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201+ Best Vape Name Ideas for Smoky and Non-Smoky Entrepreneurs

For Vape Name Ideas, consider opening a vape or smoke shop? You should know this low entry-barrier business concept before starting.

Vape Name Ideas

A relatively inexpensive business to establish is an e-cigarette or vape shop. According to the eHopper website.

 Expenditures could range from $25,000 to $50,000, depending on the size and location of your store. The paper shows that launching in a big metropolis will cost you more than doing so in a small town.

According to other industry statistics, the average vape shop claims monthly sales of $26,000 for profitability.

 If your monthly expenses are around $10,000, your company would have a profit before taxes of $120,000 each year.

As you can see, you might earn a terrific livelihood if you could open a few sites.

And for all of you, smoky entrepreneurs, we attempted to give you the greatest vape store name suggestions.

From common vape store names to the most absurd ones we can conjure, we have it all. Why are you holding out? Now scroll down! Look through our list of over 201 practical vape name suggestions.

Vape Name Ideas for Your Shops

Vape Name Ideas

The e-cigarette and vape industries are expanding quickly, as was already said, as customers view them as an improvement over traditional cigarettes.

Therefore, there is a need, or as some may say, a demand for these gadgets. If you want to break into this market, you may start by picking the ideal name for your vape business.

Here are some of the top vape names suggestions to get you going.

  • Vape shop Happy Dragon
  • The Puffer Club
  • Oils And Remains
  • Inc. Vapor Ready
  • vapor store
  • Vapor Laboratory
  • Vape shop E-Rupt
  • Shop for Heavy Cloud Vape
  • Through Thin Air
  • Vapor Art New
  • These Violet Clouds
  • Allure Vape Co.
  • vapor juice spot
  • Escape from Vaping Inc.
  • The Slow Burnings Group
  • Tobacco stixx Ltd
  • Stop Smoking Vape Co.
  • Little Clouds Inc.
  • Puff ‘n’ Mingle
  • Streams Constant Inc.
  • Inhaler Palace
  • The Fast Food Hut
  • The Silver Lining
  • More e-cigarettes
  • Inc. Smoldering Mists
  • Shop for Pinky Haze Vape
  • Vape shop The Smolder
  • The Puffer Club
  • In the Dark Vaping Club

Vape Name Ideas for Pens

A vape pen appears just as it does. It is a modular vaping device that resembles a pen perfectly, making it a fantastic option for anyone seeking to conceal it from their parents.

This list includes the greatest vape pen name suggestions you may use.

  • The Red Vaporum of Lava
  • Vape: The Art of
  • Vapor Spot (Your Name)
  • white fly apothecary
  • Queen Of Vape
  • Beyond Vaping
  • Vape shop The Commission
  • The Predilection Puff
  • Puff Club Omega
  • Vapors of (Your Name’s)
  • Vape shop The Happy
  • Shop for New Earth Vape
  • Vaping Escape
  • A planet of vapes
  • Vape shop The Black Label
  • Dragon Vapes Company
  • VapeX
  • Excellent Vapes
  • Inhalation store in Old Town
  • The Expert Breathes
  • Store for Quantum Leap Vapes
  • Crazy Stick Vapes
  • The Vape Equipment
  • Happy Days Vapes
  • Vapors of New Day
  • Vaping Guru
  • Vape Gold Craft
  • Store for Yellow Wood Vapor
  • Vaping Planet
  • Vaping Studio

Vape Name Ideas for Mod Shops

Vapers visit mod shops to tweak their vape pens. Some people might wish to swap out the battery for one that lasts longer, or they might want to get a more potent heating element for the e-liquid.

But you already know that because you’re here. Here are the top suggestions for vape name ideas for your mod shops, just for you.

  • Contemporary Smoke
  • Past Vaping
  • E-vape Businesses
  • Asthma Vape Shop
  • Vaping Samurai
  • Vape Miracle Shop
  • Kick Start Vape Shop
  • Inhalant Smog
  • Cloud Vape Shop
  • Vape Sniff Store
  • Vapors of North Quest
  • Vantage Yard
  • Vapors of New Elements
  • the Henley apothecary
  • Trading Company for Vapors
  • Reduce Vapors
  • Illuminvape
  • Breathe Out Vape Shop
  • Breathe in Joy
  • Something Non-Smoking
  • Vaping your way out
  • Inc. Sky Vape Stores
  • New Age Vapor Store Co.
  • The Kingdom of Kush
  • Inhaler Shack
  • With The Vape
  • The Bounty Clouds
  • Touch The Ohm
  • Vape Cloud Cluster
  • Inc. Volt Vapors

Vape Name Ideas for Shops

  • The Community Vaporium
  • World Vape Emporium
  • Vapeology
  • Vape shop The Ecig Flavourium
  • Happy Las Vapors!
  • Italy Vapor Lab
  • Living in Vapor
  • The Revolution of Vapor
  • Smoke Crave
  • Storm of Vapor
  • AKA The Vaporville
  • Inhalation Lounge
  • Trading Company for Vapors
  • Vapors Smok’n Hot
  • Atomic Bombz
  • I Vape Store
  • I Love Vaping
  • Ecig Lounge Company
  • 1-2 Vapor
  • Jedi Vaper
  • cigarettes in mode e
  • I vape lava.
  • Today’s Smoker
  • Smoke Shop of the New Age
  • Smoker Who Thinks Clearly
  • Inc. CloudHunterz Vapor Shop
  • One Stop Downtown Vape
  • Beyond Vaping
  • E-cig Statesmen
  • Greetings, fog

Names for Tobacco Stores

vape names

Using tobacco will not diminish soon, as was said in our introduction. Here is a list of the best names for you to start with if you’re intending to open a tobacco business.

  • Smoke shop Pipes and Things
  • Tobacco Shop Smoke n Mirrors
  • Adventure Vaping & Smoke Shop
  • Smoke company Earthly Pleasures
  • herbal cigarette store
  • Place of Downward Fume
  • Company of Sutliff Tobacco
  • Company US Smokeless Tobacco LLC
  • Mr. Bill’s Tobacco and Pipe Company
  • The Environmental Smoke
  • Present of Smoke
  • Tobacco Company of Luxury Life
  • Cigar Company
  • Cigar and Tobacco Shop Exhale
  • Inhalation Box
  • Worldwide Tobacco Inc
  • Going After Smoke Clouds
  • The tattered cigarette
  • Smoker from the First Century
  • Wind Cigarillos brand
  • Store for Smoke Ready Cigarillo
  • uncommon tiger tobacco
  • Corp. of Steam City Cigars
  • A Smokomatic
  • Fire City
  • Only Mostly Smokefree
  • Continuous Smoking
  • The Pleasure of Smoke
  • The Killer Smoker
  • cigarette shop In and Out

Ideas for Smoke Shop Names

vape names
  • Sessions of Smoking
  • Tobacco Depot
  • Tobacco Studio
  • The Smoker’s Eden
  • Toke and Smoke
  • The Pipe Emporium
  • Tobacco Shack
  • The Smokers’ Den
  • a green haze
  • The Unconscious Smoker
  • Inn of the Smokers
  • One Small Smoke Spot
  • The Smoke for
  • Senior Smokey
  • Smoke Shop Good For The Public
  • The Secret Smoking Spot
  • Chiefin’s Reef
  • cigarette market
  • Queen of Smoke
  • Smokin’ Offers
  • A Tobacco-Go
  • Plumbing R Us
  • Infernal Bazaar
  • tobacco shop
  • The Store at Cigarillo
  • Dark Bottom
  • Tobacco King
  • Smoke Depot
  • Outside Smoke Shop
  • Inhalation Club

Ideas for Funny Smoke Shop Names

  • Evape-orate
  • Coughie’s Shop
  • Vape Sniff Store by Inhale Industries
  • Vaporize Shop
  • Vape shop in the Senate
  • Vape Store Mogul
  • The Ultimate Vape
  • The Assured Vaper
  • For smokers only
  • Uncertain Vape Shop
  • Vape shop Namaste
  • E-CIGination
  • the hip vapor store
  • The Vape Glassomizer
  • What’s Hot
  • Golden Ganja Co
  • Mr. Nicotine
  • Inc. Vali Vapors
  • Vaping Warehouse
  • Subway vape
  • dwelling of the vaper
  • Inc. Puff Pens
  • Pens Sweet Spot
  • Vapor Scheme
  • Vape shop The Zip
  • Vape The Flood
  • Vape Tank
  • Vaping with a sweet airflow
  • Smoking emporium The Beta Habit

Analysis and Statistics of the Vape Industry

In terms of the American e-cigarette and vape sector, the market is expanding quickly. In actuality, Grand View Research projects that this industry will grow to $7.4 billion by this year from its estimated worth of $6.1 billion in 2020.

According to their analysis, the E-cigarette and expected Vape industry to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.3% from 2021 to 2028.

Alternatives to smoking that are safer can be partly to blame for this quick growth.

This is so that users can enjoy the same nicotine that comes from traditional cigarettes without the negative effects of tobacco smoke.

More Analysis and Statistics on the Vape Industry

Yes, there is no tobacco in these gadgets. Many people use vapes or electronic cigarettes to stop smoking. This is so that they can offer both nicotine and non-nicotine.

 Since nicotine is an addictive component, those who opt for non-nicotine products see these products as superior alternatives.

However, don’t let these figures impair your judgment. Before you turn a profit as a business, you will face many obstacles.

According to industry studies, around 70% of businesses fail during the first two to five years. The rivalry is ferocious at this moment because there were 9,945 vape shops in the United States as of 2015.

 Along with that, you must also consider government laws, which might impede growth besides online competition because they are fairly rigorous.

Finally, residents may order a lot of these items online from the convenience of their homes. To buy something, they don’t even have to come into your store.

You must know tobacco and conventional cigarettes compete in the market you have selected.

 However, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking has declined from 20.9% in 2005 to 13.7% in 2018.

The value of the tobacco manufacturing sector is still $50 billion today. The US sold 249 billion cigarettes in 2017. In conclusion, many people continue to smoke cigarettes.


There you have it! Over 201 of the best vape store name suggestions for a smoker like you. We at Mobile-Cuisine prioritize meeting your demands in order to support your company.

If doing so causes research and brainstorming truly memorable names for your business, then so be it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Smoke Depot.
  • The Chiefin’ Reef.
  • The Joint.
  • The Smoke.
  • Old Smokey.
  • Smoker’s Den.
  • Green Smoke.
  • The Smoke Market.

Apart from Instagram, YouTube can be a great source of marketing for your brand-new vape store. There are so many famous vape stars on YouTube with a massive following who give reviews of vape products. You can simply gift them your vape kit and ask for a product review on their channel.

vaporizer or vaporizer, colloquially known as a vape, is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation.

Lighting a cigarette will produce smoke while vaporizing e-liquid will produce vapor (aerosol).

  • Cloud (Cloud Vape Pens)
  • Woke (Woke Vaping)
  • Mellow (Mellow Yellow Vape Shack)
  • Euphoria (Euphoria Smoke Shop)
  • Twisted (Twisted Vape Hut)
  • Vanilla (Vanilla Vape)
  • bine (Britain, slang)
  • blem (Multicultural London English)
  • bogie, boagie.
  • butt (New England, slang)
  • cancerette (derogatory slang)
  • cancer stick (slang)
  • cig (informal)
  • cigaret (dated)
  1. Improve Your Store Design. …
  2. Promote Customer Loyalty. …
  3. Partner with Other Businesses. …
  4. Content Marketing. …
  5. Search Engine Optimization. …
  6. Social Media. …
  7. Video Marketing. …
  8. Email Marketing.

In a blog post, Instagram stated: “Branded content that promotes goods such as vaping, tobacco products and weapons will not be allowed.

The best way to sell vape products online is to open your own online store and make use of SEO. Most marketplaces ban the direct sale or advertisement of any products related to vaping, so your goal is to be found by customers through a search engine.

In this article, we’re going to describe the four most common types of devices: cigalikes, pod systems, vape pens and vape mods. We’ll also explain the pros and cons of each type of device.

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