10 Best Underground Torrent Search Engines 2022 Update

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Best Underground Torrent Search Engines: To discover legal torrents, foreclosed houses, public records, and even UFOs, you need specialized search engines. Join the web of the dark.

10 Best Underground Torrent Search Engines 2022 Update

Everybody loves Google and Bing, but regular search engines only brush the surface of the internet. You need to use underground search engines to dive through the underground internet.

These search engines are in many instances, tapped into what is currently called the invisible web, also known as the dark web.

It contains internet-accessible information that standard search engines do not have access to because they are buried behind query forms or requests for directories.

The following specialized underground search engines let you access all those hidden areas of the internet, like a legal torrent search engine or public records. Note that you can get in trouble with none of these.

The Best Torrent Search Engines

1. The Pirate Bay

It is one of the biggest and it has a user interface that is very easy to navigate.

10 Underground Torrent Search Engines 2020 Update

We are classifying it under movies, but in essence, this torrent site hosts a wide range of torrents ranging from movies to books, music, audiobooks, eBooks, games, and a lot of other things.

It also allows one to download torrents without registration. It is free and allows you to either download torrent files directly or get the magnet link.


10 Underground Torrent Search Engines 2020 Update

This site has a rich torrent library, a good reputation, and a great user interface. You can get a wide range of content including movies, games, and even adult content.

3. YTS

With this site, you get encoded files making them small. It has a great UI.

4. Torrentz2

10 Underground Torrent Search Engines 2020 Update

It houses verified torrents in a very vibrant community of users. It can be used as a search engine. It has a great number of files of up to 61 million torrent files.

5. 1337X

10 Underground Torrent Search Engines 2020 Update

It is a reputable tracker with a rich torrent library. It offers an incredible UI with easy navigation. It has been around for more than a decade and has worked its way to the top.

In addition, it has an Alexa rating that puts it over several other torrent sites.

5. LimeTorrents

It has made its way into the top 10 list of torrent sites and it is for a reason. They have a bonus torrent cache that makes torrent searching and downloads easy.


6. TorrentDownlads

This platform offers you a streamlined version of the torrents you need as it doesn’t stock up on unnecessary files. It still ensures you get everything you need.

7. Kickasstorrents

One of the big names in the torrent world. There are speculations that it is the foremost torrenting site. Despite being shut down several due to its wide usage, this torrent site has always managed to rise from the dust time and time again.

It is the perfect place to find photoshop torrents.

8. Nyaa.si

10 Underground Torrent Search Engines 2020 Update

It has a great user interface and it is a great place to find not just anime torrents, but also music, games, software, and so on.

It is also good because it provides you with comprehensive detail of their torrents such as the file size of the actual file so you can decide if your device can take it.

9. Bakabt.me

It has a huge library and there is hardly any anime torrent you won’t find here. It also provides you sub and dub files for your files for audio and language flexibility.

In addition, it has a great user-friendly interface.

10. Horriblesubs.info

10 Underground Torrent Search Engines 2020 Update

Characterized by quality torrents and a great user interface. It offers you a function that allows you to filter files with their genres and their release dates.

You can also choose the quality of the file you want to download, whether low, medium, or high.

It is the season to remain indoors. While we truly hope and pray that this global pandemic will quickly come to an abrupt end, who says that you should not use this time to download some movies and resources that will make it easier to stay at home.

When mastered, torrenting can help you locate and download whatever you are looking for on the internet.

So what is stopping you? You have passed through the ‘University of Torrenting by reading this article to this extent, so start torrenting right away.

We believe that after reading this essay, you are now knowledgeable and educated.
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