16 Best Places to Be and Things to Do in Williamsburg VA With Kids

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Williamsburg, VA is a historic city full of thrill, entertainment, and historical events about the past of our country and its creators.

Thinking about preparing for your family a holiday in Williamsburg? Take a vacation in Williamsburg VA to the 12 finest locations with children.

16 Best Places to Be and Things to Do in Williamsburg VA With Kids

It’s little wonder that this town has grown into a favorite destination for a family vacation with so much to do, see and learn. Also, in Williamsburg with children, there are so many wonderful things to do!

Step back to the Colonial Williamsburg of the 18th century. Then visit the settlement Jamestown to experience the life of a soldier in one of America’s earliest British forts.

Also, you can learn about the final fighting of the Revolutionary War in the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown.

Wonders what to do after viewing these familiar historical places in Williamsburg, Virginia? Don’t forget to schedule a day for thrills in the theme park in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. 

Best Fun Places to Be and Things to Do in Williamsburg with Kids

1. Great Wolf Lodge

Best Fun Places to Be and Things to Do in Williamsburg with Kids

Tired of rushing around? Our Williamsburg indoor water park resort has a 4-story, 12-level tree fort, a massive indoor wave pool, and eight water slides, including three tube slides, three kiddie slides, and two body slides.

We also offer a zero-depth entrance children’s pool, an indoor pool, two large hot tubs, and a never-ending lazy river.

2. Freedom Park

things to do in williamsburg va

Do you want to spice up your family trip with some excitement? Let’s go Ape! Treetop Adventures provides something for everyone in the family.

Also, your baboons will have a blast navigating obstacles in the treetops and zooming down to the ground.

Let’s go Ape! Treetop Adventures, like everything else in Williamsburg, has a long and illustrious past. Freedom Park is on the ground where a Revolutionary War fight took place.

3. Colonial Williamsburg

Best Fun Places to Be and Things to Do in Williamsburg with Kids

What to do in Williamsburg with kids revolves around Colonial Williamsburg. History is essential, which is why so many parents bring their children to Colonial Williamsburg.

Kids may witness history come to life and immerse themselves in colonial Virginian life here. They may observe how artisans made a livelihood, marvel at the governor’s mansion’s wealth, and hear stories of revolt.

Taking your children to Colonial Williamsburg is one of the most memorable and enjoyable ways to introduce them to such an important aspect of American history.

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4. Busch Gardens

williamsburg va

Busch Gardens is without a doubt one of the greatest locations to take kids to Williamsburg, Virginia.

Epic roller coasters, virtual reality rides, classic amusement park attractions, and world-class performances abound at this European-themed theme park.

Also offered is delectable cuisine around the park. And if you’re traveling with young children, the park offers a variety of activities, performances, and events throughout the year.

5. Water Country USA

In the summer, a visit to Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Virginia is a must. This family-friendly water park in Busch Gardens Williamsburg has thrilling water slides, a massive wave pool, live entertainment, and delicious eateries.

Also, there’s something for everyone in your family to enjoy with over 30 water slides and attractions. Thus, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear, and towels!

6. Historic Jamestowne

things to do in williamsburg

Visitors go to the exact location of the first permanent English village in Historic Jamestowne. Here you may see the fort of James and stand where formerly were John Smith and Pocahontas.

Also, since most children in school learn about the narrative, it is a highlight for youngsters. Children especially adore the Ed Shed region, an interactive place that teaches children about the fort and about archaeology with hands-on activities.

You’ll even be able to look into genuine items!

7. Go-Karts Plus

This is one of the best places to be with amazing Things to do in Williamsburg VA.

Though not that obvious, note.  It’s a far cry from Colonial Williamsburg’s historical reenactments, although it is certainly entertaining with children.

Let them ride in vehicles like NASCAR, practice miniature golf, try blaster-boats, aim for jewels and fossil pan in the gallery. Whew!

8. American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

to do in williamsburg va

After learning about our country’s first settlers, go back in time to the Revolutionary War at the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown.

This family-friendly museum has both inside and exterior galleries and exhibits for visitors to explore.

Visit the outdoor living spaces, which mimic a Revolutionary War farm and a Continental Army encampment, replete with authentic antiques and historical interpreters.

9. Jamestowne Settlement

The Jamestown Settlement is another fun activity to do in Williamsburg, VA with kids. And it is divided into two sections: an indoor exhibit gallery and theater, and an outdoor living history area.

Exhibits within commemorate the nation’s 17th-century origins in Virginia, showcasing the Powhatan, English, and West African civilizations.

There are three re-created places outside. The first is a Powhatan Indian Village, where historical interpreters teach youngsters about their way of life, traditions, and activities.

Then there are three reconstructions of the ships that transported immigrants from England to Jamestown.

10. Kings Dominion


Are your children seeking new experiences? Kings Dominion, an hour outside of Williamsburg, is by far one of the finest places to visit in Williamsburg VA with children.

This theme park has 60 rides, shows, and attractions, as well as a 20-acre water park. With so much to do in one park, you will find something for everyone in your family.

Camp Snoopy has 20 family-friendly rides for the small ones, including swings, a kids-sized coaster, and a train ride.

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11. Duke of Gloucester Street

This is one of the best places to be with amazing Things to do in Williamsburg VA.

fun things to do

Let’s get back to history! Williamsburg is a fantastic place for walking. Take the youngsters for a trip around one of the city’s most well-known neighborhoods.

Duke of Gloucester Street, named for a member of the British nobility, is lined with 18th-century buildings, from the Wren Building to the Capitol.

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the region in 1934, he named it “America’s most historic avenue.”

12. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!


Isn’t it true the strangest things constantly fascinated kids? Bring them to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum & 4D Theater, one of the weirdest locations on the planet.

The rare and intriguing objects on show throughout the museum’s exhibitions fascinate children. This museum is packed with interesting exhibits, including a statue of the world’s tallest man and a two-headed cow.

Also, don’t miss out on the 4D theater!

13. Yankee Candle Village

Best Fun Places to Be and Things to Do in Williamsburg with Kids

Yankee Candle Village was a pleasant surprise on our recent family vacation to Williamsburg. The first Yankee Candle Village in Massachusetts and this one in Williamsburg are the only two sites in the United States.

They organized the store in a circular, making it simple to navigate to all the different parts.

All year long, they provide candles of all sorts and smells, as well as household items, spices/herbs, cooking equipment, and Christmas ornaments.

14. The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry

This is one of the best places to be with amazing Things to do in Williamsburg VA.

in williamsburg va

Why? To begin with, it is completely free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all-important holidays.

Also, it’s a unique chance to explore more of the historic region and experience Jamestown as the settlers did! (In addition, residents claim it’s a wonderful way to avoid Williamsburg traffic.)

15. The Historical Kimball Theatre

If you want to enjoy yourself in the city, just look at the historical theater of Kimball. The facility was first opened in 1933 and has productions on the stage, musical performances, speakers, and more.

There is a 410-seater theater with a live stage and 35-seater showroom for enjoyable performances. What’s the best thing? It’s in Merchant’s Square, in the middle of town.

16. Virginia Beach

Best Fun Places to Be and Things to Do in Williamsburg with Kids

Take a day excursion to Virginia Beach from Williamsburg. Enjoy the ocean and sunbathe along with your family, spend the day bathing in the sun.

Be sure to visit the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, look at a wide range of eateries, and collect lifelong memories from your family! Leave Williamsburg to beat the traffic and the beach throng as early as possible.

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I hope that this post has altered your mind if you’ve never thought about taking a child trip to Williamsburg. Williamsburg is the place to go if your family likes vacations that educate history!

In Williamsburg history is very alive for children and enables them to comprehend colonial life differently than a typical museum.

Moreover, the Greater Williamsburg region offers families so much more than historical considerations.

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