Getting Started Using Trivia for Microsoft Teams

Integrate Trivia with Microsoft Teams to add thousands of quizzes, puzzles, polls, and other team-building games to your workday. Trivia will make remote teams’ work more enjoyable and engaging. Read through to get information on trivia teams.

trivia teams

How to Integrate Trivia with Your Microsoft Teams

To integrate Trivia, head over to Trivia’s home page and click on Add to Teams. Or, add it from the Teams app directory:

Next, log in with your Microsoft Teams account.

A screen will be prompted, which asks you to give Trivia permission to access your Microsoft Teams.

Once you click on Allow and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Trivia will be integrated with your Microsoft Teams.

Another Way is Using a Dashboard

That’s all there is to it. You’ll be taken to your Trivia dashboard after you log in and accept all terms and conditions.

You can choose which Team you want to set up the Trivia in here. Trivia is now active on all channels in that Team.

Adding Directly from Microsoft Team

To add Trivia directly into Teams, Just go to Apps and search for Trivia there, Click on it and select Add. Once Done, Trivia will be added to your Microsoft Teams.

How to Run Trivia Games in Your Channels

trivia teams

Trivia provides a variety of enjoyable activities. To start a game in Trivia, tweet @Trivia and choose an option from the list. Let’s start a Quiz for our records.

Click on Get Started! Once you launch a game in a channel, all channel members will get notified that a game is starting in 30 seconds.

Trivia’s Suite of Games

Trivia’s quizzes, puzzles, and games inject much-needed levity into your workday. Anyone, from introverts to extroverts, can participate. No more awkward situations! Check out Trivia’s entertaining games here:

1. Instant Quizzes

Introduce a nice 5-minute break to boost your busy workday and engage your team better with 50,000+ fun and quick-to-launch questions.

Trivia quizzes, which have over 40 categories to choose from, are based on an MCQ-style format with four options to choose from.

Science, technology, business, movies, entertainment, sports, and even math are among our most popular categories. Look out for quizzes on Game of Thrones, The Office, and Harry Potter.

2. Custom Quizzes

You can make your own quizzes with Trivia. You can create a personalized question bank for your teams and hold special events for them.

Some Trivia fans enjoy creating personalized quizzes for their teammates’ birthdays, and it’s a lot of fun!

They can start custom quizzes with the simple command @Trivia custom.

3. Gotcha!

An MCQ quiz format with a twist in which it not only pays to know the correct answer but also fools others with your incorrect answer can earn your points.

You can start playing Gotcha! with a simple command @Trivia gotcha.

4. Word Puzzles

Rearrange letters to form words and solve thousands of Word Puzzles. Inside Microsoft Teams, this is Jumbled Words!

This insanely fun game format will put your English skills to the test and help you improve.

These puzzles are excellent for competitive team-building exercises but don’t blame us if you break your keyboard while solving one.

5. Virtual Water Cooler

5. Virtual Water Cooler

Recreate office banter and bonding in a Microsoft Teams channel by using topics that spark friendly conversations and debates.

Trivia’s Virtual Water Cooler has it all, from lighthearted conversation starters to thought-provoking questions. Simply enter a date and time, and Trivia will ask a question in the channel of your choice.

Features that Make Team Bonding Super Fun with Trivia!

Below are features that make Trivia really interesting

1. Schedule Games for the Future (Automate Team Bonding)

Trivia games can be scheduled and played regularly. Trivia’s scheduler will launch the game at the time you specify in your preferred channel.

Launch Trivia games on a slow Monday morning. This can quickly lift everyone’s spirits and get them over their weekend hangover.

To schedule a game, simply DM schedule to Trivia in the Chat. Click the “Create Schedule” button.

2. Some Handy Applications of Trivia

With Trivia, over 15,000 teams are creating a healthier, more engaged, and more productive workplace culture. These are the most common use cases of Trivia, with over 400,000 players on board.

3. Icebreakers for New Employees

Introduce new employees to the people they need to know right inside Microsoft Teams. It enables new hires to have memorable experiences from the start.

Trivia games assist them in identifying teammates who share common interests with whom they can form additional connections.

4. Happy Hours For Those Friday Evenings

The last thing your team needs on Friday is another dull zoom call in the name of a team-building activity. People want something quick, enjoyable, and light.

Trivia’s game suite provides a quick 5-minute break, relieves stress, and aids in the removal of creative blocks.

5. End a Long Meeting with a Fun Game

Trivia isn’t just another Microsoft Teams bot!

Trivia’s entertaining games and quizzes provide an easy and intuitive way to keep your virtual teams, coworkers, and friends entertained. Create asynchronous or real-time team engagement during meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Integrate Trivia with Microsoft Teams and fill your workday with thousands of quizzes, puzzles, polls, and other team-building games.

  • Never Gonna Quix You Up.
  • Tequila Mockingbird.
  • Al Koholics.
  • The Tree Must Get Beers.
  • Your Name Here.
  • Bed Bar And Beyond.
  • Forrest Grumps.
  • Rehab Is For Quitters.

Run the trivia command “@Trivia trivia” to play quizzes. A

Examples of trivia are details of a fight that happened decades ago. 

Most rounds have about 5-8 questions per round.

‘Trivia’ comes from the Latin ‘trivialis,’ meaning “found everywhere, commonplace.”

Improving your cognitive skills. 

Players typically form teams of up to 5-6 people, although some diehard trivia geeks like to partner up or even play solo. 

Integrate Trivia with Microsoft Teams to add thousands of quizzes, puzzles, polls, and other team-building games to your workday.

It takes only a few seconds to set up Trivia, gathers your team, and have some fun. If your subsequent thought is.

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