8 Most-Acclaimed Practices Embraced by Veteran Digital Marketers to Attract More Traffic to Website

The challenge of ensuring a steady inflow of high-quality, ready-to-convert organic traffic to your website can be decisively solved if you adhere to proven best practices for engaging the attention of leads. These practices have been dwelt upon here.

Traffic to Website

Your brand is not the only entity in your niche segment. This pits you against scores of other rival brands competing to grab prospective customers’ attention for a limited piece of the market pie.

In such a challenging online ecosystem, ensuring a consistent inflow of qualified organic traffic to your website becomes a tough task.

Let this not dishearten you. You can embrace the best practices shared in this post to attract more traffic to website and a higher number of ready-to-convert leads easily.

Proven Practices to Increase Traffic to Website

If you have brought yourself to the edge of your seat with excitement to learn how you can give an exponential leap to the web traffic on your site, dive into the content below to take away actionable ideas.

1. Carry out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Diligently

You can increase the footfall of organic leads on your website by carrying out SEO rigorously. For this, do the following:

  • Conduct research into your ideal customers’ expectations, pain areas, objectives, etc.
  • Create personalized and customized web page content to address the issues that surfaced in your findings
  • Render your content relatable to the search intent of prospects
  • Carry out incisive analysis of long and short-tail keywords used by prospects for making search queries
  • Integrate targeted keywords in the title tag, headlines, metadata, header tags, and content
  • Go for long-tail keywords that experience less competition and help rank your site better
  • Publish guest posts on sites related to your niche and with Domain Authority (DA) for building quality backlinks and raising awareness about your brand

All this will bring in a higher volume of visitors to your website who are likely to spend more time exploring your site’s offerings. Which is a signal for Google bots that your website is offering relevant and valuable information to people.

Your site will be ranked higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) index, which will cause it to appear in opening result pages for all targeted keyword-related queries on the search engine, increasing traffic. 

2. Update the Obsolete Content on Your Website

You must conduct a periodic audit of the content published on your website to ensure it is relevant to the audience and is at par with the latest developments in your niche.

Repurpose your content to reflect the trends that are sweeping your industry. Include infographics, videos, and other interesting content elements to compel visitors to spend more time on your site.

Updated content will showcase the following:

  • Expertise in the niche sector and your sincere intent to uphold the customers’ interests
  • Authoritative presence as a brand that trails the blaze for others to follow suit
  • Trustworthiness to ensure that visitors come to your site for accurate and meaningful information

Google’s algorithms keep measuring every website’s indexing based on the aforementioned parameters. If you measure up to their expectations, your site’s SERP rank will improve. 

3. Create Relevant, Meaningful, and Engaging Content for Your Website

Create Relevant, Meaningful, and Engaging Content for Your Website

Content reigns supreme when it comes to attracting a greater volume of web traffic to your site.

Put yourself in the shoes of potential site visitors and think from their perspective as to what type and quality of content will keep you engaged on your site.

The content you create should be as follows:

  • Informational, which shows why your brand stands out and how you can address the visitors’ problems
  • Navigational, which will motivate and facilitate visitors to keep exploring different child web pages, products, and services and respond better to your call to action
  • Transactional, which shall offer complete insights into the product or service the lead intends to purchase

Your content must meet the expectations of site visitors by being

  • high-quality and informational,
  • trustworthy and authoritative,
  • actionable,
  • properly formatted for ease of navigation,
  • suitably infused with internal links for strategically improving user experience, and
  • leveraged with visual aids like videos or infographics.

Simple text filled with technical jargon shall distract the visitors and increase the site’s bounce rate. To avoid this, make good use of the following:

  • Different video types to explain common and complex things (it is recommended to have videos on your site’s landing page)
  • Infographics and multimedia-driven statistics to make important points clear
  • Well-crafted and personalized blog posts

It is important that you include a dedicated blog section on your website. Blogs have the potential to leapfrog your site’s ranking by 434%.

Post a minimum of 4 times every week, as this increases the traffic volume by 3.5x times.

Use any easy video editor to make visual snippets that can be introduced in the blog to make things clearer for the reader.

Tip: A good online video editor will help you create compelling visual content that can draw more traffic.

4. Leverage the Potential of Social Media

The number of active social media users is almost 4.74 billion. This makes social platforms a fertile landscape to divert a high volume of qualified traffic to your website.

To capitalize on the potential of social media, you need the following:

  • Brand pages or channels on all popular social platforms
  • Quality content, particularly videos and infographics, that is personalized to your targeted audience’s preferences and posted regularly
  • Engaging descriptions to compel users to fully check out your content and respond to calls to action
  • Suitable hashtags to increase your content’s outreach before prospective customers
  • Strategies to engage users (share user-generated content, respond to comments, post polls or quizzes, run offers and contests, interact via live stream videos, etc.)
  • Influencers from your niche who can endorse your posts

As your brand’s social media popularity grows, more visitors will land on your website to check out your offerings.

5. Engage in Email Marketing

Your web traffic will get a boost if you send personalized newsletters to targeted leads. To ensure that prospects open your emails and go through the content, do the following:

  • Craft a compelling subject line and engaging body matter
  • Personalize the content with the reader’s name and his problem statement
  • Spice up content with videos and visually seductive material
  • Provide a link to help readers jump to your website to explore more
  • Send reminders about abandoned carts or info about new offers, discounts, etc.

6. Share Free Resources

You can request the site visitor to register and become eligible for attractive coupons, learning materials, free eBooks, discounts on future purchases, membership to the elite club, etc.

These enticements will increase your subscriptions and drive in more traffic as soon the word spreads like wildfire that attractive goodies are up for grabs at your site.

Contact News Publishers

7. Contact News Publishers

You can get in touch with news reporters or journalists to showcase your expertise in the niche segment.

If the reporters are convinced of your dominance in a particular area, they are more likely to quote your brand and website when writing articles for publication in reputed journals, newspapers, etc.

This shall increase the volume of qualified organic traffic to your site.

8. Use Paid Ads to Attract More Traffic to Website

PPC (Pay-per-click) and paid ads on social media can put your website before a larger volume of relevant prospects willing to convert.

It has been projected that paid digital advertising will surpass $876 billion by 2026. This speaks volumes about the potential of subscribing to paid advertisements online for nurturing ready-to-convert leads.


The best practices shared above will definitely help attract more traffic to your website. You need to strategically execute the ideas by adapting them to your unique conditions.

As your site establishes itself as a domain authority, nothing can stop it from getting more traffic to website, and also overwhelming amount of organic traffic.

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