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Top 20 Beautiful Tourist Areas to Travel To Ukraine During the Summer

-Travel To Ukraine-

You probably want to travel to Ukraine, but you’re skeptical if it’s worth it. Ukraine is one amazing country situated in Eastern Europe.

It is the second biggest country by area in Europe after Russia, which borders to the east and north-east. If you are looking of where to cool off and just have fun, you might want to travel to Ukraine, because  it has all the fun and excitement you need

Travel To Ukraine

Why You Should Travel To Ukraine

Ukraine is known for its beautiful and varied landscape, preserved culture and customs,s and good-looking women. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe.

Excluding Russia, and although the strains with the big neighbor are ongoing, Ukraine is a very safe country to visit. You’ve probably wondered if Ukraine is worth a visit, well the answer is YES! You should give it a try.

List of 20 Beautiful Tourist Attraction Areas in Ukraine During the Summer

1. Odesa

Travel To Ukraine

The first place you should visit as you travel to Ukraine is Odesa.

Odesa is a seaport that lies on the shores of the legendary Black Sea. It is now a significant trade city; visitors drift down to Odesa for the sandy beaches, pleasant weather, and glittering waters.

Odesa, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’, maybe the biggest city but its structure gives it an intimate feel. with labyrinthine lanes to traverse as well as nooks and crannies to explore,

It ends in secluded squares and pleasant houses painted in mellow pastel shades. The city’s big claim to fame is the mighty stairway that leads from the Centre of town to the beachfront.

 And there are also leafy parks like the City Gardens to enjoy, as well as a bit of culture in the form of the Odesa Opera House and the numerous theatres in the city

2. Poltava

Travel To Ukraine

Poltava, which lies off the Vorskala River and it is a city steeped in military history. This is because of  a legendary battle that happened in the 18th century between the Cossacks and the Russian Tsar Peter I.

So having said this, you should have in mind when coming to this city to view the military relics that still remain. These comprise of the Column of Glory, October Park, and the conserved area of the Poltava Battlefield.

Poltava is popular for its museums, many of which are devoted to military history, as well as its main cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, with its outstanding campanile.

Once the place of such a pivotal moment in history, Poltava is now a relaxed and serene cultural city, with orchestras, theatres, and museums aplenty.

3. Myrhorod


This amazing place is found on the Khorol River.  Myrhorod is basically a sleepy spa town that became very popular because of the mineral properties located in its underground springs.

The somewhat salty water can be drunk to mend digestive problems, or there are a number of places where guests can take a bath.

If you wish not to swim, you can enter take a boat or pedalo out of the Khorol River, and there are a sum of quirky characters for visitors to Myrhorod to seek out, such as a soaring illuminated windmill and a musical water fountain.

The woodlands located in the city are also rather well-known, and for the full romantic experience, you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the lush landscape.

4. Chernihiv

Travel To Ukraine

Situated neatly on the banks of the Desna River, Chernihiv is mostly called one of the earliest cities in all of Ukraine.

 The city dates back from the 7th century, making a visit here feel rather like a trip back in time.

The city is also home to some of the loveliest buildings in the country, like the Catherine’s Church which is instantly familiar because of its golden cupolas.

 Another religious buildings of note are Pyatnytska Church which sits in the city’s Red Square, the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon stroll around the town center.

5. Chernivtsi


This popular city  lies at the bottom of the Carpathian Mountains is most popular for its chosen UNESCO World Heritage Site of the previous complex of the high priests that is now home to the National University

It was built in the Byzantine and Romanesque ways. The construction of Chernivtsi is said to be alike to that of Vienna, leading to the name ‘Little Vienna’ to define parts of the city.

And also other locals spot the comfortable nature of the city which has a tough café culture, as well as a variety of famous bookshops and bookstalls that are said to reflect the intellectual and poetic atmosphere found here.

6. Bakota


The village of Bakota located in the Podillia area is home to the vital cave monastery erected by Orthodox monks seen by Saint Anthony of Kyiv.

The monastery in the underground cave has been in existence since the 12th century. visitors can view well-conserved murals and paintings and ruins of some of the monks who lived in the caves.

 Bakota is now part of the National Environmental Park because of its rural setting. It also features craggy hills on the shores of the picturesque Dniester River.

Visitors can ramble in the region and explore the settlement on foot to take in the splendid local flora and fauna on display.

7. Uzhhorod


Uzhhorod is situated near the border of Slovakia and near the border with Hungary, is a lively and varied town.

This amazing place gives the cosmopolitan feel that has assisted to bolster its claim to fame as a premium tourist attraction in Ukraine. This could be a perfect place for you as you travel to Ukraine.

Visit here for the amazing Uzhhorod Castle that dates from the 9th century and the Greek-Catholic Cathedral from the 17th century.

If you want to try some of the local staples then you can explore the city’s famous wine cellars, or try the delicacy bogrács.

8. Kamyanets-Podilskyi

Travel To Ukraine

Kamyanets-Podilskyi is a city situated in the west part of Ukraine that has and has a long history of immigration. The city is awash with historic monuments such as its castle, cathedral, and crumbling fortifications.

Because of its location on the Smotrych River, there are lots of outside events for those wanting to do something a little different. Among these are balloon trips over the Smotrych Canyon, as well as race car driving. 

9. Lviv


 Lviv is presently a UNESCO World Heritage Location.  guests will now understand why the wealth of monuments and ancient buildings are on show here, many of which date back to the 13th century.

Apart from the ancient jewels that it provides here, Lviv is popular for being an artistic hub in Ukraine, and there are galleries all over the city as well as the Lviv National Art Gallery

 It is said to house over 50,000 works including paintings, sculptures, and art installations.  Lviv is also famous for its classically trained performers and opulent performances in regular rotation.

10. Zhovkva

Travel To Ukraine

Established in the 16th century, the city of Zhovkva is an amazing place to visit if you enjoy wondering at a whole host of ancient gems 

The city dates back from the 17th century is a church made of wood, the Holy Trinity Church that was newly named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also, other memorable ancient sites include the restored Zhovkva Castle, which now houses a cultural center.

11. Yalta


This area is located in one of the regions that form part of Crimea. Yalta is well known for being a laid-back resort that faces the Black Sea. There is this amazing seafront promenade for guests who want to take in the views over the Crimean Peninsula

There are also stunning views, ride by cable car to the top of the nearby Darsan Hill, and there is also the breathtaking Froros Church that is nestled atop a sea cliff at an elevation of 400 meters.

 Over the years Yalta has attracted a host of famous figures such as Anton Chekhov and visitors to the area can visit his former home that now serves as a museum.

12. Kyiv

Travel To Ukraine

You wouldn’t travel to Ukraine and not visit its amazing Capital city.

Kyiv is the capital city of Ukraine; Kyiv is most well-known for its different population, interesting modern architecture, and friendly locals. 

 It also has the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves and Saint Sophia Cathedral, and although visitors can tour the monastery, it is also still in working order.

 There are a variety of museums to select from in Kyiv in order to learn more about the local history or culture, or you can check out the latest theatre listings at one of the smaller theatres like the famous Puppet Theatre.

13. Slavske


Slavske, located in the southwest of Lviv, is best known as a ski resort. So if you love the snow then this is the place to come. There are lots of amazing cable cars and ski lifts and primary slopes for skiers to enjoy.

 The season usually runs from around the month of November to March. Should you visit in the summer months, there are many activities to enjoy in Slavske.

Activities such as berry and mushroom picking in the fertile lands and fishing in the surrounding lakes. 

If you like to keep exploring then there are hiking trails as well as horse riding and mountain biking excursions that provide an alternative perspective from which to take in the views.

14. Zaporizhia

Travel To Ukraine

Zaporizhia Situated on the banks of the Dnieper River is most famous for its charming islands plus the main island of Khortytsia that is in the middle of the city.

 The island is actually a national park and features romantically rugged terrain and has wild ravines and a number of hiking trails that are popular with visitors year-round.

As this is an island, there are also water activities like swimming and boating, as well as small sandy beaches to relax on. 

15. Vinnytsia

The city of Vinnytsia is situated on the banks of the rather amusingly named Southern Bug. It’s actually the second-longest river in Ukraine.

The city has a chilled feel to it and gives itself to strolling around the main Centre to marvel at the splendid architecture on offer here. Some of the amazing things are the walls built as fortifications of a Jesuit monastery that still stand proud.

 There’s also house the Museum of Local History for history buffs to learn all about the period features on show here. They even have a mammoth skeleton that is said to be over 30,000 years old!

16. Bukovel Ski Resort

Travel To Ukraine

Another Tourist Attraction is Bukovel. It is one of the most modern and popular ski resorts in Ukraine situated at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

This ski resort provides a different of hotels, restaurants, SPA, skating rinks, skiing and snowboarding schools. There are lots of ski tracks for all levels, from blue to black.

In the warm season, there are lots of options for activity holidays, too.

 You can decide to rent a bike, 4-wheeler, and go horse-riding or trekking.

There are also tools for rock climbing, paintball, tennis, Cheremosh River rafting, and an adventure park. Bukovel features a big artificial lake and an outdoor swimming pool.

So in summer you can go to the beach and try water sports.

17. Hoverla Mountain

Travel To Ukraine

 Hoverla is among the highest and most famous mountains of Ukrainian Carpathians. Getting to the top is something anyone would be proud of.

This amazing place is has been a place where some people chose as a location for important life events such as birthday celebrations or marriage proposals.

Hike to Hoverla is the most popular mountain route for tourists, and also the easiest one. Even if you have never hiked in your life, you can hike Hoverla.

Children can hike Hoverla, too. However, you need to prepare your body for physical activities in advance.  The ascent to Hoverla is a one-day hike that includes 6-8 hours of active walking.

It is better to start the climb in the morning and go there with an experienced mountain guide, as you can easily get lost. We have a separate article dedicated to hiking Hoverla where you can learn how to prepare for it

18. Kosino Thermal Complex

kosino thermal complex

Kosino is the best and largest thermal complex in Ukraine with usefulness for health mineral water. This is an amazing place for all travelers, plus families with children.

Here you will find fountains, jacuzzis, and 7 different saunas. I you want to make your travel to Ukraine worthwhile, then you should consider visiting this place. 

Eucalyptus sauna, Hungarian sauna with beer steam, herbal and Roman saunas. The thermal complex has 5 unique pools of various shapes and sizes decorated with peculiar sculptures

19. Lutsk

Travel To Ukraine

The place called Lutsk is a historic Slavic town in place northwestern Ukraine, the first reference of which goes back to 1085. Like many places in Western Ukraine, its history was influenced by a few major powers.  

There are lots of interesting things about this place, from serving as the capital of Halych-Volynia, the Lithuanian Kingdom, the Kingdom of Poland, Tatars, and the Russian Empire to independent Ukraine.

This little but popular town has seen it all. This, of course, makes for an interesting exploration!

While there is a fusion of architecture motivated by its complex history (which I very much encourage you to enjoy, strolling through the old town especially), the must-see for everyone finding him/herself in Lutsk is the Lubart’s Castle.

20. Zatoka


If you are a lover of summer heat then should travel to Ukraine.

One of the well-known places among Ukrainians (and not so well known among foreigners) is Zatoka (about 60 km away from Odesa), mainly during summer when the temperatures are really high and the Black Sea becomes really warm.

Ever Since the annexation of Crimea, people seem to love coming there, its a bit crowded but it is worth spending a couple of days there just to get a feel for the “eastern” holiday.

Zatoka is a great combination of the typical former Soviet resort mixed with a modern holiday destination.


What is The Best Time to Travel To Ukraine?

The best time to visit Ukraine is either in May-June, at the beginning of Summer, or in September towards the end of summer.

Temperatures during this time range between 20-21 degrees centigrade during these months, making it very comfortable and suitable for sightseeing to the  places to visit in Ukraine.

How to Teach Ukraine?

Air: Ukraine has several international airports in the cities of Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, etc., which are well connected to cities all over the world.
By Rail: Kiev and Lviv are connected by rail routes with European countries like Berlin, Moscow, Budapest, etc.
Road: It is possible to drive to Ukraine by car or bus from border countries such as Poland, Russia, Hungary, and Belarus.
Sea: Ukraine is connected through the Black Sea with Turkey, Russia, and Georgia

What is Ukraine Known For?

Ukraine is known as one of the youngest countries in the world. It is known to be home to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is also known for its incredible and complex historical background.

During their visit to this country, tourists also include a visit to Chernobyl, known for the biggest nuclear disaster, in their list of places to visit in Ukraine.

What is Ukraine’s Famous Food?

Some of the must-try dishes of Ukraine include Borscht with garlic fritters, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage rolls, Chicken Kiev, Salo (made of Pork).

Also, Vareniki (a kind of dumpling), Okroshka( a soup), Banush ( made of fried pork, cheese, corn grits), Holodets(made of meat broth), homemade sausages, Nalisniki (a sweet dish similar to a pancake), and Syrniki ( another sweet dish).

Ukraine is an amazing place everybody would want to visit, however, as someone new to the city, you need to do some simple research and be ready to adapt.

Be ready,  if for instance, you are traveling to the countryside, the bus drivers will most likely won’t speak English. Use online maps and translation tools to help you.

In addition, some of the roads may be full of potholes and transportation might take more than expected. So plan your trips with a margin before you travel to Ukraine.

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