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Things to Do in Hurghada

– Things to Do in Hurghada –

Hurghada is Egypt’s most famous and oldest resort. Offshore, the colorful and bizarre Red Sea world of coral and fish life.

Things to Do in Hurghada

That first brought Hurghada to international attention. has mushroomed into a resort city catering directly to tourism.

While on solid ground, the once small fishing settlement. has mushroomed into a resort city catering directly to tourism.

Northern Europeans (who make up most of its tourism intake). will find this to be an ideal winter getaway. With sandy white beaches and clear blue skies all year.

Things to Do in Hurghada 

1. Dive Into the Sites of the Straits of Gubal

The Straits of Gubal. a narrow swath of water sandwiched between the Red Sea Coast.

And the Sinai Peninsula’s Western side. Is one of the Red Sea’s most popular diving spots and is easily accessible from Hurghada.

2. Enjoy the Beaches

Because Hurghada is a beach resort town. One of the best things to do is to visit the beaches.

Hurghada transformed from a peaceful, small fishing community. To a tourist hotspot on the Red Sea.

thanks to longer lengths of beautiful white sands all along the coast.

3. Go to the Marine Museum and the Aquarium

The Hurghada Marine Museum and Aquarium. allows you to get up and personal with the Red Sea’s underwater ecosystem. Without ever getting wet.

If snorkeling or diving isn’t your thing. This is the greatest way to learn about the wonderful biodiversity that exists beneath the seas.

Throughout the day. You may go through underwater tunnels and watch a feeding frenzy.

also, take guided tours to learn more about the aquarium and marine life.

4. Diving at Gota Abu Ramada

Gota Abu Ramada, often known as “The Aquarium.” is a dive location with an abundance of marine life and a coral garden of pinnacles.

Many dive companies use it as a try-dive location for inexperienced divers. Because it is one of the most popular dive sites around Hurghada.

If you’re learning to dive in Hurghada, you’ll probably spend some time here.

The vast variety of sea life is the major draw for more skilled and experienced divers.

5. Camel Ride Into the Desert

All of Hurghada’s resorts offer camel rides. Whether you want to take a short stroll along the beach (perfect for the kids). or take a longer one- or two-hour excursion into the desert.

Longer journeys usually go to one of the nearby Bedouin settlements. and provide a view of the desert scenery.

which is framed by the jagged mountains of the Red Sea coast.


Frequently Asked Question on Things to Do in Hurghada 

1. Is Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh Better?

Both are well worth a visit and provide a variety of excursions and activities.

As well as diving schools. Hurghada is for those seeking more activity.

whereas Sharm El Sheikh is for those seeking a more relaxing vacation or those interested in diving and snorkeling.

2. Are There Sharks in Hurghada?

Reef sharks such as the gray reef shark, white tip reef shark, and black tip reef shark.

are the most common species seen while snorkeling at Hurghada.

3. Are There Dolphins in Hurghada?

On a snorkeling tour from Hurghada. get up close and personal with dolphins.

Take a boat ride to spots out in the open sea. Where you can swim with dolphins or snorkel amid gorgeous coral reefs.

4. Does Egypt Require Covid Test?

Absolutely. All passengers (including Egyptians) traveling to Egypt.

must have a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR, Antigen Rapid Test.

More so, an ID NOW test result for COVID-19 with Quick Response (QR) code.

taken at least 72 hours prior to their flight departure time.

More Frequently Asked Question on Things to Do in Hurghada 

5. Does Uber Work in Egypt Hurghada?

Make your travel arrangements right now.

by booking a ride with Uber in Hurghada.

You can schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time of day or year.

6. Are there Pyramids in Hurghada?

Discover Egypt’s Pyramids.

Hurghada is the ideal starting point to see all that Egypt has to offer.

Because the wonders of the Red Sea are right outside your door.

And the Egypt Pyramids are only a short bus trip away.

7. Do I need a visa for Hurghada?

An Egyptian short-stay visa is required.

for those from outside Egypt traveling to Hurghada.

The most practical choice for qualified passengers is the tourist eVisa.

However, we can get electronically visas for single and multiple entries.

Also, visitors can enter the nation just once. On a single-entry visa and stay for up to 30 days.

8. What Is the Best Time to Visit Hurghada?

The experiences a subtropical desert environment with hot, dry summers and pleasant, sunny winters.

Travel between April and October for the warmest weather.

But many tourists go during the winter.

For a perfect balance of warmth and sun assurance.

There’s a lot to see and do in Hurghada. So these are some of the top

Amazing things there. We hope you enjoy your trip. 

We hope this content has been resourceful. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.


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