Things to Do in West Virginia to Enjoy the Vacation of your Dream 2022

 – Things to Do in West Virginia –

West Virginia is rich in history, culture, and entertainment. And, with so many great things to do in West Virginia, the task of narrowing down your travel itinerary seems daunting.

If you’re wondering what to do in West Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you enjoy camping trips with your family or spending a girls/guys weekend with friends, there is something everyone can do.

Below, you’ll find the 10 most exciting places in West Virginia for the fun-filled vacation of your dreams.


10 Best Places to Visit in West Virginia

1. Berkeley Springs

The bathhouse in Berkeley Springs State Park in downtown Berkeley Springs first opened in 1930, but bathing in warm, bubbling mineral water was popular as early as.

George Washington was a frequent visitor, and even earlier, the healing and healing properties of the spring water brought Native Americans from as far away as southern Canada.

Bathing and care utilize five main springs and several smaller springs that flow at a constant temperature of 74.3 degrees Fahrenheit at a rate of 2,000 gallons of clear soda per minute.

The state park facilities at the Old Roman Bath Building and Main Bath House, which are located in the heart of the small town of Berkeley Springs is a lot of fun.

Also, it includes old-fashioned private bathing tubs, saunas, and massages; elsewhere in town are more luxurious private spas with a variety of health and beauty options.

2. Snowshoe

This year-round resort is famous for its ski slopes, there are three different areas to choose from, all of them 100% snow.

Things to do in west virgina

The 38 trails in the Snowshoe Basin have a vertical drop of 800 feet, covering all experience levels, and are served by 7 elevators, including high-speed demountable quadrilaterals. Of the 18 trails in Silver Creek, 12 are available for night skiing.

Also, the rugged and rugged terrain of the western region has a vertical drop of 1,500 feet, making it the most advanced terrain in the region.

Additionally, the Cupp Run steep slope and Shay’s Revenge, designed by Olympian legend Jean-Claude Killy, have a 52% throw percentage.

However, in other seasons, activities include mountain biking, scenic cable cars, treasure hunts, horseback riding, Segway tours, ziplines, trampolines, rock climbing, pedal boats, boating, canoeing, hiking, fishing, and Raven Golf Club Golf.

Not far away, in Greenbank, is the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Address: 10 Snowshoe Drive, Snowshoe, West Virginia

Official site: http://www.snowshoemtn.com


3. Whitewater Rafting

It’s no secret that West Virginia is one of the best places for white water rafting. Several rivers provide experts with world-class rapids, while others are great for less experienced and learned rafters.

Things to do in west virgina

The most famous water area is the Gaulee River in the Gaulee River National Recreation Area, between Somersville and Fayetteville. Gauley and New Rivers are easily accessible from nearby Babcock or Hawks Nest State Park bases.

 Here, a 25-mile river flows through canyons and valleys at high speed, providing a life-long thrill for experienced rafters; no wonder the V-class rapids are called “beasts from the east.”

Autumn is the time to look for the most challenging currents, but at all times it is best to hire an experienced guide who understands the river and its quirks and can help you find the sights that best suit your own level of experience.

Although known for its Class V rapids, Gauley has some Class III sections suitable for intermediate levels.

For those with less experience, the Tygart River, Cheat River, and Potomac River are good options, and there are new upper reaches for beginners.

However, on the lower reaches of the Xinhe River, there is a Class IV Rapid, which can cross the Xinhe Canyon Bridge.

4. Harpers Ferry

The Shenandoah River merges with the Potomac River in this West Virginia city, where abolitionist John Brown attacked the American arsenal in 1859. This event accelerated the outbreak of the Civil War.

Things to do in west virgina

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park has museums, exhibits, and historical projects, and approximately 20 miles of hiking trails.

You can explore the rocks at the confluence of the rivers and then walk to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church and the old cemetery on the hill behind.

Also, a great view is located at Harpers Ferry and the Appalachian Trail Visitor Center, from here you can walk to the Appalachian Trail and enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the river. Local outdoor supply vendors offer pipeline tours on the river.

5. New River Gorge National River

Contrary to its name, the New River is actually one of the oldest rivers on the African continent.

As it flows into West Virginia, it crosses the Appalachian Plateau, forming the New River Canyon and abundant white water for oil pipes, rafting, and canoeing.

There are other recreational opportunities around you: hiking, ziplining, hunting, fishing, bird watching, camping, biking, and rock climbing.

One of the most photographed attractions in the state is the towering New River Bridge, the longest steel span in the hemisphere and the third tallest in the country, 876 feet above the canyon floor.

The National Park Service has 70,000 acres of parks along the river. In Eagle’s Nest State Park, you can take the cable car to the bottom of the New River Canyon, which is the main location for white water rafting.

Bluestone State Park South of the New River Canyon National River, you can hike, fish, camp, and boat on the large lake behind the Bluestone Dam.

Official site: http://www.nps.gov/neri/index.htm

6. Grave Creek Burial Mounds

One of the free events in West Virginia. It is also one of its secret locations and one of the most interesting places. You can see the culture that flourished here 2000 years ago.

Things to do in west virgina

The Grave Creek Archaeological Complex near Wheeling focuses on the largest known Adna cemetery, built in 250-150 BC. C.

 These mounds are 62 feet high and nearly 250 feet at the bottom. More than 60,000 tons of soil need to be moved, creating the largest conical structure of any mound architectural culture.

The Delvnorona Museum at the site displays some of the nearly 450,000 artifacts found in the multi-level cemetery and elsewhere in the area. The exhibits illustrate the life of these prehistoric humans and the process of building the mounds.

Address: 801 Jefferson Avenue, Moundsville, West Virginia


7. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

At Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, you can relive the golden age of the steam era on a route built-in 1901 that carries lumber from the forest.

Log flat wagon to be pulled by the original Shay steam locomotive by the truck.

 The entire 4.5-hour trip included a change route that caused the train to climb up to 11% to get to Bald Knob. This is the third-highest point in West Virginia, at 4,700 feet above sea level, and overlooks spectacular scenery.

 At Whitaker Station, a 1940s logging camp has been rebuilt, including housing and equipment.

 At the base, you can visit the museum and warehouse, and see the restored company house that can be rented for the night. When traveling by train, be prepared for the noise, black smoke, and cold temperatures of Bald Knob.

Official site: www.cassrailroad.com

8. West Virginia State Museum

Free West Virginia activities include visiting the West Virginia State Museum in Charleston to learn about culture, history, art, paleontology, and state archeology Science and geology.

Things to do in west virgina

 One of the most popular of its 60,000 artifacts is a pair of fleas dressed as a 19th-century flea circus.

 The elaborately designed more serious exhibits literally follow the path of national history, starting with stone and dirt and ending on a paved highway.

Over the centuries, as visitors move from room to room, audio features have enhanced exhibits and movies.

 Artifacts include tools and everyday objects, such as the telescope used by George Washington to study the Earth in West Virginia.

In one section, you will learn more about John Brown’s foray into Harpers Ferry, and in the other section, you will find the original settler’s cabin reconstructed in the museum.

Address: 1900 Kanawha Blvd E, Charleston, West Virginia

Official site: http://www.wvculture.org/museum/State-Museum-Index.html

9. Seneca Caverns

When the cavern’s limestone bed initially formed 460 million years ago, Seneca Caverns was born. Beginning in the early 1400s, the local Seneca people are thought to have used the caves for shelter.

Things to do in west virgina

Later, a local farmer called Laven Teter discovered the caves while hunting for water for his animals, and the largest chamber, which rises to 60 feet in places, is named Teter Hall in his honor.

On one-hour guided trips that descend to 165 feet below the entryway, you can see these. \

Also, the pathways are well-lit, and tourists can walk further into the caverns by using cement steps with handrails. The Stratosphere Cave is located on the same land.

Address: 3328 Germany Valley Road, Riverton, West Virginia

Official site: http://www.senecacaverns.com


10. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a landmark in the history of treatment for the mentally ill and is as unusual a tourist destination as the West Virginia Penitentiary.

However, the asylum, which was built between 1858 and 1881, is the biggest hand-cut stone masonry building in the hemisphere, second only to the Kremlin in Moscow.

It was created by architect Richard Andrews, who staggered the long wandering wings to provide as much restorative sunlight and fresh air to each of the connected structures as feasible.

The tours include a variety of historical topics, such as architecture, Civil War raids, mental health treatment, and even the facility’s agricultural history and significance in the community.

Also, the asylum, like the West Virginia Penitentiary, has served as a testing ground for paranormal investigators.

Official site: http://trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com

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