Ups Pays for School: A Way Out of the High Cost of Education

Ups Pays for School: Going to school and also working part-time is a necessity for some people who do not have enough money and sponsors. Sometimes it seems this is not possible; but here is the good news. You can actually work part-time and pay for your education. This can happen with UPS help.

Over the years, as the cost of education keeps rising with the incessant effects it is having on the less privilege, concerned companies are offering to pay for education as a workplace perk in an effort to attract and retain workers, UPS happens to be one of such companies.

Ups Pays for School: A Way Out of the High Cost of Education

In other words, in a bid to curb the rising challenges associated with the current high cost of education, UPS is providing college tuition programs to assist students. UPS also provides the opportunity for students to work and also go to school.

It is important that before we go further, an elucidation of what the UPS earn and learn program really means is carried out. This will help create a better understanding of the imperative of the program.

What is UPS Earn and Learn Program?

The UPS earn and learn program is a program that gives students the opportunity tm?o bring their career goals to fruition through part-time work and tuition assistance. This education assistance program allows our part-time employees to earn up to $25,000 for their college education.

Reasons for the UPS Program

The following are some of the reasons for this program;

Recognizing that building a better future for the company goes hand-in-hand with equipping their staff for a better future as well, this educational assistance program and additional training that UPS provides to employees aims at motivating the staff and making their world work better.

UPS employees are hard-working/dedicated people who often start as part-time workers. From operations, marketing, human resources, etc., the UPS team plays an integral role in every facet of business. As such, UPS is committed to training part-time employees.

Some Beneficiaries and Benefits of the UPS Program

Some Beneficiaries and Benefits of the UPS Program

Over the years, many people have benefited from the UPS program. Below are some of the benefits and beneficiaries of the UPS program;

One of the beneficiaries and employee who had great success at UPS is Joseph Lawless, Senior Director of Systems Programming. He started at UPS in 1983 as a part-time package handler in Edison, New Jersey. He was a college student who worked at UPS while going to school.

In UPS, there is a strong commitment to promote from within, thus that is why UPS is consistently training part-time employees of today to be the senior executives of tomorrow. This encourages career advancement as well.

The UPS earn and learn program is a great start for a college student, but the training does not stop there. UPS provides many other training opportunities. After all, the employees’ career goals are important and tuition assistance is just one way to help.

By aligning the right talent with the right training to succeed in today’s business world, not only does the company grow, there is creation of a better work environment in the process. Ranging from, enjoying a full time permanent position with a competitive benefits package to others.

UPS develops new talent. Just like Joseph Lawless experienced, UPS offers a tremendous amount of opportunity and benefit for a college student. Consider the long term possibilities within a company that invests heavily in such technical disciplines as Information technology.

At UPS, you can reach your goals for college and beyond. Through earn and learn program and the tuition assistance program, you can receive thousands of dollars to help with college expenses. UPS also gives you a boost as you earn your degree and sets you up for career success.

How to Get Started

Obviously, Ups Pays for School. Eligibility begins the day you are hired and benefits are prorated accordingly in case you are hired mid-semester. To get more information about how to get started, please visit the following schools; either via their website or visit the schools;



Metropolitan College

Metropolitan College is not a brick and mortar college. Instead, it is a partnership between UPS, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Louisville Metro Government, the University of Louisville and Jefferson Community and Technical College.

The program requires that students work part-time in the UPS Air Operation in Louisville, KY.Participants in the program work in the 1DA (Next Day Air) operation with a start time between 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. in exchange for a free education at either of the two partnership schools.

You can learn more about this program in Metropolitan College at

School to Work (STW)

This is a program for high school seniors with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Participants attend high school classes in the morning, then work at UPS as package handlers from approximately 11a.m. to 4p.m. For more information please contact the UPS Job line at 502.359.1877.

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Kentucky Loop

Exclusively for Kentucky residents who live outside Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Henry, Meade, Shelby and Trimble counties. This program involves working as a package handler at UPS World Port and attending Jefferson Community & Technical College. You’ll receive;

Up to $7,800 in housing benefits for two years at the Bellamy or the arch, access to all university of Louisville amenities via the ultra program, book reimbursement, academic bonuses for select shifts, deferred in-state tuition at Jefferson community & technical college.

Global Gateways Program (GCP)

This is designed for those over 17 years old who either speak English as a second language or do not speak English. Participants work as part-time package handlers at UPS World Port and are eligible for earn and learn and Metro College tuition assistance programs.

Chicagoland Regional College Program (CRCP)

The Chicagoland Regional College Program (CRCP) is collaboration between the UPS Hodgkins, Illinois facility, 7 partner colleges and over 30 affiliate institutions.

Newly hired part-time package handlers employed in the operations unit on the night (10p.m. – 3a.m.) or Sunrise (4a.m. – 10a.m.) shifts are eligible to apply. Participants receive tuition benefits and a monthly stipend in addition to their weekly paycheck.

The Chicagoland Regional College Program partner colleges are Chicago State University, Governors State University, Moraine Valley Community College, Morton College, Olive-Harvey College, Prairie State College and Richard J. Daley College. You can learn more on

In Summary

In Summary

From the above therefore, it is apparent that the UPS program is a real deal aimed at rendering help to students as it pays for school as well as making education affordable. Its benefits are enormous and highly mouth-watering. Its partnership base is broad and reliable. Ups pays for students’ school fees.

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