the wallet or encash it whenever you want. Not only the uploaders, but the consumers also stand a chance of making money by being active in the community.

Did I mention that there are no ads on the website or in videos? If you’re sick of intrusive, unskippable YouTube ads, you’ll love DTube.

One of the major drawbacks of using this service is that uploaded videos won‘t stay on the website forever. Sooner or later, they will disappear from the website.

Since DTube uses blockchain technology, the content cannot be administered like on a normal site.


  • An ad-free website which gives you an uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Blockchain-based platform with a chance of earning crypto-currency

6. Facebook

Facebook is arguably one of the best websites out there for social networking. people from all over the globe to connect with each other use it. However, Facebook is extremely underrated as a video-sharing platform.

It’s home to millions of videos posted by random people. Just start by watching one and you will be at it all day before you know it.

Although the range is not as diverse as websites like YouTube or Dailymotion, it can still be a time-sinker for Facebook.

Before using its video sharing services, you must sign u for Facebook, if you do not have an account already. Go to the search bar, type whatever you are looking for, and head on over to the “video” tab. That’s it.

Explore thousands of videos related to your keyword!


  • A wide variety of videos in one place compared to some of the websites on this list.
  • quick results displaying relevant content

7. TikTok

Unbelievably, but one of the biggest YouTube rivals you will find in 2020 is TikTok. This Chinese video-sharing, in reality, is a tough battle.

The main reason is the raw style of video and low-cost production that motivates common individuals to make videos in the comfort of their homes.

In addition, several celebrities have begun using TikTok to promote their work and communicate with fans as a forum.

It comes with built-in video editors in its Android and IOS apps, making the buttery production of content smooth. There are also numerous third-party applications that can be uploaded directly to TikTok, including Adobe Premiere Rush, and Fuse.

Users can upload vertical videos (horizontal supported) to up to 15 seconds in length and max dimensions of 1018 x 1920 (9:16). for iOS, the video size can go up to 287.6MB, and for Android, it’s limited to 72MB.


  • Cheap production
  • Great for mindless binge-watching
  • Relaxed policies regarding content upload

8. PeerTube

Another video-sharing website using decentralized technology is PeerTube. All is similar to Bitchute, from its structure, policies, law, to the monetization method.

Ínside this decentralized network, you can be your own boss, as it gives you complete control of your videos. it will not monetize them if you want your videos to be available free.

The no-censorship policy can at times be a double-edged sword. When it comes to letting their creative juices flow, though it gives more leeway to content creators, you are more likely to come offensive and upsetting content.

currently, it is available in open beta for anyone to check out. Not all is polished, as it is early in the public testing process. With time. i am sure it will give industry giants some serious competition.


  • Open sourced and decentralized
  • No signup required and lax terms & conditions


A relatively new player in the field is IGTV. Released by Instagram in early 2018, it is now home to over one billion monthly users. On the Instagram app or as a standalone service, you can access it.

If you are a frequent Instagram user, perhaps you have seen it on the upper side already.

You will get updates just like the YouYube bell when people you follow post videos on IGTV, Check its famous section if you want to randomly search the content.

Instagram is in the best position with IGTV to put an end to the monopoly YouTube has on the video industry. As all their videos are available in vertical format, they bet big on the mobile audience.

For now, it is only possible to Upload long videos of up to 1 hour, although these limitations will soon be removed.


  • For watching videos on a smartphone
  • More short-form videos with a maximum limit of up to 1 hour.

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We cannot help but think of YouTube when we think of video websites. Of course, YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform, but with great content, the aforementioned video websites are also equally fantastic.

For an unforgettable video viewing experience, check out and enjoy the free video websites.

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