18 Awesome and Exciting Things to Do in Tennessee with Kids

– Things to Do in Tennessee –

If you are among the many travelers who think that either the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, or Yosemite is the most visited national park in the United States, you probably never visited Tennessee.


18 Awesome and Exciting Things to Do in Tennessee with Kids

It may surprise you to learn that Great Mountains or the “Smokies” is actually the number one most visited national park in the United States.

Tennessee is the dream of a journeyer: visiting cities spread out just enough to have a nap, refuel and recur from the Appalachian mountains, can make their way down to the rivers and corner fields of Tennessee.

In addition to walking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, rafting on Pigeons, and adventure in the eastern rivers and foothills of the state of Knoxville, the Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Chattanooga are all loved by nature fans.

18  Fun Things to Do in Tennessee with Kids

1. Tennessee Aquarium

things to do in tennessee

The Tennessee Aquarium is divided into two buildings, one dedicated to rivers and the other to oceans, and takes you on a journey from a mountain stream to the sea.

You’ll find a variety of exhibits showing habitats, native animals, threats, and conservation strategies in both.

2. Grand Majestic Dinner Theater

The live musical performances at the Grand Majestic Supper Theater will not disappoint Pigeon Forge visitors searching for dinner and a show.

Upgrade your ticket to include a big all-you-can-eat buffet dinner before the concert and choose from three tribute acts that cover genres ranging from Motown to country.

3. The Smokies: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

18 Awesome and Exciting Things to Do in Tennessee with Kids

Sugarlands, a gorgeous valley, a favorite place for hiking, and the lovely Caden Cove are popular day trips to the Smoky Mountains.

Cades Cove was home to pioneers now attracts many tourists looking for attractive wetlands, pioneering homes, mountain views, and animals.

4. Ijams Nature Center

things to do in tennesse

For the whole family, Ijams is full of action-packed activities. A 35-mile walkway connects Ijam to five other picturesque parks. There is also 9 km of rough Mountain Bike trails from start to finish.

The Navitat obstacle course, hung in mid-air among the trees, is the most exhilarating attraction. Every step of the way, tight ropes, balance bridges, ziplines, rope ladders, and low crawl tunnels put your courage to the test.

On-site amenities include a visitor center and a gift shop.

5. Graceland and the Elvis Presley Memphis Complex

Elvis Presley’s Memphis, a massive warehouse-like structure with exhibitions and displays of the star’s many outfits, influences, and journey to popularity, is also within the complex.

The family tomb, a spectacular collection of automobiles, planes, and artifacts, and tours of his living quarters, including the music room, TV room, and Jungle Den, are well worth seeing.

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6. Grand Ole Opry — Nashville

Bring your friends or family to one of Tennessee’s best spots, the Grand Ole Opry. No greater place than this stunning theater can be in the state if you appreciate music.

You may enjoy a variety of live events, tours, and much more here.

See your website for an updated list of your planned shows. You can watch some of the top Country Music shows in the United States at Grand Ole Opry.

The artists on the scene include Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, etc.

7. Titanic Museum Attraction

18 Awesome and Exciting Things to Do in Tennessee with Kids

Go with your companions on a wonderful journey to the Titanic Museum and walk in the footsteps of Titanic’s former passengers. However, more than 20 galleries of artifacts may be seen in this museum.

Also. take a tour of the museum alone or with the help of a fascinating guide. Learn the Titanic, its terrible destination, the relics unearthed, and its passengers.

8. The Wandering Llamas


Children and families will like walking beside a cuddly, friendly pack of flames in the magnificent Smoky mountains. The farm is looking after an increasing group of 10 lovely and unusual flames.

The Hobbit Creek Trail and the Burnett Gap Trail, both situated near Greeneville, follow two hiking routes, TN in the Cherokee National Forest.

Furthermore, the walks provide different landscapes and views. In the countryside changing are even grounds, hill-wetlands, woods, mountain views, and refreshing water streams.

9. Adventure Science Center

Exhibits are meant to be interactive and hands-on. Anatomy of an Earthquake, Beekeeping, Physics of Light, Soundbox, and many more are among the permanent attractions.

However, Early explorers, for example, is a daily activity in which toddlers see age-appropriate science-based films at the full-dome planetarium, followed by storytime.

Also, Kids participate in STEM-based projects that stimulate imagination and creation as part of the Innovation Incubator program.

10. Soaky Mountain Water Park – Sevierville

18 Awesome and Exciting Things to Do in Tennessee with Kids

Soaky Mountain Waterpark in Sevierville offers thrills and entertainment for children of all ages. Boomer’s Bay has smaller versions of the big kid rides, such as a wallride, twisting slides, and more, for the little ones.

There’s also a Mini Mayhem with kid-sized gravity-defying walls and a big splash finish. The Hive has a water bucket dump, body slides, and body bowl slides, among other water play features.

Also, Hang 10essee, a dual FlowRider surf system; American Racer’s Rush, which features translucent slides with stars and stripes and a fireworks finish; and Holler!, a body slide with a heart-thumping drop will appeal to adolescents and teens.

11. Chattanooga: Historic Downtown Segway Tour

The youngsters who visit Chattanooga for the first time can set the scene to find out all sorts of historical, cultural, and natural appeal while discovering the urban secrets of Chattanooga.

Furthermore, you may see the Urben Stack, the Tivoli Theater, the Miller Plaza, and the Chattanooga Choo, as well as many more sites while you are enjoying a well-talked visit.

12. Ruby Falls – Chattanooga

thing to do in tn

Along the subterranean walk, see unusual rock formations and hear about the cavern’s discovery. Above ground, the Village Gift Shop has selected items, a rock candy mountain, and more.

Also, The High Point ZIP Adventure has spectacular views of Lookout Mountain and beyond; and the Back Porch, Ruby’s Kitchen, and the Cavern Cafe provide delicious food.

However, Views of the Tennessee Valley may be had by walking up to the Blue Heron Overlook. A colorblind viewfinder with Enchroma lenses, meant to reduce red-green colorblindness, may also be found here.

13. Carnton – Franklin

18 Awesome and Exciting Things to Do in Tennessee with Kids

The anecdotes that accompany the visits at Carnton bring Civil War history to life. Travel up the wooden steps to the second level, where it was reported that body pieces of warriors reached the second-story window, and learn why the Battle of Franklin was crucial.

However, The blood of these guys is still splattered over the floorboards.

14. Raccoon Mountain Caverns

If geology and science fascinate your children, the Crystal Palace Walking Tour will show them the differences between delicate soda straws, flowstone, rimstone pools, draperies, columns, natural bridges, and a rare shield formation.

Also, this is an excellent photo opportunity. The Waterfall Dome trip, which allows kids to see the area’s highest subterranean, naturally flowing waterfall, is likely to stick with them.

15. Belle Meade Plantation

things to do

The Harding-Jacksons, Tennessee’s most famous family, previously owned and lived on Belle Meade Plantation. The Greek-Revival style home was completed in 1853, about 50 years after the site was purchased.

However, the site was formerly used as a cotton gin, grist mill, and sawmill. The Hardings then began breeding and boarding racehorses. Slaves did all skilled labor and back-breaking labor.

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16. Discovery Park of America – Union City


In this multi-million-dollar museum, Discovery Park of America, there is an interactive experience on a variety of issues.

Furthermore, take a 40-minute interactive trip inside the Starship Theatre, experience the historic 1811-1812 earthquakes forming the Reelfoot Lake, walk out from new heightens to The Tower, and walk on two panels in glass sideways and four panels outside for a different view.

Their vision is quite different.

17. Market Square — Knoxville

things to do in

The Market Square is a lively area where there are frequent public performances and events. This area is surrounded by several brick structures of the 19th century with hip pubs, elegant stores, fashionable restaurants, etc.

Explore Market Square with your other travelers during the day. You may eat the local cuisine at a restaurant, drink at a bar, shop in a shop, attend a lively festival, watch an outside performance, and so on.

18. Memphis Zoo

to do in tennesse

Animals from Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Northwest, as well as local animals, may be found in the Memphis Zoo. Here you’ll find elephants, wild cats, pandas, polar bears, primates, hippos, unusual birds, reptiles, and more.

At the zoo, there is also an aquarium. A sea lion performance, carnivorous and herbivorous animal feedings, and zookeeper talks are among the daily live entertainment options.

The zoo includes a train that circles among the exhibits, making it easier for families with young children to navigate.

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However, we know Tennessee as one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. We know it as the home of country music, but it also has a rich history and a variety of other attractions.

Tennessee has a plethora of pleasant things to do, such as seeing live plays at a gorgeous theater, experiencing nature’s marvels, visiting wildlife centers, wandering through beautiful gardens, touring museums of all types, exploring historical places, and much more.

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