Top Features of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Review 2023

Ideally, with the new Rainbow vacuum cleaners, ditching the age-old dustpan and broom combination will end all your housekeeping problems and leave your surfaces squeaky and clean every time. 

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

With its water filtration and a HEPA neutralizer filtration system combo, Rexair LLC’s Rainbow Cleaning System vents itself as the end of all your home cleaning problems.

 It promises to completely rid your floors and surfaces of dust and dirt.

This in turn leaves your home crispy clean and the air fresh and allergens-free without a kickback of fine particles.

However, this article dives deep into the Rainbow cleaning system detailing its features and how it works.

Pros and Cons of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner


  • No bags (environmental-friendly)
  • HEPA filter is dope
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Consistently power suction
  • Caster wheels improve maneuverability


  • The Heft is real
  • Crazy expensive

Features of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Water Filtration System and HEPA Neutralizer Filtration

The Rainbow Cleaning System, like other conventional vacuum cleaners, uses a two-stage filtration system.

The regular vacuum cleaning machine comes with two hard filters (made from fiber, foam, paper, or cloth).

Usually, the first filter is coarser to reduce the chance of clogging, while the second filter is cleaner so it collects as much debris from the incoming air as possible.

Rainbow vacuum cleaners however replace both filters with a single water canister operated by a stepped-induction motor.

One superior quality of the water filtration system is that it catches considerably more dirt and keeps them captured.

Getting dirt, dust, hair, and other minute particles wet is probably the most efficient ways to keep them from flying about the cleaner and the disposal bag, eventually getting released into your home air.

rainbow’s second filter is a HEPA filter that collects water-insoluble debris particles such as masonry glass, drywall bits, and tiny metallic particles.

The central vortex of water is already successful in holding much of the dirt out.

Additionally, using a water filter gets rid of the infamous clogged filter problem shared by most dry-filter vacuum cleaners.

Never again do you have to google “how to clean *insert brand name* clogged filter.”

Toss out the bad water, rinse out the container, and you are ready for another round of vacuuming.

Power Brush

At the underside of the cleaning, nozzle sits the main power brush. The power brush is designed to work with a large of styles of floors.

A switch on the cleaning nozzle helps you to adjust the brush height to match the floor.

A higher height setting is perfect for cleaning thick carpeting. The taller brush protects the structure of your carpet.

 A low brush, on the other hand, is excellent for harder surfaces like tiles, bare hardwood, and carpet baseboards.

Powerful Hurricane Motor

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are powered by a 1.5 horsepower motor to ensure strong enough torque and suction to tackle your toughest cleaning jobs.

Dubbed “the hurricane motor” by Rexair, this 12-amp motor moves up to 80 cubic feet of air per minute, making it one of the most powerful on the vacuum cleaner market right now.

Their vacuums are powered by “switched-reluctance technology,” which is just super-geek-speak, according to the Rexair website. This is because it uses power more efficiently than most.

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Caster Wheels and Reinforced Dolly

All Rainbow vacuum cleaners come with 360-degree swiveling dolly and caster wheels. This flexibility allows you to quickly move the vacuum cleaner and have your cleaning done in minutes.

Additionally, the dolly sports a sizeable rubber bumper that goes around all sides.

This bumper eases the force of impact with people and also household items and reduces the possibility of the vacuum cleaner damaging your furniture or drywall.

LED Headlights

The primary vacuum cleaner (and a few of its attachments) come preinstalled with LED headlights that point in the plane of motion of the machine.

Additionally, the lighting illuminates the cleaning path ahead and ensures you never miss a dust spot.

Attachments and Accessories

Rainbow vacuums come with different fittings for greater flexibility. These accessories ease stair-cleaning, upholstery.

And other nooks and crannies that would be difficult to properly clean with only the vacuum cleaner.

The RainbowMate attachment is a small-sized accessory that extends your vacuum cleaner’s reach.

It’s excellent for limited-access areas like carpet stairways, Upholster furniture and mattresses. The RainbowMate also has an inbuilt motor.

Top Models of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

  • D3 Rainbow vacuum cleaner (64 cubic feet of air per minute)
  • D4 Rainbow vacuum cleaner (72 cubic feet of air per minute)
  • SE Rainbow vacuum cleaner (72 cubic feet of air per minute)
  • SE PE (performance edition) Rainbow (72 cubic feet of air per minute)
  • E2 series Rainbow vacuum cleaner (80 cubic feet of air per minute)
  • E2 Gold 2-speed Rainbow (80 cubic feet of air per minute)
  • And also E2 Black 2-Speed Rainbow (80 cubic feet of air per minute)


If you are in the market for a reliable vacuum cleaner, consider the durability of the Rainbows. However, whichever version you pick, you are almost guaranteed to get excellent service and pristine floors for a long time.

A large percentage of Rainbow users have had their vacuum cleaners for multiple decades.

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