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Are you looking for a good used BBQ food truck for sale? You’ve arrived at the best place. You will receive the greatest price because all of our listings are sold directly by independent owners without any fees or commissions.

bbq food truck for sale

View the listings for the available BBQ food truck, trailers, and smokers for sale below. 

You may find what you’re searching for right here, whether you need a low-cost BBQ smoker trailer for modest catering events or a high-end food truck to launch a new venture.

BBQ Smoker and Trucks Buyer’s Guide

Do you need assistance buying a BBQ food truck or trailer for sale? With regards to finding a unit that satisfies your demands, we’ve got you covered with best practices. 

We can help you whether your goal is to expand your backyard BBQ business or open a full-time establishment providing smoked meats and ribs.


What are Your Needs?

bbq food truck for sale

Prior to anything else, take the time to comprehend the objectives of your BBQ unit. 

A modest truck is all you’ll need if you’re planning on catering or serving at small to medium-sized events. 

Prices for a 10 to a 15-foot small BBQ food truck for sale typically range from $8,000 to $30,000. 

The trailer’s size, construction materials, condition, and, of course, the seller’s personal objectives all affect the typical price. 

Small trucks and, in certain cases, even cars can tow small smokers with ease.

Large BBQ Trucks

A large BBQ smoker’s truck or trailer (16′–20′ in length) will be the best option if you’re looking for higher volume sales to serve at venues like county fairs or street dances. 

These vehicles and trucks will cost, on average, between $40,000 and $100,000. Many of these have rear porches where people can smoke. 

This is the obvious option for skilled concession vendors if you intend to serve a few hundred covers per day.

For a number of reasons, a larger smoker trailer delivers higher sales volume. There is firstly more room for storage and refrigeration. 

You can sell more before you run out of inventory for the day if you can keep more merchandise in your trailer. 

Choose the Best Equipment 

BBQ at the competition level requires time, as you are aware. If you want to provide clients with a high-quality product, you must prepare ahead.

We advise asking about the total cooking space that is offered in inches in addition to the trailer’s dimensions. 

No matter how large the truck is, it won’t function properly if the cooking equipment isn’t set up properly. 

At least 3,000 inches of cooking space should be offered by a large appliance. Finally, more staff will be able to work comfortably in larger units. 

The Size of your Restaurant

If you already manage a sizable barbecue restaurant, you are aware of how cramped a small kitchen may be. 

A larger area allows for greater space for staff, allowing them to concentrate on serving clients, taking payments, plating dishes, and expediting food out the window.

The size of the unit and your preference for a truck or trailer are both factors that affect the asking price. 

Due to the engine, trucks will always be more expensive than trailers. For this reason, trucks are just more expensive to manufacture than trailers.

Standard Equipment List

Here is a list of the standard accessories that most BBQ food trucks include. 

Before purchasing any used item, make sure that every component has been tested and is in good condition.

Prep Space: It’s simple to miss this, but you’ll need enough room to comfortably chop meat and season it with specialty rubs.

Firebox: The burning of the wood takes place here. The source of the heat and smoke is the firebox.

Racks: Meat and some sides, such as corn, should be placed directly on the metal heating racks. To make cooking and serving easier, it would be ideal if these racks could be quickly removed from the smoker.

3-Compartment Sink: You can wash plates, spoons, bowls, and serving tongs in a 3-compartment sink. By placing a cheap plastic cutting board on top of the sink, the area can also serve as an additional prep or cutting area.

Combination Smoker and BBQ Grill: Depending on the type of barbecue you intend to serve, you may require a smoker and grill combo. Usually referred to as “chargrill smokers,” these.

More Lists

Hand Washing Sink: This ensures that both you and the staff have a designated space for hand washing. typically a demand by regional health authorities.

Refrigeration: Small smoker trailers will use an ice chest or fridge to keep the meat chilled. Refrigerators for chilling meat will be found in a bigger unit. 

Additionally, refrigerators have alternatives for side dishes like potato salad that are ready to serve.

Wood Storage: You should ideally have a location to store smoking wood, such as apple, maple, hickory, or other well-liked choices. Frequently, the container will have storage attached to the outside.

Cooking chamber: Meat is smoked in this location.

Vents and Thermometer: You must have a trustworthy thermometer mounted on the smoker to ensure constant temperatures throughout the cooking process if you want to prepare a barbecue of competitive quality

The vent will regulate the smoker’s interior temperature.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

concession trailer

A BBQ smoker is a significant investment. Never buy a food truck or trailer without first inspecting it in person and making sure the cooking equipment performs as intended.

Never transmit any money, not even a down payment, to anyone before viewing the product in person.

We also advise bringing along an expert to comment on the caliber of the vehicle or trailer if you’re not a seasoned mechanic.

The last thing you want to do is invest in a device that frequently fails, preventing you from taking part in profitable events or catering jobs. Here are some queries to put to the BBQ unit’s owner.

  1. Does the trailer’s steel have a minimum thickness of a quarter inch? If not, the equipment and trailer won’t be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear.
  2. Has the building been inspected for health reasons? Did you see the permit then? All locations will have various health criteria, but if it has just passed a recent health inspection, you will feel more comfortable making a purchase.
  3. Are you able to test the smoker? You would prefer to see it operating and keeping a temperature. Make sure there are no leaks near the doors that can cause air to escape.
  4. How has the equipment been cared for? How often was it in operation? Occasionally, you can locate brand-new BBQ smokers that were meant for catering functions but were hardly ever utilized because the company never took off. These might be fantastic finds. You can feel more confident knowing the unit was carefully maintained if you are purchasing it from a successful competitive BBQ team.

How to Operate a Profitable BBQ Concession Business

They provide the best practices for running a BBQ concession stand in this section.

As a general guideline, we advise creating a business plan before venturing out to ensure that your company’s operations and menu are well thought out.

To establish a successful business, you must take the time to decide what your menu and prices should be.

A simple business model underpins the BBQ industry. Most companies will get the majority of their income from one of the following:

Catering: There are several occasions where clients engage caterers, such as weddings, graduations, and family reunions.

BBQ that has just been recently barbecued is the best. Because you can be certain of the amount you can expect to make each time you serve, concentrating on developing a BBQ catering business is a well-liked operational strategy.

If you have never worked in catering before, go here to find out how to make your first booking.


Daily Service: This is typically what people consider when asked how food trucks generate money.

Another choice is to sell goods on the street (where permitted) or in front of business establishments.

To obtain some suggestions on where to start in your neighborhood, keep an eye on the sites where other food trucks in the area sell their wares.

Events: You have the option to sell your goods at any event in your city that draws a large crowd.

Fairs, Fourth of July festivals, farmers markets, concerts, high school football games, and fundraisers are all common venues for selling.

Remember that there are other, more inventive methods to generate extra cash in addition to the more well-known ways to start a profitable mobile business, such as making your own BBQ sauce or custom rub to sell.

Other Considerations

  1. Never feel compelled or hurried to purchase a certain smoking unit. There will never be a shortage of used merchandise because we regularly add fresh items to our website. Find the ideal trailer by giving it some thought.
  2. Always do your research and personally inspect a food trailer before purchasing.
  3. Although it can be tempting, it’s not always a good idea to purchase the cheapest smoking trailer. Take into account the unit’s reliability and look as well. Both will have an effect on the company’s profitability and simplicity of operation. You should concentrate on expanding your company rather than making repairs.
  4. Before making a purchase, always research the local concession units’ health standards. While something might pass inspections in Alabama, it might not pass muster in California. Before you make a purchase, be aware of your area’s health requirements.


This article should have given you some insight into what to look for in a used BBQ food truck for sale. Before making a final purchase decision, consider going through this article all over again.

We appreciate your interest in finding out more about BBQ smokers and trailers. 

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