16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in DC this Weekend

 – Things to Do in DC this Weekend –

It’s not for nothing that Washington, D.C. is known as the nation’s capital. Washington, DC is a fantastic family destination with a wide range of attractions for children of all ages.

This city provides limitless options for the entire family. With a variety of activities and family things to do such as museums, national parks, and excellent restaurants.

16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in D.C. this Weekend

Washington, DC is a wonderful location for families with a variety of attractions for children of all ages.

Take a free guided tour of the Congress Library. Interactively discover the First Amendment at The Newseum and the gorgeous National Zoological Park.

In Washington, DC with children here is the greatest thing to do.

Do you want to go on a trip but aren’t sure where to begin? We’re here to assist you on the list of things to do in DC This Weekend!

16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in DC this Weekend

To help you plan an amazing vacation, we’ve put together a list of the Best Things to do in DC This Weekend.

1. Clemyjontri Park 

16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in DC this Weekend

With its 2-acres of space and amusement. Clemyjontri Park is a brilliant spot for free kid-friendly activities in Washington, D.C.

The Clemyjontri Park, with its monkey bars, colorful sceneries, slides, and carousels, is sure to keep the little ones delighted for hours.

If your family is searching for a fun outdoor environment with a variety of games and attractions for the kids. This is the park to visit during your visit to Washington, D.C.

2. The Library of Congress

16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in DC this Weekend

The Library of Congress is not only the oldest federal cultural institution in the country. But it is also the world’s biggest library as a research resource for Congress.

It possesses in its archives more than a million pictorial books, maps, and manuscripts. The conference library provides several guided tours, interactive displays, and kiosks for exploration.

Which are fun and pleasant for the entire family.

Experience the beach building in which the library is on a free guided walking tour. Learn about architecture, art, history and the work and history of the conference library.

3. Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

things to do in dc this weekend

You would find a popular zoo more difficult than the famous attraction of Washington DC.

The Smithsonian National Zoo has over 1,800 animals. Ranging from 300+ creatures to a seasonal stopover. Whether for the first time in DC or for a holiday in DC.

Your kids are not only gawking over the animals of Amazonia. The Cheetah Conservatory, and other exhibits, but are also keen to engage in daily activities such as talking, meeting, and greeting with the animals.

4. Glen Echo Park 

Glen Echo Park is an area where the whole family may enjoy pleasure, education, and intrigue.

If you are a family that loves history and the past, Glen Echo Park takes you in an, unlike any other time capsule.

Walk around the whole park rich with ancient buildings and wonderful art displays that will captivate you during your journey.

5. National Children’s Museum

16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in DC this Weekend

In downtown Washington, D.C., the National Children’s Museum is next to the famed NM.

In late 2019, the museum moved into a fresh new facility, enlarged the exhibition area. And hand-held learning activities allow children to functionally study science, technology, engineering, the arts, and arithmetic.

For children and the entire family, there are a lot of activities and special events throughout the year. Their aim is to give helpful knowledge and to inspire creativeness in children for future generations. 

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6. United States Botanic Garden

to do in dc this weekend

The United States Botanic Garden is a green sanctuary that exposes visitors to a variety of natural wonders. For city people seeking an escape from metropolitan life (or possibly political upheaval).

A trip to the Butterfly Garden will delight children, who will also love getting their hands dirty with interactive activities in the Children’s Garden.

To tempt a new generation of botanists, the attraction includes a variety of materials for kids. Including a regional garden field diary and plants and food passport, which gives visitors a (figurative) taste of how plants are consumed.

7. Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in DC this Weekend

Although modern art may appear to be beyond the comprehension of youngsters. The Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden make it accessible to them.

Every week, enjoy a visit to the outdoor sculpture garden followed by storytime.

8. Georgetown Waterfront Park 

At the Georgetown Waterfront Park, take a relaxing walk that will leave you and your entire family feeling refreshed and energized.

The park’s pure and clear waterways make it an ideal location for paddling, boating, and simply taking in the scenery.

This park is likely to be a choice if you’re seeking the finest things to do in Washington D.C. with kids. Kiosks, eateries, and a variety of events make this park active and fun for the whole family.

During the months of June through August. The park offers inexpensive family-fun activities such as outdoor family fitness courses and family film screenings.

9. National Air and Space Museum

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum (Washington, DC). And the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Chantilly, VA) include hundreds of aviation and space artifacts.

That tell the narrative of flight from early ballooning through current advances in space research.

Education is a top priority. Activities such as early childhood storytimes, virtual family days, do-at-home activities. Virtual field excursions and planetarium programs are available online.

10. The Yards Park

fun things to do in dc this weekend

They may enjoy views of the Anacostia River while children splash in the dancing fountains. Or get into a canoe or kayak for a great family experience!

This fantastic park even has a trapeze school. The waterfront green space also hosts a variety of activities. Including movie screenings and a kid-friendly music lesson for tots.

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11. Rock Creek Park 

Rock Creek Park is considered the oldest natural urban park in America and is over 1 674 acres.

Pack your baskets and clothes to bring the complete family to a pleasant picnic in the tranquil Rock Creek Park scenery.

The park is certain to keep the tribe thrilled. Since it provides a host of activities like horse-riding, star-watching, and even enjoying the park paths. Along with a park guard, to teach everyone about the environment for families.

12. National Museum of African American History and Culture

16 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in DC this Weekend

The National Museum of African American History and Culture offers a host of children’s entertainment activities. With a wonderful architectural design and an area of 400 000 square feet.

Go to the National Museum of African American History and Culture if you are the family that loves the rich history of America.

The exhibits and short films can be watched within the museum. Show you three levels worthy of Afro-American history and culture. All objects and sights are chronologically displayed, from old to current.

13. Mount Vernon Trail

This 18-mile paved route, which runs from George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate to Theodore Roosevelt Island and includes water. It is ideal for riding.

14. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

things to do

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, which honors one of America’s most significant founding fathers. Serves as a symbol of liberty, contemplation, and inspiration for tourists from all over the world.

Thomas Jefferson, also known as the founding father of the United States of America, served as the country’s first Secretary of State.

The memorial, designed by architect John Russell Pope in the Classical Revival style. It is just across from the White House.

Beautiful cherry blossom trees and a reflecting Tidal Basin with dark, calm waters surrounded the memorial.

It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and National Park Service Rangers are on-site at various times to conduct interpretive programs.

15. Wheaton Regional Park

Enjoy a relaxing excursion to one of the most picturesque and peaceful scenery D.C. offers to the entire family.

The Wheaton Regional Park provides many activities. Ranging from a walk through scenic paths to the adventure playground to a miniature train or vintage carousel.

Which makes your journey an unforgettable experience for your youngster.

Apart from the recreational sections, this park also has about 60 acres for its beautiful gardens, stables, and wildlife. Where many creatures, such as reptiles, amphibians, and even beehives, may be seen in proximity.

 16. International Spy Museum

This espionage investigation will teach your children about the remarkable spies who have contributed to world events.

Attendees will see special equipment, such as cameras and vehicles. And sign up for programs (suitable for children under the age of 10) in which they will embark on secret missions, climb through ductwork, diffuse an atomic bomb.

Even hang from a construction site and test their own spy skills.

Visit throughout the week to minimize crowds. and if weekends are your only choice, arrive early. If your children are serious about espionage, this shouldn’t be a problem. The greatest spies are always on time.

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Our long list of activities to do with children in Washington DC shows that the capital of our nation is more than just politics (I’m sure you’re relieved. I know I am).

If you’re planning a weekend vacation and taking the kids. Don’t forget to check out our recommendations for the top things to do in DC This Weekend. Which include excellent food, beverages, and so much more.

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