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A Review on Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Is the Vanilla Visa Gift Card Scam or Legit? Are you looking for a gift card that’s compatible with all retailers? These gift cards are part of a new line-up released by Visa and can be used to make purchases online. Read on!

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

What is Vanilla Visa Gift Card

A vanilla card is a basic credit card with no special features or perks and no monthly or annual fees.

The perks of vanilla cards are basically the same from one financial institution to the next, while the card’s credit limit also depends on the cardholder’s creditworthiness.

Visa Vanilla is similar to other prepaid gift cards or debit cards, but most comparable to American Express Serve and American Express Blackbird.

It is a multipurpose credit card for everyday spending. It has to be activated and registered, and it is reloadable. There is no need to provide personal information, and funds never expire.


How to Use Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

You can use it in any store, or with any telephone or online merchant that accepts Visa.

To use it online or over the phone, you must have registered the card at the web address mentioned in the information that comes with the card.

Any store or restaurant that takes VISA will accept the vanilla card. One issue is that if what you are purchasing exceeds the amount of your card, they will decline it. How to fix this is to know how much $$ is on the card.

A case in point tells the clerk there is just $12.63 left on the card. You will pay the remaining balance once they subtract this from the bill.

As this is a prepaid card rather than a real credit card, you cannot carry a balance.

The only cards Amazon is accepting right now are debit cards and credit cards. Amazon has banned a lot of cards recently.

Vanilla Visa being one of them which used to be accepted by them is now disabled for use.

safe gift card

Is the Vanilla Visa Gift Card Safe?


Many testimonies like the following are pretty common from users of the Vanilla Visa gift card.

Great card for use, I checked my balance fast and easy and even went to order a few stuff from eBay and Amazon.Com. Very good card. Planning to buy more.

Without a doubt, it makes a great holiday present! This card may be used anyplace Visa is accepted, which is great for me. The website was upgraded, making it better presently.

For almost eight years, I’ve used the Vanilla Prepaid Visa card. I use it for all of my direct deposits, and the card, business, or online system has never given me a single cause for concern.

The only drawback to this card has been the $0.90 charge each time you swipe your card.

I usually take what I need in cash out with an ATM that’s in my vanilla network (it’s only like a $1-something), to avoid those charges every time I buy something.


Meanwhile, some other unsatisfied customers have had the following complaints to make about the card

For almost eight years, I’ve used the Vanilla Prepaid Visa card. I use it for all of my direct deposits, and the card, business, or online system has never given me a single cause for concern.

The $0.90 fee that is assessed each time your card is swiped has been the sole disadvantage of this card.

To avoid paying such fees every time I make a purchase, I often withdraw the cash I require from an ATM that is a part of my basic network (it only costs $1-something).

They lock you out of your online acct and the only other way to contact them is by phone and they won’t answer the phone.

I’m standing with an $80 TracFone bill. Wait for an average of 1.5 hours till the time is up. If they assault you blindly four times in a row, they are free to do so.

They scammed me out of 2300 to 2500 $ of my Harley money. This is just what America needs. A bunch of computers scamming diaper heads running our financial and banking institutes.

Common Credit Card Scams

Although there are laws in place to safeguard individuals from unfair practices by reputable banks and credit card companies.

These laws do not address the many methods that thieves used to steal or compromise victims’ credit cards, credit card histories, and other personal information.

The most common fraudulent practices include:

1. Stealing a credit card or unauthorized use of data associated with an account.

2. Identity theft.

In order to create an account in someone else’s name or take over an already-existing account, fraudsters use false or stolen papers in such situations.

3. Stealing credit-card information during legitimate transactions. It’s called “skimming’’ and it most often happens at retail stores, ATMs, gas station restaurants, bars, and call centers.

4. Carding is the act of creating a series of credit card numbers using software and testing them online to see which ones are associated with legitimate accounts.


They must implement more security measures to safeguard the cards both before and after purchase in order to make them worthwhile purchases.

Customers should avoid purchasing Vanilla Visa gift cards as a quick fix.

As an alternative, look into your alternatives for prepaid gift cards before you purchase because some don’t have these issues. For instance, some are useable online or in person within hours of purchase.

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