How to Throw a Graduation Party on a Budget 2021

Throwing a graduation party on a budget is feasible. However, here are some helpful tips to help you throw a fantastic graduation party on a budget.

How to Throw a Graduation Party on a Budget 2020

There is no need for graduation parties on a budget to be cheap. Actually, celebrating a hard-earned diploma or degree without investing too much is very easy.

These quick-and-easy graduation party planning steps ensure that your big party doesn’t fall flat. We’ll cover:

  • Create a Budget
  • Consider a Joint Party
  • Use Your Home as the Venue
  • DIY
  • Consider the Date
  • Get Creative With Food
  • Keep it Simple

1. Create a Budget

Building a budget is the first step to saving money on everything you do. Decide how much you are prepared to spend on the whole conference. Find out how many visitors you think you’re going to meet and go from there.

If you have worked out the number, go about breaking it into categories such as food, decorations, and entertainment.

Decide which categories are most important to you and which ones you can afford to spend a little less on. Try using a budget sheet to keep track of your numbers and to refer back to them regularly.

2. Consider a Joint Party

Even if you throw a smaller gathering, if you want to buy food, decorations, and entertainment, you’re bound to spend a decent amount whenever you have to.

By opting instead for a joint party, one surefire way to save on your graduation party is.

Have your student pick up a friend or two to share their group with whom they are graduating. You’ll save on everything from venue to rentals to decorations because everything will be divided in half, thirds, or even more.

You’ll even likely save on food since the graduates are bound to have similar friends.

Moreover, since it can be difficult when you’re graduating to make it to all of your friends’ parties, your graduate will probably think this is even better since they’ll get to see and hang out with their friends.

3. Use Your Home as the Venue

While it can be fun and exciting to host a party at your favorite restaurant, country club, or banquet hall, renting out a venue can add a hefty amount to your budget.

Furthermore, many venues can be picky about what type of food you serve, which can also rack up the costs.

Instead of going this route, you might want to consider hosting the party in your home or backyard. That way you can tailor the party to your liking and budget any way you choose.

Of course, if using your home isn’t an option, some inexpensive spots might be a local church or park.

4. DIY

Between decorations and invitations, the price of a graduation party can rack up quickly. Instead of spending the majority of your budget by purchasing all of these items, why not do the do-it-yourself route?

Recruit some of your family to help with decorations; you’re bound to know a few people who are really great at crafts, and thanks to Pinterest there is no end to how-tos on homemade décor.

Moreover, your invites don’t have to equate to wedding invitations. Use sites like Shutterfly or evite to make your own online invites out to guests. Cards are great, but you can still use a personal touch on evites without the cost.

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5. Consider the Date

Another great way to save money is to host your party on a day that’s a little less obvious and busy. Most people tend to have their graduation party the day of, which is usually a Saturday.

Unfortunately, since that day tends to be packed, you’ll likely find any rentals or services at a higher price. If you can, consider having your party on a different day, say Sunday or even Thursday or Friday.

You might not see quite the turnout of guests that you would on the weekend, but you might receive a discount.

6. Get Creative With Food

Catering is great, but there’s nothing quite like the taste or price of home cooking. While having a catered meal or appetizers might seem like the best way to go, it’s bound to eat up a big portion of your budget.

Opt to cook the food yourself instead. Look for simple dishes with inexpensive ingredients.

It doesn’t matter how fancy you get, sometimes simpler is better when it comes to food, and as long as you present it in a fun way, no one will be the wiser.

If you’re pressed for time or really stressed, get friends and family to help you out. Assign them each a dish to bring. Another great way to save money is to think outside the box on dessert. I

nstead of ordering a large, fancy cake from a bakery, go with simple cupcakes and cookies instead.

7. Keep it Simple

Sometimes it is not always easier to have a lot of expensive decorations, food, and entertainment, and its way more costly.

Speak to your graduate about the things they really want at their party and instead of free rein, give those options. To throw a fun and beautiful party, you do not have to go overboard, so keep it easy.

Simple is the key to saving money.

Whether it’s high school or college, graduation is an important step in life that every graduate should be proud of.

At the end of the day, however, you or your graduate is going to remember the day and all the wonderful people that came to congratulate them, not whether or not they had a five-course meal or expensive band for entertainment.

You can still have a wonderful time and celebration and keep things on budget.

Final Say

Planning a graduation party on a budget means being creative and keeping the food easy for your party plans. With a thoughtful graduation party, say congratulations to the special graduate in your family.

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