Thermospas Hot Tub 2022: What is Thermospas and its Prices?

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If you need the most accessible spa, or you want to build a high-end relaxation device with 172 jets, ThermoSpas Hot Tubs offers a wide range of adjustable over-ground spas with seating for up to eight people.

Thermospas Hot Tub 2022: What is Thermospas and its Prices?

Thermospas is a well-established mark in the spa market. The business has a great reputation among customers, as well as professionals from Pool & Spa.

Also, with 8 models of the hot tub and the possibility of customizing your own hot tub items, online a Thermospas hot tub is really a top choice.

What is Thermospas?

Thermospas is an organization located in Wallingford, Connecticut. They manufactured hot tubs with a direct-to-consumer platform for nearly four decades.

It wasn’t until 2012 that the Jacuzzi brand purchased them, but even then, Jacuzzi kept the direct-to-consumer concept alive, as the company has always been known for providing top-notch customer support.

Thermospas currently has a large range of over-floor hot tubs from low to high prices. Although each with its own customizable features.

Also. their hot tubs have received many accolades and awards, one of the most prominent being the Designer Series, which was the very first hot tub to receive the Arthritis Foundation Award.

Thermospas Prices

You are looking at about $5,000 for the simplest hot tubs Thermospas has to sell. You are looking at up to $20,000 for the more high-end personalized tubs with added features.

What is interesting about the Thermospas hot tub items is that they do not sell to consumers hot tub goods. Retailers will usually raise a hot tub’s price before sale but with Thermospas they only sell directly to customers. Significant Customer Win!

Hot tub products typically have an estimated retail price in the range of $10,000 to $18,000. Prices of thermospas are very fair relative to other on the market brands and goods. Prices for thermospas provide testing and repair at the facility.

Thermospas Reviews

Park Avenue Series

Park Avenue Series

The Park Avenue Series lies between the small Maui and the bigger-sized Manhattan Series. This model is most popular among all of their hot tub items in Thermospas and it’s easy to see why.

This 5-person tub can accommodate up to 118 jets in different jet configurations and is considered the ideal hot tub in size. The spa provides 2 different styles of massage in that there are different jets at each end.

The hot tub features a cover lifter plus pillow and whirlpool jets which are ideal for tired muscles after a long day.

The Park Avenue Series can be upgraded to meet your needs with customization. Also, by including systems such as the Total Control Therapy system.


Manhattan Series

Manhattan Series

If you are in need of a big luxurious hot tub, the Manhattan Series is for you. The Manhattan Series is the Thermospas line-up’s largest hot tub which holds up to 172 jets.

However, such hot tubs provide everything from extra legroom, headrests to wraparound seating at the corner, and features of therapy seating.

The Manhattan Series seating is suitable for groups or large families who have seating angles for easy conversation. This hot tub seats 8 adults and is fitted with a SoftSeat Easy Entry System and slip-resistant easy access to the pool.

Other features include an integrated ice bath, deluxe LED lighting kit, a range of shell shades, and ozone sanitation.

Additionally, Manhattan Series is unique to other models and has everything you would want from a hot tub. The option to be able to entertain a large group of people but still have your own therapy seat is perfect!

Maui Series

The Maui Series Thermospas is perfect for those finding a smaller hot tub with cozy seating for up to 3. The hot tubs of the Maui Series are small with 25 jets, energy-efficient while retaining many of the features of the larger hot tub versions of the Thermospas.

Furthermore, the Maui hot tub has deep wide therapy seats, pillow jets, and an elegant design. It is one of the most budget-friendly spa models and its compact size allows you to take your spa indoors.

Maui Series hot tubs can also fit through the regular door in most homes so would be the perfect option for anyone wanting an indoor spa.

Atlantis Series

The hot Atlantis sequence Thermospas is the perfect hot tub for a family of 4. The family will love this hot tub with plenty of space for all guests, and special seating. Also, everything is built for easy soaking in the extra legroom.

Also, this Thermospa tub has cool-down seating options suitable for kids. As for features, this hot tub comes with a computerized control panel that is easy to use, LED underwater lighting options, pillow jets, and comfortable lounge seating with armrests.

There is also the option to include grab bars. With all Thermospas hot tubs, the Atlantis Series includes a 20-year structural warranty.

For many people, hot tubs are a big investment. If you’re looking for a Thermospas hot tub as a means of relaxation, intimacy, or all of the above, we believe Thermospas is a great investment.

Additionally, they have many different packages available, meaning you’ll be able to find one that works for your budget and needs.

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