Transunion Credit Review: Everything You Should Know

If you’re worried about your credit rating or desire to improve it, you need a credit monitoring service that provides you with regular reports which is where this Transunion Credit Review helps. TransUnion credit monitoring is provided by Transunion, one of the three credit bureaus running in the United States. Let’s dive into the details!

Transunion Credit Review

Transunion Credit Review

TransUnion is a premium credit monitoring service that brings you unlimited access to your TransUnion credit score.

You will also receive notifications about significant changes to your credit history, including a change of address or the creation of a new account in your name.

With that, you can be sure that you’ll be able to act fast to prevent the progress of an identity theft attempt.

Pros and Cons of TransUnion Credit


  • Delivers access to the data of multiple credit bureaus.
  • TransUnion’s credit report.
  • Equifax’s credit report.
  • Assists with disputing errors on your credit report.
  • Will assist you to put a freeze on your credit report.
  • Supplies identity protection.


  • FICO Scores are unavailable.
  • No free credit monitoring.
  • No free trial is available.
  • Does not deliver access to all three national credit bureau reports.
  • Does not permit you to check your updated credit report anytime you want.

Features and Offers of TransUnion Credit

Transunion Credit Review

There are lots of free and paid credit monitoring programs available. As a result, you have a choice in credit monitoring features.

An overview of the features that TransUnion Credit Monitoring provides is provided here.

It features Credit Bureau ReportingEquifaxTransUnion
Also has Credit Monitoring FeaturesEquifax TransUnion
It carries Credit Report FrequencyAnytime
Identity ProtectionHas Identity Restoration Support
Contains Identity Theft Insurance
Carries out Identity Theft Monitoring

TransUnion Instant Alerts

Another service that TransUnion presents in its credit monitoring package is Instant Alerts. This service sends you an email every time someone requests your credit report.

This is an excellent attribute if you’re worried about identity theft. You can simply see if someone is trying to get a loan using your details and stop it early.

You can then take any required action to prevent the loan from being issued, such as keeping your credit report access restricted.

The major drawback of this product is that, like Credit Lock, it only applies to TransUnion credit reports. Luckily, most financial establishments get credit reports from multiple credit reporting agencies.

The chances are high that an Instant Alert will assist protect you against fraud and identity theft.


Benefits of TransUnion Credit Monitoring

TransUnion’s main credit monitoring assistance is on par with the offerings from both Experian and Equifax. It arrives with the basic features you need to start monitoring your credit score.

To differentiate itself from its competitors, TransUnion has introduced two safety features.

These extras add a supplementary layer of protection from identity theft, giving you unparalleled peace of mind.


How TransUnion Credit Compares to its Rivals

Transunion Credit Review

TransUnion and ClearScore

While your TransUnion score can be accessed through Checkmyfile, a premium subscription-based prototype in the UK, your TransUnion credit score can also be viewed for free through its third-party providers.

ClearScore is a credit reporting company, that advertises itself as a free option to services like Equifax and Experian by offering all of its credit reporting services for free.

Clearscore collates credit data from Equifax and Experian to deliver their services at no cost.

This clear advantage makes Clearscore a suitable alternative if you’re solely interested in checking your credit score.

However, it’s worth noting that Clearscore lacks some premium attributes available in Checkmyfile’s monthly subscription service, such as being able to review your credit score across multiple providers and more detailed monthly reports.

Depending on the value you place on these attributes, your choice between the two services may vary.

TransUnion and Experian

Experian is a premium credit scoring service that suggests an initial free trial and a monthly subscription model.

While both services offer similar features, Experian provides a slightly more user-friendly experience with its intuitive website and app navigation, making it uncomplicated to check your credit score.

However, Experian’s premium features come at a higher price, and certain features like online fraud protection are divided into separate packages, stacking up costs further.

TransUnion, on the other hand, delivers access to the features through Checkmyfile’s standard premium rate, potentially offering more value over Experian, depending on your specific needs.

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