Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Review, How to Use & Get the Most From It

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Victoria’s Secret Credit Card: The Secret Angel Credit Card from Victoria offers some good benefits and high bonuses for Victoria’s Secret shoppers who spend a large amount of money on their lingerie.
victoria's secret Angel credit card

It provides 3X points per dollar for Victoria’s Secret bra purchases and 1X point for all other Secret purchases from Victoria. You will also be able to select triple point days each year, and once a month, when making a card payment in-store, you can earn double points on a purchase (but bra purchases do not get double or triple points, though).

Victoria Secret Angel Credit Card Highlights

Angel Credit Card Fees
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 26.24% . This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
How to Avoid Paying Interest Your due date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. You will not be charged interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month.
Minimum Interest Charge If you are charged interest, the charge will be no less than $1.00 per credit plan.
Annual Fee None
Late Payment Fee Up to $37.00
Returned Payment Up to $25.00

Why get the Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card?

  • You frequently shop at Victoria’s Secret and want to earn rewards on purchases you already make.
  • You prefer merchandise discounts over other types of rewards.
  • If you don’t plan to carry a balance from month to month. 

Benefits of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

  • Triple points on bras
  • Triple point days every year
  • Birthday gift every year
  • Free standard shipping on purchases that include bras
  • Early access to sales
  • Invitations to events throughout the year
  • Relatively easy to get for people without great credit, like most store cards

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

  • All versions of the card can be used at, in a catalog, and at all VS & PINK Stores.  Although it can be used at Bath & Body Works, points cannot be earned on those purchases.
  • The card is limited to the Victoria’s Secret network, so if you’re looking for versatility, this card may not be your match.
  • The Angel card also has a high-interest rate. You can, however, avoid the interest charge if you pay in full the balance before the due date each month.
  • Cardholders also run the risk of losing points if there is card inactivity for 12 months. There is no annual fee, though.

How to Apply for a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

To apply you must first decide whether to apply for the Pink Angel Card or the Secret Angel Card of Victoria. You will then need to complete an application for a credit card, either in-store or online.

There is the ability to be accepted immediately, regardless of whether you apply in-store or online. Credit card applicants may receive notice of the acceptance results of their Victoria’s Secret credit card application by mail in 7-10 days if they are not accepted immediately.

How to use the Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

  • Keep an eye on your rewards certificates’ expiration dates.
  • Combine your rewards certificates with special promotions and other discounts for additional savings.
  • Pay your monthly balance in full to avoid incurring higher-than-average interest.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Card: Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

How to Get The Most Out of Your Card: Victoria's Secret Credit Card

Use it for all your Victoria’s Secret Shopping

You’ll earn 3X points on bras and 1X point on all other purchases from Victoria’s Secret, which will provide a nice return on your spending to help offset those high prices.

Choose your Triple Point Days

Each year you can choose one to three triple-point days (depending on your status tier), during which you’ll earn 3X points on non-bra purchases.

Earn Double Points by paying off the Card In-Store

Once per month, you can earn double points on non-bra purchases when making a credit card payment in-store at the time of purchase.

Get Free Shipping on Purchases that include Bras

Use code JUST4ANGELS to get free standard shipping on purchases that include eligible bras; clearance bras (price ending in $.99), prior purchases, and purchases with other shipping or bra offers are not eligible.

Sign up for Marketing Emails

Submit your email address to get a newsletter email from Victoria’s Secret that will let you access certain card benefits, and receive special offers and discounts.

Pick a Design you Love

When applying for this card you can select either the basic VS design (the default option) or the PINK Angel Card design. The only difference is the card design, all the other card features are the same.

Keep your Angel Reward points Active

Your points will expire after 12 consecutive months of no card activity, so be sure to use your card at least once per year to keep your points active.

Keep your Card Open

Using your card at least once every six months is recommended to keep it open.

Use Reward Gift Cards before they Expire

After accruing 250 points you’ll automatically get Victoria’s Secret gift card in the mail: $10 for Angel and Angel VIP users, and $15 for Angel Forever. These gift cards are only valid for 90 days after they’re issued, so be sure to use them before then.

Pay the Full Statement Balance Every Month

You shouldn’t carry a balance from month to month on this card because interest will accrue at a very high APR.

Make Payments Early

Make your payments well ahead of your due date because many people have reported issues making payments, either from slow processing times or administrative errors. Consider paying off the card throughout the month as you make purchases, rather than waiting for your statement.

Should You Apply?

Should You Apply?

Before applying for Victoria’s Secret credit card please be sure to know your card’s intentions clearly. When you don’t like getting a credit card that can only be used by the store and you’re going to pay off your balances regularly, you don’t have to risk anything. Always nice is Victoria’s Secret credit card if you choose to improve your credit score.

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