The Ultimate Movie Trivia Quiz to Test Your Knowledge

Are you a passionate devotee of excellent new films? Do you know the names of all the well-known actors and actresses from movies and other popular media? Here are some of the ultimate movie trivia quiz to test your knowledge; some of them may astound you, some may broaden your perspective, and others may not.

Who wouldn’t want to take part in the entertaining secret’s reveal? Well, perhaps this supposition is consistent with the delight we get when a fact in movie trivia quiz is exposed.

Therefore, be ready for the information that is contained below this article.

So, I want you to relax and take a chilled drink as I take you through the movie trivia quiz to test your knowledge in movie.

The Ultimate Movie Trivia Quiz to Test Your Knowledge

Movie Trivia Quiz and Answers

1. The Nazi Party Congress was held in which German city, as depicted in the 1935 propaganda film “Triumph of the Will”?

a. Frankfurt

b. Munich

c. Nuremberg

d. Cologne

Answer: Nuremberg

2. What 1928 film features the building front crumbling all around Buster Keaton during his stunt?

a. The Circus

b. The Man Who Laughs

c. Our Hospitality

d. Steamboat Bill, Jr

Answer: Steamboat Bill, Jr

3. What was the most costly silent movie ever produced, at a budget of at least $4 million, and was first released in 1925?

a. Ben-Hur

b. The Squaw Man

c. Roundhay Garden Scene

d. Hell’s Angels

Answer: Ben-Hur

4. A film and television production company called United Artists was established in 1919. Who was the oldest of the four co-founders of the studio?

a. Mary Pickford

b. Charlie Chaplin

c. Douglas Fairbanks

d. D.W Griffith

Answer: Mary Pickford

5. What is the first Hollywood movie with an entirely black cast, first released in 1929?

a. Shout out!

b. Hallelujah!

c. We made it!

d. Hurray!

Answer: Hallelujah!

6. What is the name of the titular prince in the oldest animated feature film still in existence, from 1926?

a. Achmed

b. Ali

c. Mohammed

d. Bashir

Answer: Achmed

7. In “Sunset Boulevard,” Gloria Swanson portrays the forgotten silent-film actress Norma Desmond. What 1929 movie, starring Swanson as well, has a brief excerpt in “Sunset Boulevard”?

a. Queen Kelly

b. Male and Female

c. Trespasser

d. Why change your wives

Answer: Queen Kelly

8. Who plays Moses in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1923 film adaptation of “The Ten Commandments”?

a. Christopher Lee

b. Theodore Robert

c. Charlton Heston

d. Debra Paget

Answer: Theodore Robert

movie trivia quiz

9. What Ukrainian city is the setting for the fourth act of the 1925 film “Battleship Potemkin,” which features one of its most well-known scenes?

a. Kharkiv

b. Mariupol

c. Odesa

d. Kiev

Answer: Odesa

10. What are Charles Foster Kane’s final words in the film Citizen Kane?

a. Rosebud

b. Scoundrel

c. Anything

d. Help

Answer: Rosebud

11. Mrs Robinson in the Graduate was played by who?

a. Katharine Ross

b. Murray Hamilton

c. Anne Bancroft

d. Elizabeth Wilson

Answer: Anne Bancroft

12. Tom Hanks’ first Academy Award nomination came from what movie?

a. Big

b. He Knows You Are Alone

c. Captain Philip

d. The Terminal

Answer: Big

13. In 12 Angry Men, who was the eighth juror?

a. Henry Fonda

b. Martins Balsam

c. Joseph Sweeny

d. Rudy Bond

Answer: Henry Fonda

14. In a famous scene from The Godfather, what kind of animal’s head is front and center?

a. A horse

b. A lion

c. A donkey

d. A cheetah

Answer: A horse

15. Who played John Hammond, the park’s owner, in Jurassic Park?

a. Alan Grant

b. Richard Attenborough

c. Dennis Nedry

d. Wayne Knight

Answer: Richard Attenborough

16. What instrument was used to perform “The Harry Lime Theme,” which is the theme from the film “The Third Man”?

a. The Banjo

b. The flute

c. The guitar

d. The zither

Answer: The zither

17. Who was the director of the legendary films Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff?

a. James Whale

b. George Washington

c. Stephen Leopard

d. Gabriel Eunich

Answer: James Whale

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18. In Zombieland, which Hollywood actor plays himself?

a. Wooden Harrelson

b. Emma Stone

c. Abigail Breslin

d. Bill Murray

Answer: Bill Murray

19. What is the all-time R-rated film with the highest box office take?

a. Deadpool 

b. It

c. Joker

d. The Matrix Reloaded

Answer: Joker

20. Who composed the frightening theme song from Halloween?

a. John Travolta

b. John Carpenter

c. Michael Myers

d. Judith Michael

Answer: John Carpenter

Movie Trivia for Kids

If you want your kids to enjoy solving amusing kid movie trivia quiz and answers, keep them in check and create trivia questions that appeal to their interests.

When creating movie trivia quiz, we encountered a lot of amusing movie-related occurrences. We hope that your child can learn a lot of entertaining kid movie trivia questions and answers from this page.

It’s easy to create movie trivia quiz for children. Here are some entertaining kid-friendly movie trivia questions and answers for your upcoming trivia night!

movie trivia quiz

1. Disney World is situated in which state?

a. Georgia

b. California

c. Florida

d. Texas

Answer: Florida

2. Who was the owner of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story film by Disney?

a. Andy

b. Murray

c. Charles

d. Hamilton

Answer: Andy

3. What shade do Mickey’s sneakers have?

a.  Brown

b. Pink

c. Blue

d. Yellow

Answer: Yellow

4. What is the name of Sleeping Beauty?

a. Fiona

b. Aurora

c. Camella

d. Tiana

Answer: Aurora

movie trivia quiz

5. What kind of mammal is Dumbo?

a. Bear

b. Cat

c. Elephant

d. Tiger

Answer: Elephant

6. A hyena researcher filed a lawsuit against Disney for “defamation of character in the movie for unfavorable portrayal of hyenas.

a. The Lion King

b. Beauty and the Beast

c. Super Mario

d. Iceberg

Answer: The Lion King

7. What colour is Cinderella’s gown?

a. Red

b. Green

c. Pink

d. Blue

Answer: Blue

8. What song was Elsa singing when she constructs a castle?

a. Let it go

b. Count on me

c. I wanna love you

d. That’s what i want 

Answer: Let it go

9. What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?

a. Minnie Mouse

b. Fiona

c. Biggie Mouse

d. Manny Mouse

Answer: Minnie Mouse

10. Who is Thumper?

a. Bambi’s rabbit friend

b. Tom’s friend

c. Mickey’s friend 

d. The bear

Answer: Bambi’s rabbit’s  friend

11. Who was originally set to star in La La Land but had to decline due to her agreement to appear in Beauty and the Beast, which she had already signed?

a. Emma Watson 

b. Jade

c. Emma Stone 

D. Sandra 

Answer: Emma Watson

12. Is there a tail on Minnie Mouse?

a. Yes

b. No

Answer: Yes

13. Which Disney heroine sang a duet with a villain first?

a. Anna

b. Princess fiona

c. Moana

d. Cinderella

Answer: Anna

14. What is the colour of Tinker Bell’s gown?

a. Yellow

b. Green

c. Pink

d. Purple

Answer: Green

15. Bernard is a what species of animal in the Disney film The Rescuers?

a. A mouse

b. A lion

c. A snake

d. A bear

Answer: A mouse

16. What is the name of the elderly man in the Disney film Up?

a. Bean

b. Andy

c. Carl 

d. Don

Answer: Carl

17. In The Little Mermaid, there is a sea creature that is half what?

a. The dolphin

b. The shark

c. The whale

d. The octopus

Answer: The octopus

18. In the movie “The Toy Story,” who is the voice of Buzz Light year?

a. Aladdin, Tom

b. Allen, Tim

c. Charles, Allen

D. Gabs, Tom

Answer: Allen, Tim

movie trivia quiz

19. Which Disney film features the song “Circle of Life”?

a. Lion King

b. Legend of the Kung Fu Panda

c. Leo the Lion

d. Moana

Answer: Leo the Lion

20. Describe Doc Hudson.

a. He was a footballer

b. He was a chef

C. He was a thief

d. In the Disney film Cars, he plays a former racecar.

Answer: In the Disney film car, he plays a former racecar.

21. What transpired that led Doc Hudson to end his professional life?

a. A conversation

b. A crash

c. A gossip

d. a mishap

Answer: A crash

22. In which movie the Hawks and Ducks are the only teams to wear jerseys with both their names and numbers on the backs.

a. Ducky

b. Dora

c. Mighty Ducks

d. Avatar

Answer: Mighty Ducks

23. Where can you discover EVE in a Disney film?

a. Market

b. The Television

C. Closet

d. Wall-E

Answer: Wall-E

24. Tim Allen plays a man who unintentionally kills Santa Claus in which Disney film?

a. The Princess and the Frog

B. Super Mario

c. The Santa Claus

d. Princess of Avalor

Answer: The Santa Claus

25. What actor performs Mushu’s voice in Mulan?

a. Mr Bean

b. Dove Cameron

c. Myley Cyrus

d. Edward Murphy

Answer: Edward Murphy

26. What actor provided the Genie’s voice in Aladdin?

a. Mr. Robin Williams

b. Dylan Sprouse

c. Cole Sprouse

d. Zendaya

Answer: Mr. Robin Williams

27. Who was the first male antagonist to appear in a Disney princess-focused movie?

a. Lord Farquaad (Shrek)

b. Chef Tui(Moana)

c. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

d. Mr. Ping (Kung Fu Panda)

Answer: Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

28. Which Disney princess is the only one with dimpling?

 a. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

b. Moana (Moana) 

c. Fiona (Shrek)

d. Cinderella (Cinderella)

Answer: Tana (The Princess and the Frog)

29. How long would it take Merida from Brave to straighten her curly hair?

a. 2 feet long

b. 3 feet long

c. 6 feet long

d. 4 feet long

Answer: 4 feet long

30. Which Disney princess is the only one who has body art?

a. Moana

b. Fiona

c. Pocahontas

d. Tana

Answer: Pocahontas

movie trivia quiz

31. Whose character in Frozen was originally meant to be the villain, but the filmmakers modified her plot because they thought “Let It Go” was such an uplifting song?

a. Elsa

b. Anna

c. Queen Iduna

d. Olaf

Answer: Elsa

I believe this article has helped you in your search for movie trivia quiz and has answered your questions as a movie fan.

Frequently  Asked Questions

What was the first animated full-length film to ever be released?

 Which medication does Neo swallow in The Matrix—the blue or the red

Tom Hanks received his first Academy Award nomination for what film?

The first “talkie” was what musical from 1927?

In Die Hard, what is the name of the skyscraper?

In the movie Elf, Buddy the Elf uses a certain variety of Pop Tarts in his spaghetti.

What are 50 Interesting Facts About the Wizarding World from Harry Potter?

Yes, there are the Movie Trivia Games, which can be played by two to eight players, and are simple to pick up and understand.

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North Atlantic lobsters are born vivid blue one in every 5,000 times. 

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