The Ultimate Food Trivia Questions with Answers 2022

I know you consider yourself and your kids a foodie, and you enjoy everything related to eating, then this excellent food trivia for kids is ideal for you. Are you looking for the ultimate food trivia for kids with questions and answers, then you are at the right place, because this article is the best for you.

The Ultimate Food Trivia Questions with Answers 2022

We have a huge variety of questions with answers regarding the food trivia for kids.

This means that no matter what your culinary knowledge is, you will find some questions that will fit you.

Food unites us, expresses our cultures, enlivens our traditions, and sustains our daily existence. You are what you eat, according to the saying, but how much do you really know about the food you’re devouring?

 It’s time to put your knowledge to the test with these tough adult food trivia questions.

These food trivia for kids with questions and answers may have you scratching your head, whether you’re a culinary pro or still learning how to make the simple grilled cheese.

Best Food Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Which spice sells for the highest price per pound in the world?

Answer: Saffron

2. What are the top two spices consumed worldwide?

Answer: Mustard seed and pepper

 3. How many peanuts are there in a typical jar of peanut butter?

Answer: 90% of peanuts must be contained in a typical jar of peanut butter.

 4. What are the Rice Krispies mascots called?

Answer: Pop,snap and crackle

5. What well-known drink was created in 1892?

Answer: Coca cola

6. From what two terms did the word “Spam” originate?

Answer: Spiced Ham

7. How much caffeine must be removed from coffee before it qualifies as decaffeinated?

Answer: Minimum of 97%

8. What has something been cooked on if it is referred to as “rotisserie”?

Answer: It was going to be spit-cooked.

9.  How does hummus get made?

Answer: Through Chickpeas

10. What seafood would be in an Arnold Bennett omelet if you requested one?

Answer: Haddock

11. What’s the name of the sugared almonds that are customarily sprinkled over the bride and groom at weddings?

Answer: Dragees

12. Which Asian Fruit Is Known For Its Special Smell And Has The Nickname “King Of Fruits”?

Answer: Durian

13.  What Year Was McDonald’s Fast Food Chain Established?

Answer: 1955

14. The First What Is Said To Have Served Cheesecake?

Answer: Olympic Games

15. As it lowers the level of what in our blood, garlic helps prevent heart disease.

Answer: Cholesterol

16. McDonald’s Burger Sales Per Second: How Many?

Answer: Almost 75

17. What Does “According To The Menu” Mean in Culinary Terms?

Answer: A la Carte

18. How many years of training as a sushi chef are necessary before one can be trusted to make the rice?

Answer:5 years

19. What Are the Results of Whipping Egg Whites?

Answer: Whipped egg whites

20. Which Food Is The Only One That Can Never Go Bad?

Answer: Honey

21. In making baked beans, what kind of beans are used?

Answer: Harricot beans

22. What is the one vitamin that you will never find in an egg?

Answer: Vitamin C

23. What Are the Signs That Cranberries Are Ripe?

Answer: Have a dark red colour and are firm causing it to bounce like a ball.

24. What Do Bees Produce That Is Sweet?

Answer: Honey

25. What Food Is Globally Stolen the Most?

Answer: Cheese

food trivia for kids

26. Which nutrient is found in meat, eggs, and fish?

Answer: Protein

27. What exactly does the word “Dorito” mean?

Answer: It is a Spanish word for “small golden objects” is “Dorito.”

28. Which dish was the first to be consumed in space?

Answer: Apple sauce

29. What does the acronym “canola” stand for?

Answer: Canadian Oil

30. What country did French fries originate from?

Answer: Belgium

31. What terrifies you, if you have Mageirocophobia? 18.

Answer: The dread of cooking is known as mageirocophobia.

32. What is the most often used pizza topping in the United States?

Answer: Pepperoni

33. The number of states in the US where fruit pies are the official state food?

Answer: 3

34. What kind of cheese goes on a Reuben sandwich?

Answer: French cheese

35. Which well-known American cuisine includes a sauce made of milk, flour, and sausage fat?

Answer: Bread and gravy

36. Which state do you prefer to eat laulau?

Answer: Hawaii

37. Who or what originated the chocolate chip cookie, and when?

Answer: 1930 in Massachusetts

38. Which president imported mac and cheese to the United States, and where did he get it?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson tried mac and cheese for the first time in Paris, France, and brought the recipe with him to the USA.

39. Which German city shares its name with a dish popular in the United States?

Answer: Hamburg

40. What dish is the most popular choice at seafood restaurants?

Answer: Shrimps

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Questions & Answers About Fast Food

Ready to take on a challenge? Then you should put your knowledge of cuisine to the test while learning more about what makes your favorite fast-food restaurants unique. 

Here are some food trivia for kids questions and answers related to fast food for your upcoming quiz night. Any age group of friends and family members will enjoy them! That implies that you can bring up these issues at the dinner table or while driving. 

Just watch out—they might leave you famished! When you’re done answering these, you’ll want to go grab a burger at your preferred fast food restaurant.

1. Which of these chicken restaurants uses peanut oil to pressure-cook its chicken? El Pollo Loco, Church’s Chicken, Chick-fil-A, or KFC?

Answer: Chick-fil-A.

2. Which eatery is renowned for serving the “Grand Slam” dish?

Answer: Denny’s.

3. What McDonald’s product was packaged in two containers in the middle of the 1980s?

Answer:  the McDLT.

4. What fast food chain did Dave Thomas work for before founding Wendy’s?

Answer: Chicken fried rice.

5. Who is the name of Chick-Fil-creator? A’s

Answer: Falkett Cathy

6. Where in a fast food establishment does it say, “Have it your way”?

Answer: King of Burgers.

7. Which fast food chain was established first?

Answer: In-N-Out Burger was established in 1948

8. Where was the original Pizza Hut constructed?

Answer: Kansas’s Wichita is the reply.

9. Which fast food chain is renowned for its jamocha shakes and curly fries?

Answer: Arby’s is the reply.

10. What was a first for McDonald’s restaurants in 1968?

Answer: The Big Mac.

11. Which franchise’s originator was the most visible, appearing in television ads and serving as the brand’s spokesperson?

Answer: Dave Thomas (of Wendy’s).

12. Which eatery is the birthplace of the compact, square hamburger?

Answer: White Castle.

13. What makes most pastas unique?

Answer: As an example, penne, maccheroni, spaghetti, linguine, fusilli, and lasagna are the shapes for which they are named.

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14. What is the healthiest fast-food chain in the United States, according to Health magazine?

Answer: Panera Bread 

15. In 1997, what fast food chain debuted a well-liked marketing campaign that included a talking chihuahua?

Answer: An animated talking chihuahua appeared in Taco Bell advertisements.

16. How can you tell if juice contains actual fruit?

Answer: It states that the juice is 100% fruit.

17. What is Allium sativum’s common name?

Answer: Garlic.

18. How many different herbs and spices are in the blend that Colonel Harland Sanders uses to prepare his fried chicken?

Answer: 11.

19. What American soft drink is the oldest?

Answer: Doctor Pepper.

20. Where does the phrase “The Last Great Hamburger Stand” come from?

Answer: Fatburger.

21.Deer meat is known as 

Answer: Venison is the word for deer meat.

22. What is the grain-like food that is primarily grown in the Andes Mountains and is rich in protein, B vitamins, and fiber?

Answer: Quinoa.

23. What is the name for fermented milk that is high in probiotics?

Answer: Kefir.

24. What substance, represented by the symbol Ca, is required to maintain bone health and strength?

Answer: Calcium.

25. What are bifidobacterium, acidophilus, and lactobacillus?

Answer: Probiotics.

26. What red food, if any, is a fruit rather than a vegetable?

Answer: Tomato.

27. What wholesome fat-containing meal forms the foundation of guacamole?

Answer: Avocado.

28. What foods should you include in your diet to help with digestion and lower your chance of developing chronic diseases?

Answer: Fiber.

29. What crucial mineral is included in dairy products like milk and cheese?

Answer: Calcium.

30. What is the name of Burger King in Australia?

Answer: Hungry Jack

food trivia for kids

Questions and Answers Food Trivia for Kids

Food trivia for kids questions are a fun approach to assess their understanding of culinary science. A fun way to teach and assess your child’s knowledge is through trivia games.

Food trivia for kids questions can help you assess how much your child knows about the various food types and nutrients in food while also motivating them to consume wholesome foods and explore a variety of cuisines.

The child will be inspired to try their hand at cooking if they are aware of some interesting food trivia for kids -related facts. They include:

1. What is the name for dried grapes?

Answer: Currants, sultanas, and raisins

2. Spinach contains which mineral necessary for the production of red blood cells?

Answer: Iron

3. What component of the plant is considered a fruit after it has fully developed?

Answer: Flower

4. Which nation produces the most chili peppers worldwide?

 Answer: China

5. Which animal’s meat is called pork?

 Answer: A domestic pig

6. What nation is the home of pizza and pasta?

 Answer: Italy

7. Which poisoned fruit did Snow White eat that caused her to pass out and sleep soundly?

 Answer: Apple

8. What ingredients make up the Whopper?

 Answer: 1/4 lb of fire-grilled beef served on a sesame seed bun with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles, and thinly sliced white onions.

9. Which renowned takeout container was created by Frederick Weeks Wilcox in 1894?

 Answer: Chinese Takeout Box.

10. What state was the first to sell Coca-Cola?

 Answer: Georgia.

11. What fast food restaurant franchise began in a Shell gas station?

 Answer: KFC.

12. What fruit has a milky interior and a tough exterior?

 Answer: Coconut

13. What do you name someone who doesn’t consume anything made from animals?

 Answer: Vegan

14. What kind of meal does the abbreviation BLT stand for?

 Answer: Sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes

15. Is the fatty acid present in many fish essential for good health?

 Answer: Omega-3 fatty acids

16. What does a bee produce that is so sticky? It is tasty.

 Answer: Honey

17. What veggie is the most popular worldwide?

 Answer: Potato

18. Which vegetable goes by the moniker of “lady’s finger”?

 Answer: Okra

19. What fruit gave Sir Isaac Newton the idea to formulate the law of gravity?

 Answer: Apple

20. Which nation consumes the most chocolate annually per person?

 Answer: Switzerland

21. What do you call the fear of eating?

 Answer: Cibophobia

22. What is the name of Burger King in Australia?

 Answer: Hungry Jack’s

23. What is the name of the fruit whose interior is green?

 Answer: The honeydew melon

food trivia for kids

24. From which language does the term “coffee” come?

Answer: Arabic

25. What nation is the home of the burrito?

Answer: Mexico

26. What substance gives garlic its unpleasant smell?

Answer: Allicin

27. In the UK, how do you refer to eggplant?

Answer: Aubergine

28, Bratwurst is a form of food, right?

Answer: European Sausages

29. What is the world’s mushroom capital?

Answer: Pennsylvania’s Kennett Square

30. How come jelly beans are shiny?

Answer: Shellac

While you might enjoy sandwich or pizza, how much do you actually know about these international foods? I believe this ultimate  food trivia for kids and other related food trivia has opened your knowledge to different foods around the world.

food trivia for kids

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