What Is Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth? (Updated 2022)

-Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth-

What is Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth? This is one question people have been asking since the death of Kobe and Gianna Bryant. In this article, we’ll be showing you all the information you need to know regarding this.

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth

Vanessa Bryant Background

Vanessa Bryant was born on May 5, 1982, as Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta. She was born in the Huntington Beach area of California.

Venessa is an American, but she also has English, Mexican, Irish, and German ancestors. She is Sofia Liane’s Mexican-American daughter.

They transferred her to Marina High School after attending St. Boniface Parochial School in 1996 and being a member of the varsity cheerleading squad.

She continued her studies there and graduated with honors in 2000. She married Kobe Bryant shortly after graduating. The basketball player married her when she was 18.

Venessa Bryant’s Life and career

Venessa Bryant

Vanessa had a natural talent for acting and performance and had been interested in it since she was a child. She aspires to be a make-up artist when she grows up.

 This amazing woman became a well-known model, appearing in several photoshoots. Venessa has appeared in music videos by well-known artists such as Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Tyrese, Pharrell, and many others.

 During one of these photoshoots, she met her future husband, Kobe Bryant. Vanessa is a divorced child, as her parents divorced when she was a toddler. 

More Information on Venessa Bryant’s Life and career

Her life turned upside down when she was approached by someone with a video camera. This person was on the lookout for a model who could appear in a music video.

Her life took a sharp upward turn from that point on. Because of her career choice, she met many famous people, including her future husband in Kobe.

They grew fond of each other and began dating when Vanessa was only 17 years old. Dating someone as famous as Kobe comes with its own set of drawbacks.

Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth

Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant has a net worth of $600 million, most of which stems from her late husband’s professional basketball career. Bryant worked as a model in high school, but she has mostly raised their four daughters.

Prior to marrying the basketball legend, her name was Vanessa Laine, a surname derived from her stepfather. She was born on May 5, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, where she was raised.

Vanessa appeared in many popular rappers’ music videos during her early career as a music video model, including rappers like Snoop Dogg and Krazy Bones.


More Information on Vanessa Bryant’s Net Worth

Bryant couldn’t take his gaze away from Vanessa Laine and speak to her at every opportunity. He’d even make excuses to talk to her for a little longer.

It didn’t take long for the young couple to fall head over heels in love, and they were engaged six months after meeting.

Vanessa Bryant was a senior in high school when the couple started dating. Vanessa Bryant had to finish her high school education through homeschooling because their relationship caused such a commotion at school.

Who Inherited Kobe Bryant’s Fortune?

His wife Vanessa and their three surviving children inherited his entire fortune. It soon left its mark, however, as Vanessa became embroiled in a legal battle with her mother over financial issues.

Laine reportedly sued her daughter in December 2020 for a reported $5 million, alleging that she worked for Vanessa and her daughter as an unpaid “longtime personal assistant and nanny” for years.

Vanessa allegedly told Laine to “get out” of the house months after Kobe’s death in January 2020.

Her Time As A Music Video Model

Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta was raised by her single mother after her father abandoned the family and moved to Mexico.

As a result, they forced them to live with Vanessa’s aunt while her mother supported them as a shipping clerk.

They inspired Vanessa to do her best in every aspect of her life through her mother’s dedication to keeping them alive and well.

Her mother taught her the value of being dedicated to your family and how strong you must be as a mother, especially if you are a single mother.

Other Information on Venessa’s Time As A Music Video Model

Vanessa’s mother married her stepfather, Stephen Laine, when she was eight years old. Although she had previously gone by the name Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta, she married and took her stepfather’s surname.

Vanessa was attending a concert at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater before her senior year of high school when she was approached by a man with a video camera.

He claimed to be looking for models for upcoming music videos, and Laine gave him her name and phone number.

How Black Mamba And Queen Mamba Came To Be

Vanessa and Kobe first met on the set of his music video, where Vanessa Laine was cast as a music video model.

Anyone who was present when they met said it was love at first sight, and Kobe Bryant couldn’t take his gaze away from his future wife.

Kobe Bryant had already made significant strides in the National Basketball Association, earning the moniker “Black Mamba.” When the couple met on set in 1999, Kobe was 21 years old and Vanessa was only 17 years old.

Their First Date 

Kobe Bryant asked Vanessa Laine out on their first date before the music video shoot ended. They went to Disneyland for their first date, and bodyguards had to accompany them the entire time.

Vanessa was still a student at Marina High School at the time the couple’s relationship became public. She kept a level head about the situation, only being concerned with the photos she’d bring to school to show her friends.

One of Vanessa’s former classmates claims that one of her favorite photos of Kobe was of him playing with her puppies at home.

Marrying Kobe Bryant

Marrying Kobe Bryant

Despite their financial differences, Kobe Bryant refused to sign any prenuptial agreement when it came to marrying Vanessa. She told her stepfather that Kobe Bryant had told her that he loved her too much to ever consider divorcing her.

Even though their love was genuine, the entire family was uninterested in their relationship or marriage. His parents and sister were so opposed to their marriage that they did not even attend the wedding.

Vanessa Bryant’s family was dissatisfied with her and the fact that she was not African American like the rest of the family.

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s Kids

Below is the name of her kid and some information about them:

1. Natalia


Natalia “Nani” Diamante Bryant was born in January 2003. The volleyball player is Kobe’s eldest daughter and will turn 18 on January 19, 2021.

Vanessa revealed Kobe wanted Natalia to take over his company one day and that the NBA legend would binge-watch movies with her.

2. Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant

Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant

While Kobe adored all of his children equally, many believe Gianna was his favorite. After all, she appears to be his heir apparent. She was supposed to be the next big thing in women’s basketball and the WNBA’s pick in the coming years.

The 13-year-old had everything planned out. She planned to play college basketball for Connecticut and then be drafted by the WNBA.

It wasn’t all bluster, either. Gigi was a gifted basketball player who embodied the Mamba Mentality from a young age. Kobe referred to her as a beast who was better than him.

3. Bianka Bella Bryant

Bianka Bella Bryant

Little BB was born just a few months after Kobe’s final NBA game in 2016. With more time on his hands, Kobe immersed himself in fatherhood full-time, savoring every moment with his newborn daughter.

Every time Vanessa shared heartwarming photos of the father-daughter duo, they introduced the public to Kobe’s soft side.

Fans can’t help but see a little of Kobe when Bianka smiles. The resemblance is startling. Nowadays, Vanessa’s followers are cheered up by little Bibi’s adorable dancing videos.

4. Capri Kobe Bryant

Capri Kobe Bryant

Little Koko was only a year old when Kobe and Gigi were tragically killed. She was the newest angel in the Bryant household.

Capri spent little time with her grandfather and older sister, but Vanessa claims she picked up a lot of mannerisms from Kobe and Gianna.

 Apart from being her father and sister’s “twin,” little Koko apparently walks and bends her leg in the same way as Kobe. She’s adorable as she tries on her daddy’s shoes.

How Becoming A Mother Changed Her Life

Natalia Diamante Bryant was born on the 19th of January, 2003. Vanessa Bryant’s love of diamonds and the strength and beauty they represent inspired the name of their eldest daughter.

Although most of the children around the Bryant children would be raised by nannies hired by parents who were too busy working to raise their own children, Vanessa and Kobe Bryant knew they wanted to be more involved in their children’s lives.

Vanessa gave birth to Gianna Maria Onore Bryant in May, three years after Natalia. Gianna Bryant is a fierce basketball player who adopted the nickname Mambacita regarding her parents’ nicknames.

Standing Beside Kobe Through Accusation

Standing Beside Kobe Through Accusation

They accused Kobe Bryant of raping a 19-year-old fan in 2003. Kobe Bryant stated he believed what was going on was consensual, but this also implied that he was admitting to adultery.

Although they never fully tried the case, they settled it as a civil lawsuit in 2005. Civil juries alone cost the Bryants $2.5 million.

Kobe Bryant was ashamed of what he had done and how it had harmed his marriage with his wife. They saw Vanessa Bryant wearing a $4 million dollar ring after news of her husband’s infidelity surfaced.

Her Philanthropic Efforts

Vanessa Bryant co-founded the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation, which was inspired by her mother and her own childhood.

The goal of this foundation is to provide children with life-changing opportunities that will inspire them to dream bigger and work harder to achieve those dreams.

The foundation provides many scholarships to minority students in order to help them succeed. They also used to run a variety of sports summer camps, including a soccer program in Orange County.

Vanessa Bryant’s Husband Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant’s Husband Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, a basketball legend, was born on August 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, with two loving sisters and went to school there.

He began playing basketball in his freshman year and played in the NBA after graduating from high school. Bryant spent most of his 20-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He met Vanessa when he was trying out his musical career, and Vanessa was 17. The quiet couple fell in love and married soon after, having four children.

Despite a few difficulties, the couple persevered and established The Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation.

The Death Of Kobe And Gianna Bryant

The helicopter crashed on the way to Gianna Bryant’s basketball game, with a few other members of the team and their parents, killing every passenger in the aircraft from blunt force trauma.

When first responders arrived on the scene, every passenger was unrecognizable, including Kobe Bryant, who had to be identified using his fingerprints and tattoos.

The news of her husband’s and daughter’s deaths devastated Vanessa, a woman who was devoted to her husband and children. The manner in which Vanessa Bryant learned of the crash exacerbated the situation.

Additional information on Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Rather than having an official or authority figure come and inform the widow of her husband and daughter’s fate, Vanessa Bryant learned about it through social media after photos of their crash were widely circulated.

Vanessa Bryant’s family assistant had informed her about the crash, but she had been told that there were only five survivors.

She kept calling her husband, hoping that he and her daughter were among the potential survivors. They devastated her because people will post lifeless photos of her loved ones when they were supposed to be the ones helping.

Preserving Their Memory

Preserving Their Memory

Vanessa Bryant has been leading a lawsuit against the first responders who shared images of her husband and daughter’s deaths on social media since the crash.

She is unconcerned about money, but her goal is to set a good example for those who take advantage of the helpless and lifeless.

Vanessa Bryant has been outspoken about how painful her experience has been and continues to be. Fortunately, friends and fans of the late basketball star ensured that Vanessa Bryant and her daughters can grieve and possibly heal.


Besides being a top model and philanthropist, Kobe’s fans love Vanessa all over the world. Kobe’s death sent shock waves across the sporting community, and indeed the world.

To this day, fans and colleagues alike miss him. The Lakers’ star man spent his entire career there, and they adored him for his dedication and contributions to the game.

After he passed away on 26 January 2020, in a tragic helicopter crash near Calabasas in California, it was a day of universal sadness. His daughter Gianna also died in the said crash.

Vanessa Bryant On Social Media

She took the first step by making her Instagram account public and posting photos of herself and Kobe, as well as her daughters.

She now has 15.3 million Instagram followers. This shows how much she and Kobe’s fans admire her for being there for him and remaining strong in his absence of him.

She also paid an emotional tribute to Kobe after they inducted him into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

FAQs about Vanessa Bryant Net Worth

1. How Much is Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth?

His net worth at the time of his death was an estimated $600 million.

2. How Much is the Lakers’ Net Worth?

The combined purchase of both teams would be a fraction of the Lakers’ current valuation of $5.5 billion

3. How much money does Kobe Bryant make per basket?

He makes around 25 million USD

4. How Did Kobe Bryant Become Successful?

Kobe Bryant’s work ethic, hands down helped him become the legend he is today.

5. Why Did Kobe Bryant Change His Number From 8 to 24?

It was the number he wore in his early basketball playing days. About the jersey number 24, Kobe said “Then 24 is growth from that.

6. How Many NBA Titles Does Kobe Bryant Hold?

 Bryant won five NBA championships, was an 18-time All-Star, a 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, a 12-time member of the All-Defensive Team, the 2008 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), and a two-time NBA Finals MVP.

More FAQs about Vanessa Bryant Net Worth

7. Is it Possible That Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Ran Out of Fuel?

It is very unlikely, as the NTSB has determined both engines were operating under power at the time of impact

8. Did Kobe Bryant Break Any Records?

In 2006, Bryant scored a career-high 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, the second-highest number of points scored in a game in NBA history

9. How Many Scoring Titles Did Kobe Bryant Win?

Kobe Bryant has won the NBA Scoring Title in 2006 and 2007 NBA Seasons. Kobe was averaging 35.4 Points per game, while playing 80 games.

10. Is Tom Brady or Kobe Bryant a Harder Worker?

I think they’re both hard workers

Vanessa Bryant has preferred to remain out of the public eye for most of her life, but the handling of the information surrounding her husband and daughter’s deaths has pushed her back into the spotlight.

And even though the death of her husband and her daughter was too hard to bear, she has been strong and has made it through

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