17 Best Places and Romantic Things to Do in Cincinnati 2022 for Couples

 – Things to Do in Cincinnati 2022-

There’s so much romance to be gained if you and your beloved think about a vacation to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

I pack this list with entertaining date night ideas, no matter how you like to wow your significant other. Also, keep checking back since the list will be updated regularly.

17 Best Places and Romantic Things to Do in Cincinnati for Couples

Situated amid an amazing skyline along the Ohio River, the ideal setting for a romantic trip is Cincinnati. It is a city that returns and embarks on the tour of tourists from all over the world.

Going on dates is pleasant. Whether you’ve met someone or someone with whom you have been for a long time! Here is a collection of several ideas for enjoyable dates.

Continue to verify this list as it changes and grows!

It is easy to see why so many feel that a weekend is never enough since Cincinnati is romantic.

17 Best Places and Romantic Things to Do in Cincinnati 2022 for Couples

Looking for exciting dates in bigger Cincinnati? We have covered you!

1. Stay at a romantic Luxury Hotel

things to do in cincinnati oh

The Millennium Hotel Cincinnati, which has 827 rooms. This is a fantastic place to stay for a weekend vacation with your partner.

It’s in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. With the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Newport Aquarium, the Cincinnati Art Museum.

And the Beach Waterpark is all within walking distance, as well as downtown shopping and restaurants.

Head up to the rooftop pool and sundeck for panoramic views of the Cincinnati cityscape. Or a swim in the elegant hotel pool if you’re feeling amorous.

2. Cincinnati Zoo

17 Best Places and Romantic Things to Do in Cincinnati for Couples

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of the most important zoos in the country and is 140. The second oldest zoo in the USA, and one of the best attractions for Cincinnati.

It has over 2000 creatures from throughout the world covering 500 species.

The Avondale zoo, with a height of 65 acres, is renowned for its reproductive programs. Which include California sea lions, the Rhinoceros Sumatrans, the Malayan, and the unique bonobo tiger, pygmy chimpanzees, and endangered species of ape.

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3. View Sunsets at Eden Park

Eden Park, which overlooks the Ohio River, is one of Cincinnati’s most beautiful parks.

The Cincinnati Art Museum, Krohn’s Conservatory, and Playhouse in the Park are all in the park. Which features breathtaking views and hiking paths.

As the sun sets behind the horizon, take a leisurely stroll around the lake before snuggling on one of the many benches facing the river.

4. Discover Sea Life at Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium, where you can see millions of sea animals, is a great place to go on a day date.

The aquarium is only two minutes from the center of Downtown Cincinnati. Despite being on the Kentucky side of the Ohio/Kentucky line.

Take a risk of crossing the world’s first Shark Bridge. A 75-foot (22.8-meter) rope bridge hung over a 385,000-gallon tank filled with sharks, rays, and other animals.

If you’re searching for a thrill to share with your friends.

5.Things to do in Cincinnati 2022: Check out the Cincinnati Skyline


You can enjoy beautiful views of the Cincinnati cityscape from the Overlook in the 700-acre Devou Park.

You may also like cycling, golfing on the 18-hole golf course, and fishing on a lake in the parks. Or trekking on a natural path if you are an adventurous pair.

If the temperature is chilly, it will be possible for you to spend the afternoon at the park’s Behringer-Crawford Museum.

6. Take a Stroll Around a Park Named after One of America’s Founding Fathers

Go to Washington Park in Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine neighborhood for a wonderful spot to walk before or after dinner.

Not just are you able to discover interactive fountains and a dog park. But also free programmings like free fitness classes and a summer cinema series are available throughout the year. 

7. The Video Archive

things to do in Cincinnati

You will enjoy this area if you or your partner are a filmmaker. The Video Archive is a vintage video rental company with a concealed door to a hidden bar.

Think about Blockbuster-blocking-blockbusters. This is a very unusual date night location in Cincy, with a niche, a Quentin Tarantino decor, and custom crafts cocktails.

8. Things to do in Cincinnati 2022: Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum, founded in 1881, is one of America’s oldest art museums. With a collection of approximately 65,000 pieces.

The museum, which is in a wonderfully restored Romanesque revival structure constructed by architect James McLaughlin and is in the gorgeous Eden Park. It is one of the greatest things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The museum’s remarkable collection, which spans over six centuries. Includes works by European Masters such as Botticelli, Hals, and Murillo.

As well as contemporary works by Pissarro, Monet, and Picasso.

9. Duke Energy Children’s Museum

Eight interactive, hands-on exhibits, displays, play, exploration. And discovery sections are available at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum.

They encourage children to crawl, climb, explore, and learn about the world around them at the museum.

Two of the eight exhibition sections, Little Sprouts Farm and Kids’ Town, are geared at preschoolers and younger children.

While other exhibits and special events, such as The Energy Zone and the adventure-based wilderness world of The Woods. These are suitable for children of all ages.

10. Things to do in Cincinnati 2022: Go Bananas Comedy Club

In 2018, the Go Bananas club in Cincinnati received the award. The concerts are open Thursday-Sunday and the night for Wednesday-Am.

This is the night you may take your pals to try your own set on stage for 5 minutes.

Perhaps you don’t want to impress someone as the ideal place to start your day. But it could be enjoyable for a two-day party or a night out with pals.

11. Take a Ride on a Riverboat

Take a Ride on a Riverboat

Since 1979 the BB Riverboat has been providing sightseeing and dinner excursions for couples and families of Cincinnati.

The Sunday Jazz Cruise, together with the sound of Dixieland jazz. And a New Orleans-style Buffet supper, maybe a nice thing if you and your companion are music enthusiasts.

If your setting is more excellent, you may embark on an autumn bourbon cruise with both samples of superb Kentucky bourbon and a multi-course meal.

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12. Things to do in Cincinnati 2022: Cincinnati’s Iconic Music Hall 

things to do

You will be speechless when you enter this magnificent National Landmark.

The magnificent architecture and recently refurbished interior of Music Hall. Which dates from 1878, make it the ideal venue to witness a fantastic concert.

Music Hall is home to the Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Pops Symphony Orchestra, and Cincinnati Opera. Start arranging your wonderful evening by looking at the schedule.

13. Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum

The Cincinnati Red franchise is a celebration of the excellence attained by team players, managers, and executives,.And preserves the legacy of the city’s home baseball club, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Baseball Museum is near the Great American Ball Park. With unique exhibitions, shows, and artifacts of the past, present, and future. To make baseball come alive.

With over 15,000 square feet, vast halls across two levels feature valuable baseball memorabilia. Such as World Series trophies, Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan MVP medals, and the first professional team scorecard Baseball.

14. Axe Throwing

Release your frustrations and use this unusual date-night choice for your competing side. In order to evaluate your newly gained abilities, you will be given a 1.5 hour Axe throwing instruction from experts and guided games.

See whether the goal is better for you or your companion!

15. Things to do in Cincinnati 2022: 16-Bit Bar and Arcade

to do in cincinnati

This place is likely to provide a pleasant experience for couples who enjoy playing.

There are over 50 classical arcade matches such as Donkey Kong and Street Fighter and all of them may be played free! Every Wednesday until 7 p.m. is Happy Hour.

And you’ll be able to have a $2 drink, beer, and wine.

16. Cincinnati Playhouse 

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has been the home of both classic and current blockbusters for the last 60 years. Presenting professional theatre that includes musicals, dramas, and comedies.

They feature a café on the premises, as well as virtual workshops for theatre students. This is a fantastic place to go for a night out if you enjoy the arts.

17. Things to do in Cincinnati 2022: Cocktails and Cuisine at Red Roost Tavern

A local favorite is a bar at the Red Roost Tavern, and among the Cincinnati lovers is the notion of farm-to-table. Discover handmade drinks before a performance or a dance night.

If you are searching for a complete meal, at least two diners will share the crafty small plates of local food to make the Red Roost Tavern a suitable place for the dinner of the day at night.

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Whether you want to enjoy art with your other half, walk through waterfront parks, or linger for a late dinner, in our romantic guide to Cincinnati you’ll find the perfect date evening or a couple of getaways.

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