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What’s the Real Cost to Open a TopGolf Franchise? Worth it?

Do you intend to purchase a Topgolf franchise and launch a mini golf resort business? If so, I listed the price and requirements for starting a Topgolf franchise in this article. I’ll be explaining what it takes to start a top gold franchise.

What’s the Real Cost to Open a Topgolf Franchise? Worth it?

This creative venture features a charming crew, amicable rivalry, and interesting entertainment. A vibrant location that provides incredible entertainment value for the whole family, mouthwatering culinary options, and guarantees a ton of fun for both visitors and staff.

What is the TopGolf?

TopGolf is a business that combines socializing and sports with technology to provide golfing services. 

The climate-controlled bays where you tee off and aim for outfield targets are the focal point of the TopGolf experience. 

There is also entertainment, food, and drink available. They also provide event catering packages that are ideal for fundraisers, business gatherings, and birthday parties.

Top golf franchise is a business strategy whereby lovers of the game go to an official site to hone their swings and compete with friends using actual golf equipment on a TopGolf-designed practice range. 

This is the spot for you if you want a premium experience that will let you play with others. TopGolf may not be the best option if your aim is to practice and improve your skills because their main priority is to amuse players rather than instruct them.

How Much Does a TopGolf Franchise Cost?

To open a Top golf franchise and entertainment bar, you’ll need to invest a minimum of $18 million and, in extreme situations, up to $50 million.

You read correctly. One of the priciest franchise opportunities available is this one.

You might earn a sizable annual income. Some Top golf franchise owners made more than $21 million a year from just one facility.

Top golf is interested in expanding in the US, Canada, the UAE, and perhaps Mexico, and has the potential for both domestic and international expansion.

If the staggering financial requirements don’t deter you, this book will look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Top golf franchise opportunity and explain how to bring this entertainment complex to your neighborhood.

What is Top Gold Franchising?

Currently, TopGolf owns and runs its locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, franchised locations exist in Australia, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates, and franchise growth plans exist for central Europe and Asia.

You must submit the Topgolf International franchisee inquiry form in order to open an overseas business.

After reviewing it, the Top golf franchise International team will decide whether you satisfy their business requirements. 

If you match the criteria, a member of the business development team will get in touch with you. In the areas of development, operations, business intelligence, marketing, training, construction, culinary arts, and technology, TopGolf helps foreign franchisees.

What’s the Real Cost to Open a Topgolf Franchise? Worth it?

Why Open a Franchise of TopGolf?

A ready-made business is always simpler to launch. Starting a business from scratch requires a lot of work, time, money, and effort if you want to be successful.

By paying a franchise fee, you can get comprehensive guidance and help on how to develop a clientele of devoted clients. You have the benefit of belonging to a franchise network with a well-known brand.

The various reasons you must open a top gold franchise include:

1. TopGolf business is already well known. For brand awareness, you won’t have to exert much effort.

2. Using a well-known franchise like TopGolf will make it simple to secure funding for your project. It won’t be difficult to provide a business strategy either.

3. A franchise typically already has strong working connections with suppliers and distributors. TopGolf is not any different, and you may benefit from these right away.

4. You and your management team will receive complete training from the franchisor for all of your Associates. 

5. The Top golf franchise fee is frequently covered by purchasing a franchise and offers important financial advantages. You’ll already be aware of the equipment to lease and the different stock items to gain. 

A Guide to Getting a TopGolf Franchise

The steps below must be followed if you are okay with the requirements and costs associated with getting this top gold franchise;

1. Fill out the online store opening application. Your name, address, city, and state must be included. A phone number and email address are required. Then decide how much money you will need to invest.

2. A confirmation email that they have received your application and is being considered should be expected. If they approve you for the location, you will learn in this email. It will cover the finance in more detail. 

A time slot for an associate to call you and continue the conversation will be requested from you.

3. When you call, be sure to have your financial documents prepared. You’ll learn if you have enough cash to start the business or if you’ll require funding. You can use the website to apply for an SBA-pre-qualified loan if you need help with financing.

4. Take note that after you meet the standards, approval is expected to happen quickly. You ought to already have a structure with all the connections. Following your approval, the company will begin delivering furnishings and stock to your building.

Before your store opens, you will be required to attend a session at the corporate office.

Some Important Information About the TopGolf Franchise

1. Micro-chipped Balls and an Outfield

Imagine striking your golf ball and seeing your shot’s statistics appear instantly. The cleverness of the Top golf franchise hinges on the use of unique golf balls with embedded microchips

Then, using real clubs that the entire family is welcome to borrow, the players take shots onto an outfield. 

What’s the Real Cost to Open a Topgolf Franchise? Worth it?

Players of all skill levels will love the positive environment and feedback on every shot, which is highly addictive and enjoyable. Suitable for everyone, targets range from 215 yards to 20 yards.

2. 18 Million Dollars to Build

The typical Top golf franchise facility is 65,000 square feet and three stories high. Over 1250 people can unwind and enjoy themselves at once. 

This place offers opportunities for one-time drop-ins or monthly membership payments. For Junior Members, there are unique discounts available. 

Because of the innovative machinery, lavish real estate, and magnificent amenities, these sites are sprouting up with fantastic income reports and respectable expansion.

3. Concentrating on Fun

Locations for TopGolf have transformed the game by lowering the bar for seriousness. To have fun and take pleasure in a lively atmosphere, you don’t have to be a terrific golfer. 

While you work on your swing and improve your game, delicious appetizers, cool beverages, and some entertaining music create a delightful ambiance. 

You can stay focused and enter the zone because “caddies,” or servers, continuously provide food and beverages.

4. Membership Cards

Players never have to worry about remembering their prior scores because they are all stored on their membership cards. Use your card at any Top golf franchise location to load games onto it. 

What’s the Real Cost to Open a Topgolf Franchise? Worth it?
The venue slated to open in Oberhausen, Germany will be a multi-story venue similar to this Top golf design in the U.S.

Please take note game credits cannot be reimbursed after it has loaded onto the card.

5. Say Goodbye to the Dress Code and the Five-hour Games

Even while many golfers desire to swing their clubs, a typical driving range can be discouraging. It’s scary to queue up behind seasoned golfers while you wait for your tee time. 

Fortunately, TopGolf provides a rooftop deck with fire pits and a luxurious lounge facility to keep you entertained. There is no official dress code. 

Along with, of course, improving your game, having fun, and interacting with others are essential.

6. Hitting Bays with Climate Control

Locations for the Top golf franchise provide enjoyment all year long. Never experience cold hands, bothersome wind or rain, or difficulty seeing your ball in the sun. 

Make use of your membership every day and stop by after work or school. Choose a venue that provides great service and a memorable time for your upcoming corporate event, birthday celebration, or team-building activity.

7. Factors of Entertainment

If you’ve ever questioned how near or how far you actually hit the ball, fear not. Every golfer has asked these exact questions, and it was the dearth of information that gave rise to the TopGolf idea. 

With over 90% of customers returning for a second visit, the Top golf franchise has mastered the game’s strategy and excitement while making it available to all players.

What’s the Real Cost to Open a Topgolf Franchise? Worth it?

How Much Money Does TopGolf make?

A Top golf franchise facility may generate about $21.5 million in revenue annually, according to The Making of a Millionaire. Sales of food, beverages, and alcoholic beverages are thought to account for 50% of firm revenue. 

The remaining 50% of income is generated by renting out bays to visitors for $30 to $50 per hour.

Challenges Facing a TopGolf Franchise

You should expect obstacles if your company operates internationally of which the top gold franchise isn’t exceptional.

1. For Amateur Players Only

You may assume that a golf-specific facility would be appropriate for professional players. It isn’t. This Reddit user claims that going to TopGolf to practice can be rather “useless” because of the small range.

It’s still a wonderful spot for having fun and hanging out with friends. But this might not be the best location to invest your time if you’re looking to improve your abilities and turn into a professional golfer. 

Top golf franchise is more like an amusement park geared toward people who aren’t serious golfers.

2. Expensive

The same Reddit poster said that TopGolf is basically a pricey hangout spot. It can be pretty pricey, even if you split the expense with your buddies. 

Even the food comes with a premium price tag of more than $10 for each menu item. Asian sesame wings, flatbread pizza, and donut holes are all on the menu.

Top golf franchise is the next development in making golf a family-friendly game that captures the player’s imagination from the beginning to the end and compels them to play again and again. 

With your own Top golf franchise, you as an entrepreneur can join in on the joy and addiction that is this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

A TopGolf owner typically makes around $58,000 per year in income.

To open a TopGolf and entertainment bar, you’ll need to invest a minimum of $18 million and, in extreme situations, up to $50 million. 

The average annual salary for the Top Golf job category in California as of Sep 27, 2022, is $43,741.

Yes, it is.

To have enough area to construct a TopGolf facility, you would need at least 60 thousand square feet of property, which is equivalent to over 13 acres.

Customers at Top golf are primarily young adults (18–34) who are drawn to the unusual nexus of golf and entertainment.

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