Christian Scholarships: Top Twenty Available for Your Reach

Christian Scholarships: As a student practicing the Christian faith, there are a lot of scholarships available for you. Few Christian students realize how many scholarships are out there. Some of these scholarships are available to students who plan to enter the seminary. Others are available to students who identifies themselves as Catholic.

Twenty Christian Scholarships Available for Your Reach

It is important you know that some of these scholarships are available through churches. Others are through private foundations, organizations and other institutions.

Some Christian Scholarships Available to Catholic Students

The following are some of the scholarships available to Catholic students;

Please also note that, Catholic University of America Parish Scholarships is open to Catholic University students. Especially those who are citizens of the United States.

Apart from the Catholic scholarships for Catholic Christian students, there are others for Christian student.

Some of the Twenty Christian Scholarships Available for Your Reach

1. Central Christian College of the Bible Full School Scholarship

The Central Christian College scholarship is one of the twenty Christian scholarships available for your reach.

It is available for international students. It assigns 100 new or transferring students full teaching for up to 17 credits each semester.

However, please be informed that lack of participation in the chapel or reduced GPA may result in a loss of 20% for a given reporting block.

2. Barclay College Student Scholarship

This scholarship offers full Christian scholarship for international students. It ranges to about $14,000 full-time certificate to all students accepted.

Full-time and on-campus students receive this amount annually. For off-campus full-time students, the scholarship is $3700.

3. Elim’s Full Scholarship

The Elim Bible Institute and College awards a full Christian scholarship grants to qualified first-time freshman student.

It covers tuition, room, and pension (max $15,880). As well as a conditional $ 6,400 towards the living expenses of a student who is married.

4. Martin Methodist College Scholarship

Martin Methodist College scholarship offers three different advanced scholarships for undergraduate students.

5. Covenant College Maclellan Scholarship

Covenant College has different international Christian scholarships. They include; the Maclellan Scholars program, for the first time, undergraduate degree-seeking students program, etc.

This scholarship focuses on developing Christian leadership skills.

6. McMurry University Scholarship

This scholarship offers several award-winning international Christian scholarships. This include: Honors Program Scholarships, which pay between $15,000 and up to full tuition per month.

Be that as it may, some Christian claims are listed at some prices; this is not the case with the Honors Prize.

7. Spartanburg Methodist College Scholarship

Spartanburg Methodist College scholarship automatically covers the cost of teaching undergraduate students. This is through a package of institutional and state grants and the South Carolina Life Scholarship at a total value of about $15,750.

8. Valparaiso University Full-Time Scholarship

Valparaiso University offers several scholarships. About 93% of undergraduate students under this scheme receive little financial support over $100m annually.

This lasts up to full-time education for merit-based scholarships such as the Lutheran Leadership Course that grants two students a year.

9. Columbia International University Scholarship

Columbia International University has many undergraduate scholarships. Including full teaching, based on test scores, academic achievement, and other criteria.

10. Christianity College Full-Tuition Scholarship

This scheme offers various scholarships. This is based on academic merit. Prize winners pay their own professional fees plus room cost.

Other Christian Scholarships Available for Your reach

Other Christian Scholarships Available for Your reach

1. Westminster College Scholarship

Westminster College offers nearly a dozen academic and deserving scholarships. It includes; full-time presidential scholarship worth nearly $35, 000 per year.

The price is for four years and it requires maintaining at least one 3.0 GPA among other criteria.

2. Greensboro College Scholarship

This scholarship affiliates with the United Methodist Church. It is one of the twenty Christian scholarships available for your reach.

It offers a number of undergraduate scholarships, including three award-winning teaching: Barrett, President and Faith and Culture Essay Award.

The latter specifically requires students to have a major in religion, taking into account first and foremost those who take specific minor subjects.

3. Catholic Education Continuum Scholarship

This is affiliated with the Catholic Church. It has a number of scholarships that are less than full-time education.

Also, it has the Catholic Education Continuum Scholarship. This grants full teaching to a qualified student from each Catholic High School, based on a 3.0 GPA and other criteria.

4. World Changers Scholarship

Colorado Christian University offers a World Changers Scholarship. Also, it offers over a dozen others for undergraduate.

This is aimed at awarding full education to three qualifying freshmen students annually up to eight semesters.

5. Greenville University Scholarships

Greenville University also offers already accepted students an opportunity for a number of scholarships. Like; a full-time study program.

To qualify, you must already be eligible for one of the following: Dean’s Scholarship; President’s Scholarship Manager’s Scholarship.

6. Loyola University Undergraduate Scholarship

Loyola University Chicago has nearly two dozen scholarships only for new and transferred undergraduate students.

Additionally, it offers scholarships and other financial prizes in over half a dozen categories.

7. Heritage Christian University International Student Scholarship

This is another scholarship on the list of the twenty Christian scholarships available for your reach. Heritage Christian University full-time scholarship is intended for international students.

It is concerned with those taking either undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program or one of the three theological graduate degrees.

The price is limited to 15 and 12 points, respectively. Students will pay tuition for excess credits.

8. Young Christian Leaders Scholarship

This is also one of the twenty Christian scholarships available for your reach. The amount involve here is $1,000.

To be eligible for this award, you must be an active member of the local church. In addition, you must receive at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for the previous semester’s GPA.

This scholarship is for permanent residents of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. However, you may be attending school anywhere.

9. National Presbyterian College Scholarship

This scholarship involves the amount of $1,500. This scholarship is for Presbyterian students who are also attending Presbyterian related colleges and universities.

Each year, 25 to 30 students receive this scholarship with an opportunity to renew each year as long as they maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above.

10. American Baptist Financial Aid Program

This scholarship amounts to about $3,000. In order to be eligible for this award, you be active members of an American Baptist church for at least one year.

Also, you must be preparing to enter an accredited institution in the U.S. as a full-time freshman in the fall. This award is renewable for those who maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA.

In a Nutshell

From the above, therefore, I hope this article meets your Christian scholarship inquiry. Please endeavor to meet up with the requirements before applying.

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