Where is the Best Place for a Vending Machine? (GUIDE)

Where can I put a vending machine? Has this been your concern in regards to your business? Worry less, we have got you covered. 

where can i put a vending machine

The single most crucial element that influences how much profit a vending machine will make is the location of your machine.

Location, the proportion of blue-collar to white-collar employees, and foot traffic are all factors that might determine how good or poor a location is.

Vending machine sales tend to be higher in blue-collar situations, but that doesn’t mean that white-collar environments are in any way worse.

This guide will assist in addressing frequent queries from vending operators.

Where is the Best Place for a Vending Machine?


Like any other business, the vending machine industry aims to turn a profit. 

However, you need to identify the optimal places for your machines before you even consider planning routes or deciding which goods to sell. 

The most crucial factor in determining whether or not your firm will be lucrative and sustainable is its location. 

Even with thorough research, no venue can guarantee a good profit, but by adhering to the crucial recommendations provided below, you may undoubtedly improve your chances:

Crucial Recommendations Needed

  1. Areas with a lot of foot traffic, including shopping centers, entertainment venues, or apartment buildings
  2. Large offices, business parks, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, and places where at least a few hundred employees are employed
  3. Locations include parks, jails, motels, gas stations, and service businesses that have little or no alternative options for food and drink.
  4. Places like car repair shops, airports, bus and train terminals, hospitals, medical facilities, and salons are where there is a lot of waiting. From that angle, even a public library will be a suitable setting.

Vending Machine Locator Service

While using a locator service to locate the ideal locations for your machines might seem easier, they don’t have the best reputation for looking out for your bottom line and charging hefty fees. 

They may want a sizable portion of the price the place will charge upfront. By engaging in this activity, con artists can take your money and never truly find a place for you.

Untrustworthy location finders may also persuade you to install a machine at a site they have not sufficiently investigated. 

Disadvantages of Vending Machine Locator

They could choose any place they wanted as long as they had their money, and without having done any due diligence, they could persuade you that it would be successful.

The fact that these machine locating services are frequently paid with incentives is one of the key causes for this. 

All they need to do is locate a property owner or management who is prepared to allow the machine to be placed there in exchange for payment from you. 

They make no promises or accept no liability for how well your things will sell there.

Research and Help From Others

And until the machine is in place for a few months and you can gather statistics on sales, profitability, and expenses, you as the machine owner have no data to work with.

You must take extra effort to choose a trusted locator service if you want to use one to avoid all these issues. 

If you lack the time or expertise to choose the ideal places for these machines on your own, they can be of great assistance.

Asking other business owners in the field whose machine locator services they have had success with in the past is one of the greatest methods to identify a good one. 

Written Agreements

They should be prepared to put the agreement in writing and specify all of the obligations and duties they will carry out.

They would be willing to go over the contract with you or let you speak with a lawyer if there is anything you do not understand. 

All fees and commission payments, the terms of payment and the legal relationship, fundamental information, the number of vending machines you want to place, their products, and desired clients, should be covered.

Find Vending Machine Locations Yourself

You may certainly go out and find fantastic locations on your own if you don’t have the money to hire a location agency.

Since a significant portion of your business will depend on the location where your machines will be, you may wish to handle that aspect on your own.

Consider that it will ultimately determine whether your venture is successful or unsuccessful.

When searching for fantastic, lucrative places for your machines, you can speak with both nearby new businesses and established ones.

Which Vending Machine is Most Profitable? 

where can i put a vending machine

Profitable vending machines offer branded sodas, snacks, chilled food, and ice, albeit this varies based on location and weather. 

All three of these vending machines, despite being distinct varieties, have proven to be very profitable for many investors.

Can you Place a Vending Machine Anywhere?

No. You often need the property owner’s express permission. Additionally, certain localities have particular rules regarding vending machines. 

Additionally, you should look into local state laws. 

Meanwhile, machine operators are required to hold licenses in Florida, California, Arizona, Colorado, and Massachusetts. Before you may purchase and install a vending machine, you must have this.


Having read this point of the article, you should know how to go about finding the best location for your vending machine. 

Also, if you decide to use a vending machine locator, be sure to look out for those important things that have been listed in this article. 

We hope this article helped you, please let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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