Most Insane Amusement Parks to Visit and Travel to Poland 2022

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Do you want to travel to Poland and you just out of idea where in Poland you can have fun and enjoy yourself? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as this article has all the questions we’ve been asking.

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Amusement Parks to Visit and Travel to Poland 2022

 Without a doubt, Poland is one of the most attractive countries in Central Europe. There are lots of tourist attractions in Poland likewise in its capital, Warsaw.

There are beautiful sandy beaches, stunning mountains, amazing architecture, and wonderful theme parks in Poland.

Theme parks in Warsaw, Poland, are well-known tourist attractions. In these incredible locations, you can participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

1. Energylandia Amusement Park

Travel to Poland

This park is known to be the biggest amusement park in the whole of Poland. The travelers can choose a private mode of transport when visiting this park.

Also, they do not have to wait in long lines to gain access to the entrance as the driver can organize the entrance tickets.

There are about 50 rides that are available in the park for people of any age. There is also a water park within the area of the Energylandia amusement park which has many kinds of outdoor activities.

This park is ideal for people of all ages, particularly for those who came with families and friends. The park is located just 8 hours away from Krakow.

2. Kolejkowo Park

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This park is located in Wroclaw and is another beautiful amusement park in Poland. It has a miniature of Poland’s largest railway model.

This park contains miniatures of various famous Polish architectural landmarks, as well as active cities, railway tracks, and other attractions. People can spend a lovely afternoon in this neighborhood, which features wonderful museums and small buildings.

There are also various reservoirs, bridges, tunnels, and other attractions for the enjoyment and entertainment of visitors and other guests.

3. Silesian Amusement Park

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This is my favorite, and it’s located at the Culture and Recreation Provincial Park. It is frequently referred to as Poland’s largest amusement park.

Another park, Legendia, is located within the park’s limits. This park has a total of 58 attractions, including three thrilling roller coasters.

Aside from the attractions listed above, there are many other attractions, such as water parks, for the enjoyment and entertainment of tourists and other visitors.

The tornado, lech coaster, scary toys factory, dream hunters society, and many other roller coaster rides are among the park’s primary attractions.

4. New Plopsa Park

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This park is situated in Kownaty, a city in Poland. The park is set over a land of over 10 hectares. It is also known to be known park in the country of Poland.

This New Plopsa Park has various recreational activities as well as fun-filled activities for both adults and children. This park is also known as the Majaland Kownaty.

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5. Aqua Park Zakopane

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This aqua park offers its guests a view of some of the highest mountains in Poland plus the Giewont Mountain. Here you can find a sports pool, an entertaining pool alongside various water slides, paddling pools, etc.

 There are also diving lessons there for both the adults as well as the children. People can also enjoy hot massages and spas within the area of this park.

It is advisable to visit this park in the summer season. This park is perfect, particularly for families who have been traveling with their children.

Other than offering amazing views of the Polish mountains, this park also has two sorts of pools. These two pools are recreational pools as well as sports pools.

There is also the facility for having the bath in an amazing Jacuzzi within the premises of this park.

6. Wodny Park

Wodny Park is situated in Krakow. It has various rock climbing walls, twisting slides, a paddling pool for the children, water massages for adults, etc. This park is known to be the biggest indoor park in Poland.

 There is also a swimming pool hall which is situated within the area of this park.

There are also different other facilities available in the park such as the children’s play center, beauty studio, amusement arcade, sports store, etc.

The Wodny Park is one of the best fun-filled family attractions in the whole country of Poland. There is also a bar which is situated within the vicinity of this park which has been made for the purpose of refreshment of the tourists as well as the visitors. 

7. Aqua Park Sopot

Aqua Park Sopot

This Park is situated in Sopot and is another beautiful amusement park in Poland. This water park has lots of facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, slides, etc.

 There is an indoor along with an outdoor water park situated inside this park. There are also facilities for getting hydro massages, playing in whirlpools, etc. in this park.

This amazing park is a fantastic roaming ground not only for the children but for the teenagers as well as the grownups too.

8. GOjump MEGAPARK Krakow-Sikorki

GOjump MEGAPARK Krakow-Sikorki

This is the largest trampoline & Inflatable Park in Poland. It has over 50 amazing attractions waiting to come to enjoy on 5000 square meters. This is 100 percent fun!

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or Big Jumper, Rookie, or Pro! Jump in and have fun on one of these crazy attractions. Here, the Trainers will teach you first jump and big tricks; they will ensure your safety and guarantee great fun.

They also prepared for you a cozy JumpBar with delicious coffee. GOjump MEGA PARK is a short distance from the city center, offers free parking and comfy locker rooms.

9. Aquapark Wroclaw

Aquapark Wroclaw

Aquapark Wroclaw makes for a good break from the city’s ancient and cultural attractions, with its swimming pools and water slides, plus spa areas with saunas and massage services.

Begin your day exercising at the competition pool. The park also houses a wave pool, lazy river, baby bay, and children’s zone with a paddling pool, pirate ship, and water cannons.

 Explore the multimedia slide featuring lights and music. The sauna area is clothing-optional and features a hot-stone room, a steam room, and lots of Finnish saunas. Amenities comprise a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, and a shop.

10. Legendia


Legendia is the oldest amusement park ever in Poland, it was established in the year 195 and It is situated in the Silesian Park (Park Śląski) in Chorzów on the border with the city of Katowice. 

It has an area of approximately 26 ha.

This amazing Park provides more than  40 attractions for children, families, and extreme ones.

Plus a Ferris wheel (Legendia Flower), large planes (Dream Flight Airlines), cups (Teacups), Diamond River (sliding into the water from a height of 8 and 12 m), Lech Coaster, The Yaga Valley, a family wild.

11. Deli Park

Deli Park is a 20-minute drive from Pozna, on the outskirts of the Wielkopolski National Park, and features miniature landmarks, enormous insects, and a little zoo.

Prehistoric animal models, enormous insects, interactive playgrounds, Miniature Park, Little Zoo, crocodile-shaped playground, inflatables, and a mini rope park are among the attractions.

The picnic area is also available to visitors.

Festive illuminations are put there during the Christmas and winter seasons. You can wander through the park’s alleyways, which are illuminated and decorated with multicolored lamps.

Also, see a globe, a big Christmas ball, illuminated light tunnels, and a classic Christmas nativity scene with real animals and Christmas decorations.

There’s also a Santa’s Grotto, complete with his sleigh and reindeer, at the park.

12. Lunapark Sowiński

Lunapark Sowiński

The Park is located in the town of Wadysawowo, one of the most prominent Polish Baltic Sea resorts. The sea may be seen from the Observation Mill.

The vintage roller coaster is the park’s most popular attraction. Condor, Booster, and Extreme are three extreme attractions available to thrill-seekers.

In the house of mirrors, you can laugh, or in the castle of fear, you can feel a rush of terror. Classic carousels and floating swans are also available.

13. Majaland Kownaty

Majaland Kownaty

Majaland Kownaty is the first amusement park in Poland to offer the “Werewolf,” a wooden roller coaster. This theme park has also unveiled a new addition, which will be completely operational by next year.

The rollercoaster, free-fall tower, Viking-themed duck carousel, magic cycles, swinger, wooden farm carousel, bumpy car rides, funhouse, themed playground, ball pool, slide, and theater are just a few of the rides to try at this theme park.

Outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, fly-fishing, and much more are available. Majaland Kownaty creates themed rides for different seasons of the year in order to provide a diversity of experiences for its returning customers.

14. Magiczne Ogrody

Magiczne Ogrody

Magiczne Ogrody is a one-of-a-kind amusement park based on an original fairy tale with huge flowers, greenery, and other intriguing surroundings.

This theme park has an entire fairy tale forest created for you to enjoy, along with a variety of fun activities.

Slides, playgrounds, swings, roundabout rides, tunnels, beaches, rafts, fairy castles, and many other attractions that transport you across the diverse landscapes of the fairyland are some of the must-try park offerings.

This amusement park also offers a souvenir shop where you can get one-of-a-kind souvenirs for your loved ones. Spend a day of pure enjoyment with your family in this park’s lovely gardens.

15. Inwald Park

Inwald Park

Dreamland Miniature Park, Inwald Fortress, Green Maze, Land of Moving Dragons, and a family amusement park are among the attractions of this amusement park in Inwald, Poland.

This amusement park features 65 tiny replicas of famous buildings and architectural marvels from throughout the world.

In the Inwald Fortress and communities surrounding it, you may see mid-level period architecture and people’s lives. Pirate Boat, Ferris wheel, auto scooter, Kiddie Carousel.

Also, farm Train, Super Slide, Barrel Carousel, Egypt horror show, dumbo carousel, 5D cinema, jungle gym, wild river rafting, laser arena, and playgrounds are among the must-try rides at the family amusement park.

16. Jurassic Parks

Jurassic Parks

In recent years, Jurassic Parks have become increasingly popular in Poland. Dinosaur life-size figures, fossil and mineral museums, and other usual amusement park attractions are among the principal attractions.

Batów, Krasiejów, eba, Dinozatorland in Zator (with moving dinosaurs), Solec Kujawski, and Rogowo are the largest parks of this type.

Bydgoszcz, Malbork, Grudzidz, Nowiny Wielkie, Koacianek, Sawutówko, and Wasilków all have smaller parks.

17. Miniatures Parks

Miniatures Parks

Miniature parks allow us to experience many well-known international and Polish attractions in a short amount of time.

They also allow visitors to marvel at masterfully crafted reconstructions of some of the world’s most iconic monuments.

The following is a list of the most fascinating locales of this type: Dream Park Miniatures and Dinosaur Park in Ochaby, Chemno Park with all Teutonic knights’ castles in Poland.

 Hajnówka Park of wooden architecture in the Podlasie region, Niechorze Park of Polish lighthouses (all miniatures of Polish lighthouses can also be seen in Sarbsk Park).

 Pobiedziska Park with monuments of Wielkopolska region and monuments connected with the creation of the Polish nation (over 100 miniature.

18. Leisure Centre “Fun City”

Leisure Centre "Fun City

A 2300 m2 entertainment center, divided into two levels, offers a variety of attractions: Bowling (12 lanes), billiards (12 tables), a music club, a dance floor with a capacity of 250 people.

Also, with a special sound system and lighting, a game room with over 40 simulators and arcade games, a closed VIP room, and a children’s playroom

19. The Centre of Active Recreation – Borek

The Centre of Active Recreation - Borek

The complex lies 10 kilometers from Bochnia, 45 kilometers from Krakow, and 35 kilometers from Tarnów.

It has a total size of 50 hectares and is divided into two halves. Riding stables, a complex of sports fields, a swimming pool, tennis courts. Also, a holiday center with 60 sleeping spaces, a regional restaurant, and fishing ponds are all located in the recreational-resting area.

 The second section features a paintball field with, in addition to wooden fortifications, a system of high obstacles, a climbing wall, and a grilling area.

The complex’s position, away from built-up areas and the noise of towns, makes it perfect for many types of active recreation. Borek Recreation Center is an excellent location for holding events.

20. Amusement Park Bajlando

Amusement Park Bajlando

Bajlando is a family amusement park where everyone can have a nice time. Bajlando is a family amusement park where everyone can have a nice time.

On June 1st, 2006, the Bajlando Amusement Park officially opened its doors.

 It has a mountain railway, water attractions, English gardens, and fairy tale woodland, all of which are not found in Poland.

Aside from that, it provides grilling, sports tournaments for families, children, and adults, children’s plays, face painting, and carriage rides.

The park has its own bar where you can get nibbles, cool drinks, and delicious ice cream.

21. The Water Park Tropikana

The water park Tropikana

The water park “Tropikana” provides excellent entertainment for children and their parents, as well as a lovely way to unwind after a long day at work.

The “Tropikana” Water Park features the following attractions: -a wave pool for recreational swimming (length: 15 meters, width: 12 meters, depth: up to 1, 6 meters).

A swimming pool for sports (length: 25 meters, width: 12 meters, depth: from 1,6 meters to 2,3 meters) -three pools with mud, magnesium, and calcium hydro massages to boost mood, blood circulation.

Also, relieve muscle and joint discomfort, and provide complete psychological and physical relaxation -water slide with two lanes -children’s paddling pool (depth: up to 40 meters), three saunas, two of which are dry and one of which is steam.

22. Experymentarium


Experymentarium , not only will you be able to see the world’s largest soap bubble, but you’ll also be able to take your first steps into the universe and make your own paper.

 Experiment, touch and think…along with your kids. Experymentarium seeks to introduce children to science through a variety of interactive and persuasive exhibitions.

Experymentarium is a science and technology interactive museum that caters to not just children but also teenagers and adults.

You may not only observe the world’s largest soap bubble but also take the first step into the universe by making your own paper.

23. Tropical Island

Tropical Island

Tropical Island is a park in Marklowice (over Wodzisawski) that offers recreation, sports, and entertainment. More than 100 different attractions were planned for people of various ages.

 The complex’s major attraction is a glass cone tropical island complete with artificial rocks, caverns, tunnels, palm trees, waterfalls, bridges, lianami, and climbing nets, among other things.

Light, sound, and water spectacles were planned in the caves of water. Individual, family, and group recreation are all met by the team. The entire complex is wheelchair accessible.

The planned team is made up of several structures, items, and functional zones.

 Indoor pool, sports, recreational swimming pool, observation tower, retail and service arcade, and bowling alley are among the structures.

24. Provincial Park of Culture and Leisure

Provincial Park of Culture and Leisure

A zoo, a planetarium, Rosarium, Amusement Park (amusement park), Ethnographic Park, swimming pool wave, tennis, cross skateboard, bicycle, and water sports center,

Also, the equestrian center, ropes course, paintball, and other attractions are located inside the 620-hectare park.

25. Figlo Park

Figlo Park

This is a special and unique location for a child’s motor skills and imagination to grow.  

 Figlo-Park is one of Poland’s larger play halls, with a 600 m2 surface area. One section has a desk with a cloakroom, a meeting room, and a restroom with a hairdryer.

The second section is a playroom with a separate area containing a cafe with 60 chairs. There are slot machines of the type flippers, simulators (races), and bujaczki on the same level.

The playground’s primary features include a three-band maze and transition structure, several meters of open slides, tube slides, ball pools, an air-leaping castle, massive foam blocks, and climbing ramps.

26. Summer Toboggan Run

Summer Toboggan Run

This destination is located in a wooded area The Stokosica toboggan runs is a summer toboggan run that was built and opened in 1997.

Back luges with a passenger on the launch site utilizing the ski lift on the track forced a total length of 230 meters downhill.

The toboggan run has nine hairpin curves with a 50-meter elevation gradient. Exit speed is limited to 30 km/hr and is regulated by rolling off with the brake on.

 The centrifugal brake was immediately activated. All the luges are doubles. An adult accompanies children under the age of eight and another unrestricted person can benefit from slides.

 Congress is absolutely safe, you must follow all driving and operating directions and commands to the letter.

27. A Fairy Tale Garden Owl of Kaletnik

A Fairy Tale Garden Owl of Kaletnik

Spending time in a fairytale setting among the homes of Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma, the Dwarfs, and the Witch will stimulate children’s imagination while also providing them with pleasure and joy.

Individual people with their children, as well as organized groups of school and kindergarten children, are invited to a Fairy Tale Garden “Owl.”

 Children will be able to dress up as fairy tale characters with the help of borrowed costumes. There’s also the option of photographing large illustrations from children’s books.

28. Aquapark “Nemo Water World,”

Aquapark "Nemo Water World"

In addition to the basis of gastronomic restaurants and bars, the water park complex in Haller Park offers various leisure pools, sports, and outdoor swimming pools, water slides, passageways, sauna, and salt cave.


Is Poland Safe to Visit in 2022?

Traveling in Poland is risk-free. It is attracting an increasing number of visitors each year, and its tourism industry has grown in general, particularly after joining the European Union in 2004.

Petty criminality, on the other hand, has surged as a result of the influx of tourists.

How do I Become a Citizen of Poland?

If you have Polish ancestry, you are already technically a Polish citizen and you can apply to have your citizenship verified or by providing your heritage and by satisfying other specific eligibility criteria from the Polish government.

Is Ukraine Safe to Visit in 2022?

As you may know, there is an invasion of Ukraine right now by Russia. No place in Ukraine is safe right now; Russian forces are attacking from Belarus, too.

How Much Time Does it Take to Get a Work Permit in Poland?

It takes around 10-12 weeks to secure a Work Permit in Poland.

How Much Would a Poland Trip Cost (From India)?

The quickest way to get from India to Poland is to fly which costs ₹25,000 – ₹55,000 and takes 10h 52m

In comparison to traditional theme park attractions and roller coasters, Poland’s amusement parks are very inventive, providing guests with novel experiences every time.

They portray a whole new universe, allowing you to forget about your everyday city existence and immerse yourself in a fantasy realm. Relive your childhood memories and rekindle your magical dreams with your family at these fantastic Polish theme parks.

If this was helpful, do well to share with your family and friends, and also, leave your opinions in the comment below. 

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