Things to Do Near Me 2022 and Places to Be in Austin with Kids

– Things to Do Near Me 2022 – 

Austin is one of Texas’s most popular cities and offers individuals of all ages many things.

If you picked Austin as a family holiday destination or just are in the town with your family and kids, the following are some of the fun activities to do with kids in Austin.

Places to Be and Things to Do Near me in Austin with Kids

Texas’ capital is renowned for its delicious culinary culture, legendary live music venues, and general strange character. Moreover, this is an amazing spot for children to visit!

Regardless of the season, you will discover in Austin a complete itinerary. I have used the collective expertise of other communities to build this list if you seek for fantastic activities to do with kids in Austin.

Whenever you come with children to Austin, consider family attractions such as The Thinkery, Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, and the Weird Museum.

If you come in the winter, walk through Zilker Park’s tiny Christmas lights or go ice-skating on a rooftop.

Places to Be and Things to Do Near Me 2022 in Austin with Kids

Below are some of the places with things to do near me 2022 in Austin:

1. Inner Space Cavern

This is one of the places with things to do near me 2022 in Austin.

Places to Be and Things to Do Near me in Austin with Kids

This is an amazing underground cavern discovered by mistake by a construction worker while working on the I-35 highway. One of the finest things to do in Austin with kids is to visit the Inner Space Cavern.

It’s an excellent method to teach your children about unique rock formations.

Choose one of the guided tours to ensure that you know precisely what you’re seeing. The one-hour guided tour finds the ideal spot between informative and concise.

By the end of the trip, you’ll be able to distinguish between stalagmites and stalactites.

2. Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm

This is one of the places with things to do near me in Austin.

Places to Be and Things to Do Near me in Austin with Kids

Pioneer Farms is a longstanding institution that is (really!) interesting to learn about central Texas. This is because it is immersive, provides interactive events, and, most all, a petting zoo.

If you do not have an event, it may still enjoy your historic theme on self-guided excursions, from a Tonkawa camp in 1841 to a rural town in 1899. They cover everything.

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3. Chaparral Ice

Things To Do Near Me 2022

Chapparal Ice has remade itself as a refreshing recreation area with periods for free skating, ice skating, and recreational, competitive hockey programs, having risen from the ashes of a now-defunct mall’s ice rink. There’s also curling!

4. Mount Bonnell

Things To Do Near Me 2022

Mount Bonnell is unquestionably one of the best things to do with kids in Austin, Texas. It provides lots of open areas for youngsters to catch some fresh air and run about in.

Visit Covert Park on Mount Bonnell, the city’s highest point, for some stunning vistas. The good news is that even smaller children can easily do the 102-stair climb, therefore I would strongly suggest it.

5. Things To Do Near Me 2022: Patterson Park

Things To Do Near Me 2022

Patterson Park is a great place for kids to play outside, with basketball courts, a little skate ramp, volleyball courts, picnic tables, numerous playgrounds, and amazing trees to climb.

Flamingo Mitote is its name. Its mosaic work, which was made by artist Stephanie Distefano and community members and is maintained by the Chula League, also serves as beautiful pool equipment shed.

6. Laguna Gloria and Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve

Things To Do Near Me 2022

Austin’s entertaining spots for youngsters include Laguna Gloria and Mayfield Park & Nature Preserve. This is a two-in-one location that combines study and play.

One of my favorite parts of the Laguna Gloria Museum is the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park. Mayfield Park is likewise large and beautiful, with peacocks gracefully strolling the grounds.

7. Austin Aquarium

Things To Do Near Me 2022

There are so many fish and creatures in this aquarium! Sharks, stingrays, giant Pacific octopus, Lorikeets, Macaws, Reptiles, and Amphibians are just a few of the animals that live in the ocean.

In addition, new animals such as kinkajous and lemurs have been discovered. The nicest thing is that you may pet and feed them all at the same time. You could even see a Mermaid or Princess if you drop in for a visit!

 8. Things To Do Near Me 2022: Austin Zoo

This is one of the places with things to do near me in Austin.

Things To Do Near Me 2022

Austin Zoo has as its purpose rescue, conservation, and education to assist the needy animals. Take a Hill Country trip where children and adults may encounter our rescued animals.

Take part in an adventure. You may see lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Oh my! Austin Zoo provides comprehensive Education, Virtual Education Programs, Saturday Camps, Summer camps, Homeschool Day, and many more!!!

Celebrate your birthday, organize a scouting trip or ask about a scouting program with us. Come and visit us! Come and see us!

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9. Zilker Metropolitan Park

Things To Do Near Me 2022

Zilker Metropolitan Park is often seen as the most beloved park of Austin. There’s a game of disc golf for the family, the Zilker PlayScape, and a lot more.

Let children mingle in the playground with local children as you relax and plan with children in Austin the rest of your time. Do not forget that local parents also recommend restaurants!

Plan a picnic or a snack as there are three picnic spots, one of them being protected areas, in the park. Then you may relax on hot summer days in the Barton Springs Pool.

Moreover, there are several additional wonderful things in Austin with kids on this list at Zilker Metropolitan Park.

10. Things To Do Near Me 2022: Thinkery

Things To Do Near Me 2022

Spending a morning or afternoon at Thinkery is one of the finest things to do in Austin with kids! This well-designed children’s museum is an excellent location to get away from the weather.

Not to mention that it is enjoyable for people of all ages (even parents!). Thinkery features a variety of displays that encourage youngsters to explore and develop their creativity.

If you’re looking for indoor activities in Austin, go to the museum for a day of fun. A light lab, innovator’s workshops, and a water feature are just a few of the excellent displays (they provide aprons for kids).

When the weather permits, walk outdoors to enjoy the fantastic outdoor playground area.

11. Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum 

Things To Do Near Me 2022

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, in downtown Austin, recounts the “Story of Texas” via three floors of interactive displays.

Exhibits include a variety of subjects, including the history of oil and gas in Texas, Texas history from 1821 to 1936, and Texas’ leadership role in STEM.

In addition, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum includes an IMAX cinema on-site with a rotating schedule of movies. If you have a music fan in the family, they will like the unique exhibit on Austin’s local music scene.

The Austin City Limits Theater exhibit showcases the best of America’s longest-running music program.

12. The Georgetown Palace Theatre

Things To Do Near Me 2022

The Georgetown Palace has been the entertainment hub of Central Texas, Georgetown, and Williamson County since 1926. A group of community people launched a campaign to restore and repair this historic movie theater in the late 1990s.

The Palace Theatre is now a successful nonprofit company that performs a live main stage theatrical season of musicals, dramas, and comedies as a consequence of their efforts.

The Palace Education Program also offers year-round after-school programs and professional training for adults and children in grades 1–12, as well as student shows and summer camps.

13. Things To Do Near Me 2022: BookPeople

Things To Do Near Me 2022

It’s no surprise that BookPeople, Texas’ largest bookstore, has been named the finest bookshop in the capital city year after year, with three floors, a nice café, and plenty of eccentric Keep-Austin-Weird décor.

The kids’ area, which has a bright, carpeted mini-amphitheater suitable for weekly storytimes conducted every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning, is one of its most popular areas.

You can depend on the store’s employees to send your kids home happy, no matter what story they tell—they even bring out their “preposterous puppeteers” for special weekend sessions!

14. Things To Do Near Me 2022: Texas Memorial Museum

The Texas Memorial Museum, which has been operating since the 1930s and was Austin’s first scientific museum, is a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for something to do indoors.

Have fun teaching the youngsters about Texas’ natural heritage. If you or your children are dinosaur fans, this museum is a must-see.

You’ll have to comb through thousands of specimens, which might take a few days! Making a list of the galleries and exhibitions you wish to see in a day is a good idea.

15. Things To Do Near Me 2022: Pease District Park

Things to Do Near Me 2022

Pease District Park is also a wonderful alternative if you are seeking fun family activities in Austin. The park lies along Shoal Creek and is a long-time appreciated public park by Austinites.

You may walk with the family or simply enjoy the fresh air near the river. What to do? I recommend you pack the picnic tables under the shades of luxuriant trees in a basket of goodies.

16. Things To Do Near Me 2022: Amy’s Ice Cream

This is one of the places with things to do near me 2022 in Austin.

Things to Do Near Me 2022

Many Austinites may swear by the original Guadalupe site for its workers’ wacky antics and an assortment of colorful headgear.

However, the Burnet Road branch in North Austin is a better alternative for you and the kids to get a few scoops of one of this local mainstay’s 350 varieties. Why? Of sure, since it has a playground!

If you haven’t had one of Amy’s renowned Crush’ns—anything from gummy bears to Heath Bar to fresh strawberries tastefully crushed into inventive handmade flavors like Mexican Vanilla, White Chocolate, or Sweet Cream—you’re missing out on an important aspect of ATX ice-cream culture.

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Austin has top-notch parks, zoos, and the always-necessary children’s museum, as one might expect from a developing urban region.

However, if you look a little deeper, you’ll find more unique attractions: the younger crowd will enjoy visiting one of the country’s best toy museums, learning about the difference between stalagmites and stalactites in an underground cavern, and watching 1.5 million bats fly from a downtown bridge.

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