Top 30+ List of Beauty Brands Companies in the US and Their Locations

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There are a lot of beauty brands out there, but figuring out which ones are best for you and your personality type can be difficult because most of them aren’t registered to operate. 

Beauty Brands

We’ll talk about the world’s most well-known brand manufacturers in beauty.

What to Know About Beauty Brands

Cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care items are examples of beauty brands that are frequently used by celebrities, fashion models, and others that require a unique look for their faces, skins, and hair.

Attributes of a wonderful Beauty Brand

A decent beauty product must function well.

Consumers may be enticed to test your product once and promote it on social media because of attractive packaging or a catchy name, but you can’t get them to rave about a bad brand – or buy it again.

We like to assume that when we buy from a brand, we’re making an informed selection, especially with something as personal as beauty goods.

However, it turns out that 182 beauty enterprises are grouped under the umbrellas of seven major corporations.


Top 30 Beauty Brands in the US

There are many great beauty brand manufacturers around the world, and we’ll be looking at the top 30 this year, which may or may not be the same names as in previous years’ lists.

beauty brands

Many people’s positions have moved, and their plans have been revised in order to reclaim their success in the future.

Good luck with your reading!

1. Unilever

Because of reasons such as a reduction in developed markets because of European deflation, Unilever’s net sales increased by 2% in 2019, falling short of the 3-5 percent forecast.

Overall, developing markets delivered a brilliant performance, resulting in underlying sales growth of 5.3 percent.

The company’s Beauty & Personal Care division climbed 6% to $24.5 billion, powered by double-digit growth from its Prestige unit, which saw Dermalogica, Hourglass, and Living Proof perform well.

Garancia, a French derma-cosmetics brand, and Tatcha, a modern skincare brand founded in traditional Kyoto rituals, were added to the company’s Prestige portfolio, giving it more range and depth.

2. L’oréal

French company L’Oreal manufactures and markets a wide range of skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products through mass market, partnered, professional, spa, and travel retail outlets globally.

Performances by geographic zone were mixed. The New Market posted their strongest growth in over 10 years.

The Asia Pacific became the Group’s No. 1 zone, with impressive annual results in China, but also good growth in South Korea, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Eastern Europe maintained its strong growth rate, and Western Europe returned to growth last year. North America was affected by a poor performance in makeup.

3. The Estée Lauder Companies 

It was a sad announcement for The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) when they revealed their financial results for the year ending June 2020, although the world’s leader in prestige beauty had exhibited consistent year-over-year growth.

The prestige cosmetics leader’s historic increase in online sales because of Covid-19 offset a drop in brick-and-mortar retail, which saw most stores close in March because of the virus.

The beauty behemoth plans to close up to 15% of its freestanding stores internationally.

It also intends to slash around 3% of its global workforce, or 2,000 jobs (mainly point-of-sale clerks and related support staff), and quit select department stores, all hoping to save $300-$400 million per year.

4. Gillette

Gillette manufactures and markets blades, razors, shave gel and foam, skincare, deodorant, body wash, after-shave creams, and hair epilators products.

5. Procter & Gamble 

Manufacturer of personal care goods for consumers.

Laundry and cleaning materials, beauty and health supplies, food and beverage products, and paper products are all available.

Diversification paid off big for Procter & Gamble, which has several of the world’s most well-known beauty brands—Olay, Pantene,, and Head & Shoulders—as well as a variety of basics like deodorants and cleaning goods.

6. Markwins

Markwins offers beauty products for women and girls around the world and has done so for over 25 years.

The company was one pioneer in the success of the cosmetic compact in the U.S.

It has a manufacturing facility in China too.

7. GAR Labs

GAR Labs is a hair and skincare produced in Southern California.

The FDA registered company has onsite chemists and technicians to customize products, but also offers a range of prototype formulas.

8. Vigon International

Vigon International is a custom manufacturer with over 2,000 different products in its portfolio. The company uses ingredients for scent, cosmetics, flavor, and aromatherapy.

Vigon is certified to FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, and ISO 9001.

9. Libby Labs

Libby Labs plans and manufactures custom and private label skin, face, body, and hair care and pet care, topical OTC topical, and other products.

The FDA registered company has over 50 years of experience and has developed over 20,000 different formulas.

10. Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf has dedicated itself to meeting its consumers’ individual needs and is considered to be the inventors of modern skincare.


11. Nivea

Nivea is a skin and body care company based in Germany.

beauty brands

Beiersdorf Global AG, based in Hamburg, owns the company. They make and sell products for the skin, sun, lips, and deodorant.

Paul Carl Beiersdorf launched the company on March 28, 1882. It was sold to Oscar in 1890.

NIVEA Creme, the world’s first stable oil-and-water-based cream, revolutionized skincare when it was introduced in 1911.

12. Eucerin

Eucerin sets its own standards in terms of modern skin care solutions.

It is a globally leading skincare and beauty brand that offers a wide range of highly effective products.

Amazingly, they satisfy all skincare based on the very latest dermatological standards.

13. Estée Lauder

This brand is the world’s leading prestige beauty brand, delighting customers with transformative products and experiences that encourage them to express their unique beauty.

With a diversified portfolio of 25+ products marketed in roughly 150 countries and territories, they are also the only firm devoted completely to prestige makeup, skincare, fragrance, and hair care.

As they continue the daring work of their pleasant founder, Estée Lauder, a love for creativity and invention, as well as a desire to push the boundaries and invent the unexpected, is infused throughout their organization.

14. Dove

Dove manufactures and markets soap, facial cleansers, deodorants, and hair care products. 

UK-based Dove (a subsidiary of Unilever PLC) products manufactures and markets soap, facial cleansers, deodorants, and hair care products through mass-market retailers globally.

15. Garnier

American-based Garnier (a subsidiary of L’Oreal) manufactures and markets skin and hair care products through mass-market retailers globally. 

16. Armani Beauty

This international fashion house is also a key player in the luxury beauty scene and has been ever since its first launch in 2000.

The makeup takes a cue from the fashion, with the same timeless, classic vibe, not to mention incredibly high-performing formulas.

And yes, ICYW, Mr. Armani himself is in fact very involved.

17. Hourglass

Around since 2004, Hourglass has been a cruelty-free brand from the very beginning, long before it was the “it” thing to do.

Surprisingly, they even go one step further, donating a part of their profits to an organization seeking to secure basic rights for animals.

They also have a long list of celeb—and beauty editor—fans, and repeatedly come out with luxurious, high-performing products across every category.

It’s not surprising that new launches often sell out, sometimes in as quickly as 24 hours.

Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick is an easy-to-use complexion perfector that holds a permanent spot in our makeup routine, no matter how many other foundations we try. 


18. Fenty Beauty

We now think of Rihanna as a mega beauty boss, perhaps even more so than as a music superstar.

She launched Fenty Beauty back in 2017, inspired by the lack of shade inclusivity in the industry.

Not surprisingly, complexion products are a mainstay for this brand and are available in a wide range of colors; the foundation made headlines when it debuted with 40 different shades.

Her most recent product, Fenty Skin, is also excellent.

Despite having complete coverage and a matte finish, it feels wonderfully lightweight and silky on the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and imperfections and leaving your complexion beautiful.

Interestingly, this product is mostly used by top personalities and it is one of the best beauty brands.

19. Pat McGrath Labs

This product (Pat McGrath) is a legend, arguably one of the most prolific makeup artists of all time.

She was a regular at fashion events all around the world and collaborated with several brands before launching her eponymous line in 2015.

This is a brand for girls who adore makeup and want to achieve McGrath’s edgy, editorial appearance, think holographic shadows, and gilded lips.

McGrath is well-known for transforming ordinary skin into a glossy, glowy masterpiece, and you can do the same with her Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo.

However, the stick features a translucent, ultra-creamy balm on one end and a sparkly, equally creamy highlight hue on the other.

You can as well combine the two for maximum dewy beauty, or use them separately.

20. Kosas

The brand focuses on quick, easy, and uncomplicated beauty; its products have skin-loving ingredients. 

Moreover, it also blurs the line between skincare and cosmetics in hybrid formulas that are ideal for individuals who prefer to keep their routine simple and streamlined.

Indeed, the products have unique, comforting textures, such as a tinted face oil and liquid shadow, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

They are a clean brand, have banned over 2700 ingredients.

Kosa is another best and one of the cheapest beauty brands you can buy.

21. Exa by Credo Beauty

This newcomer made important beauty news as the first private line offered by Credo, the undeniable leader in the clean beauty business.

As a result, everything is free of over 2700 chemicals, and great emphasis is placed on environmentally responsible packaging.

While there are only two goods available right now (more will be available soon), it’s so amazing that we believed this little but powerful brand deserved a spot on this list.

With medium-to-full coverage, it’s ideal for controlling shine while still being moisturizing and leaving skin dewy and fresh.

It’s available in an amazing 43 hues, each with a different undertone, so you’re almost certain to find the ideal match.

22. Charlotte Tilbury

British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is a red carpet staple, known for the glamorous, feminine looks she creates for her A-list clientele.

She launched her eponymous line in 2012 as a way for actual women everywhere to have access to that same type of glamor.

The packaging is chic, for sure, but the formulas never disappoint, with each launch getting us more excited than the last.

Consider Matte Revolution Lipstick your desert island lipstick.

A truly perfect pinky-nude, the formula is matte but never looks flat, and is anything but drying, thanks to the vitamin E and hydrating oils in the mix.

It’s no surprise it’s the best-selling prestige lipstick in the country.

23. Urban Decay

Urban Decay was an anomaly when it first hit the market back in 1996. Bold and unapologetically brash, it was the complete opposite of the many more demure, feminine makeup lines.

That edgy vibe remains at the heart of the brand today (their tagline is “beauty with an edge”), as is a focus on innovative formulas and statement-making colors and textures. 

Naked Heat Palette boasts a dozen warm-toned neutrals, ranging from the requisite peach and copper hues to unexpected reds and even plums, in a variety of different finishes.

This product is one of the perfect beauty brands mostly used by celebrities worldwide.

24. NYX Professional Makeup

As a general rule, professional makeup artists load their kits with higher-end, luxury lines; this drugstore brand is an exception. It makes sense, given that this business is founded on pro-level formulas, colors, and products, all of which are plentiful.

There is a seemingly endless assortment of alternatives across all categories, as well as vast color selections.

Not to mention the reasonable prices, which are a gift for individuals who enjoy experimenting with makeup. Over 10 million Butter Gloss’ have been sold since launch, with one sold every 15 seconds. 

25. Uoma Beauty

Uoma means “beautiful,” and this brand aims to produce items that allow you to enjoy your natural beauty as the greatest form of self-expression.

Founded by a Nigerian-born former beauty executive, there is also a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, as evidenced by the vast color options (think a foundation that comes in a whopping 51 hues).

While the complexion products are notable, Team Byrdie is fond of their eyeshadow palettes, notably the Black Magic Carnival Color Palette.

The brilliant hues evoke the enthusiasm of Carnival while remaining perfectly wearable for every day, with ten shades in a combination of matte, sparkly, and metallic finishes.

Being one of the beauty brands, get used to this product and you will be grad you did.

26. Tower 28

This Cali-based brand (fun fact, it’s named after a lifeguard tower in Santa Monica) brings that sunny, West Coast vibe to all of their products with fun colors and formulas.

Not only is Tower 28 a great clean option, but it’s also a choice for those with sensitive skin; the founder created the line when she couldn’t find products that worked for her own irritation-prone skin.

Multi-tasking for the win. Dab BeachPlease Tinted Lip + Cheek Balm onto lips, cheeks, or lids, the perfect on-the-go product.

The clean, silicone-free formula is also plenty hydrating, and all three of the colors are gorgeous and flattering.

It goes on sheer, though is easily buildable if you’re looking for a bit more pop.


27. Ilia Beauty

One of the first brands to really put clean beauty on the map, ingredients take the utmost priority for this brand—both the ones they use and the ones they don’t.

Beauty brands

Most of their line-up contains high amounts of skincare ingredients, truly straddling the makeup-skincare line, and they also emphasize sustainable packaging.

The best foundation, according to Byrdie.

We love Super Skin Tint SPF 40 not only for its sheer coverage and glowy appearance but also for providing your daily dose of SPF.

An SPF of 40, to be exact, which is quite impressive given how lightweight this skincare-makeup hybrid is.

Bonus points for the dropper applicator, which makes getting the ideal amount simple (top tip: a little goes a long way).

28. Iman Cosmetics

When it comes to shade inclusivity, the makeup industry has come a long way (though there is certainly still more work to be done).

But that was far from the situation when supermodel Iman launched her eponymous label in 1994.

Tired of having to bring her own foundation to photoshoots, she founded the company intending to provide a wide range of hue options for ladies with darker skin.

Iman Cosmetics has a lot of amazing foundations, concealers, and powders, but our favorite is the Luxury Concealing Foundation.

Along with the lovely hue selections for a variety of deeper complexions, the product itself is outstanding.

This is one of the amazing beauty brands you can’t afford to miss.

29. Bobbi Brown

An oldie but goodie, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner checks all of our eyeliner criteria boxes.

Easy to use? Yep.

Richly pigmented?

Indeed. Long-lasting? You bet (we’re talking eight hours of wear time and waterproof, sweat-resistant, humidity-resistant formula). 

30. Glossier

Theirs is a beauty brand success story for the ages.

Once an online-only, indie brand, Glossier had a meteoric rise, now one of the most recognizable, cool-girl brands out there.

What started as a makeup line quickly expanded to skincare, body, and even fragrance offerings—who knows what’s next for this juggernaut.

It also offers the perfect amount of pigment (it comes in four shades, as well as a clear variant) for groomed brows that still look totally natural. 

Glossier is one of the best beauty brands available in all online stores and shops near you.


Beauty Brands Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are Some Brands of Makeup that You Use?

  1. Chanel. Let’s start with a makeup brand you’ve probably heard of, and even if you haven’t, Chanel’s cosmetics are incredible.
  2. Estee Lauder.
  3. Dior.
  4. L’oreal.
  5. Armani Beauty.
  6. Clarins.
  7. Lancome.
  8. Maybelline New York.

Q2. How Many Makeup Brands are There Worldwide?

The beauty industry has hundreds of brands. Seven conglomerates own 182 of those brands. They employ thousands and make billions of dollars each year.

Q3. What are the Top Selling Brands in Women’s Cosmetics?

L’Oréal is ranked first, followed by Gillette, Nivea, Guerlain, and Estée Lauder in the top five. Following them are Pantene, Dove, Clinique, Garnier, and Head & Shoulders, who complete out of the top ten.

Q4. What Are Some Cheap Cosmetic Brands?

  1. E.l.f. E.l.f. stands for “eyes, lips, and face,” meaning you can find almost any beauty product for less.
  2. Nyx.
  3. BH Cosmetics.
  4. L’Oréal.
  5. SHANY Cosmetics.
  6. Milani.
  7. Flower Beauty.
  8. ColourPop.

Q5. What Beauty Product Companies are Based in San Francisco?

  1. Ayla Beauty.
  2. Benefit Cosmetics.
  3. Beautylish.
  4. Biossance.
  5. Blushup.
  6. Credo Beauty.
  7. Earth Tu Face.
  8. e.l.f. Cosmetics.

More Beauty Brands FAQs

Q6. What Are Your Favourite Cosmetics and Why?

  1. Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Powder Foundation.
  2. DHC Velvet Skin Coat Primer.
  3. Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick.
  4. e.l.f. Kabuki Face Brush.
  5. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner.
  6. Benefit They’re Real!
  7. Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Mascara.

Q7. What Brands Are Prestigious at ULTA?

The prestige brands available at Ulta Beauty at Target include, but are not limited to, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Ariana Grande, bareMinerals, Bumble and bumble, Clinique, Drybar, IT Cosmetics, Jack Black, Juvia’s Place, MAC Cosmetics, Madison Reed, Morphe, PATTERN, Philosophy, and Smashbox.

Q8. What Are The Best All-organic Makeup Brands?

  1. W3ll People.
  2. 100% Pure.
  3. Kosas.
  4. Bite Beauty.
  5. P/Y/T Beauty.
  6. Lawless.
  7. Tower28. Natural and organic: Clean; natural ingredients with some safe synthetics to increase performance.
  8. Juice Beauty. Natural and Organic: Yes.

Q9. Where Can I Find New Beauty Brands Online?

  1. Save. is a premium online shopping site, which aims to fulfill all your shopping needs.
  2. Save. Slassy is an India-based fashion and beauty store available only online.
  3. Save.
  4. Save.
  5. Save.

Q10. What Are Some Of The Best-recommended Makeup Products?

  1. 1/18. Best Foundation: Giorgio Armani Beauty Neo Nude Foundation. Foundation has always been my desert-island product.
  2. 2/18. Best Tinted Moisturizer: Urban Decay Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator. …
  3. 3/18. Best Concealer: Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer.

Q11. Makeup (cosmetics): Where Do I Get Mid Range Beauty Products?

You can get a mid-range beauty products at Ulta. Ulta has both high end and low end brands. They also frequently run 20% off your purchase sales.

Also, another place to find different products at a steal is from Nordstrom Rack.

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