Verizon Near Me 2023 (Great Insights About Telecommunications)

Verizon wireless network offers mobile and landline communications services, including broadband, internet, and phone services. The following guide will tell where you can find Verizon Near Me 2023.

Verizon Near Me 2023

What you did not Know about Verizon?

Verizon is an American wireless network operator.

The mobile network previously operated as a separate division of Verizon Communications under the name of Verizon Wireless.

Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States, with 121.3 million subscribers as of the end of Q2 2022.

The company is headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

It was founded in 1998 as a joint venture with American telecommunications firm Bell Atlantic, which would soon become Verizon Communications, and British multinational telecommunications company Vodafone. 

Verizon Communications became the sole owner in 2014 after buying Vodafone’s 45-percent stake in the company.

The Verizon Wireless Network

Verizon Wireless operates a 4G LTE network. as of January 2020, Verizon claims that 99% of the population of the United States can access its 4G network. 

However, OpenSignal’s crowd-sourced data showed a 4G coverage of 95.9%.

Before their LTE network was launched, they operated an exclusively CDMA2000 network (the other major CDMA2000 carrier in the US being Sprint).

Verizon began its initial tests for the 4G LTE network in 2008 in order to move from older-generation mobile communications technologies to emerging global standards.


Vital Information about Verizon Near Me 2023

Vital Information About Verizon Wireless Network

In December 2010, Verizon Wireless launched a fledgling 4G LTE network in 39 markets. 

By December 2011, only a year after launch, 200 million Americans were covered by 4G LTE, and 190 markets were covered.

Verizon intended to retire its 2G and 3G CDMA network in favor of 4G LTE5G UWB, and Low-Band Nationwide 5G on January 1st, 2021, but made a last-minute decision to “indefinitely” halt the retirement.

They later confirmed that the CDMA network will retire on December 31, 2022. 

Verizon customers using a CDMA-only device or a 4G LTE device that does not support HD Voice are required to upgrade to a newer device in order to continue using the network once the network is retired.

Verizon Near Me 2023 Store Deals for New Customers

Verizon Store Deals for New Customers

Most cellphone companies reserve their best deals for new customers, and Verizon is no exception.

You can get some incredible discounts on new phones when you switch, including entirely free iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Here are some of Verizon’s best phone deals going right now.

1. Free iPhone 11 Pro with Trade-in

You’ll have to check a lot of boxes to get this phone entirely free through Verizon, but the savings can add up to $1,000.

Here’s everything you need to do:

  • $350 credited to your account when you open a new Above, Beyond, Do, Play or Get Unlimited line
  • $150 gift card when you purchase any smartphone over $550 with monthly payments. Enter promo code COMEONOVER150 at checkout.
  • Up to $850 credit when you add an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max and trade in an eligible phone

2. Free iPhone SE

This Verizon iPhone deal is a lot simpler than the one above.

All you need to do is open an unlimited line with Verizon, and you get an iPhone SE for free — a $400 value.

The “free phone” is applied as promo credits over 24 months, so if you want to leave Verizon before then, you’ll have to pay the remainder of your balance. 

3. Buy One Galaxy Note20 5G, Get One Free

Like the other deals listed here, you’ll need to open a new unlimited line to take advantage of this deal.

Verizon will credit your account $1,000 on Above, Beyond, Do, Play, or Get Unlimited plans, and $500 off other unlimited plans.

This deal can also be applied to other Note20 5G series or S20 series phones

In summary, Verizon Communications Inc. is one of the top global suppliers of communications and technology services.

Verizon, which has its headquarters in New York City and operations all over the world, made $133.6 billion in sales in 2021.

On its award-winning networks and platforms, the firm provides phone, data, and video services and solutions.

Meeting the demands of its customers for mobility, dependable network connectivity, security, and control.


Verizon Near Me 2023

Verizon was the first company in the world to commercially introduce 5G for mobile edge computing, fixed wireless, and mobility.

Two customer-facing divisions Consumer and Business are the emphases of the organization’s operating structure.

The company’s responsible business strategy for advancing the economy, the environment, and society is called Citizen Verizon.

Frequently Asked Questions

The company offers voice, data, and video services and solutions on its award-winning networks and platforms, delivering on customers’ demands for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security, and control.

Verizon offers mobile Broadband Internet Access Services for smartphones, basic phones, tablets, netbooks, USB or fixed modems, mobile hotspots, smart watches, connected cars, and other wireless devices over our 5G Ultra Wideband, 5G Nationwide, 4G LTE, or 3G Ev-DO broadband networks.

This is the most expensive wireless provider, but it also provides unmatched coverage, quick data speeds, and a wealth of benefits that make the cost worthwhile for many customers.

Very fast.

The 15GB prepaid data package from Verizon is the cheapest plan available. A single line costs $45 per month after discounts for paperless billing and AutoPay of $10 per line are added.

For Wi-Fi, a connection speed of at least 25 Mbps is recommended. This will guarantee that several users on your Wi-Fi network receive enough bandwidth while using multiple devices at once. A speed of 100 Mbps is much better for larger homes.

Speedtest measures your network connection in real-time, thus results from tests performed a short while apart may differ slightly depending on network congestion and available bandwidth. Check to see if you’re using the same connection while testing Speedtest if your results are noticeably different.

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