The Best YouTube Originals to Watch on YouTube Premium

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Best YouTube Originals to Watch: YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) has been producing originals for three years now, since its debut in late 2015. A YouTube Premium subscription not only gives you access to a library of original TV and movies, but you also get an ad-free YouTube experience.

YouTube Premium is the paywalled platform within which a highly curated collection of Hollywood-level YouTube Original Series lives.

Technically, YouTube Premium is a complete suite of services that includes not just access to Cobra Kai (and everything else on the list below).

Also, ad-free streaming on regular YouTube, background streaming when playing videos on your phone, downloadable videos, and access to YouTube Music Premium.

All this for $11.99/month ($6.99/month for students whose schools use SheerID), following a 30-day free trial.*


Best YouTube Originals to Watch on YouTube Premium

1. Impulse

Impulse is a must-see tense sci-fi thriller, based on the book of the same name by Steven Gould.

One of YouTube Premium’s few flagship drama series, it follows Henrietta ‘Henry’ Coles, an isolated teenager who learns she can teleport when severely emotionally distressed after a traumatic event.

However, Impulse is a must-watch for fans of I Am Not Okay With This. Both seasons are now available to watch for free.

The high production value and quality of the show make it a prime example of the premium content YouTube offers as a platform.

2. Bodied

Interestingly, Bodied is essentially a treatise on identity politics, touching on cultural appropriation, slurs, and code-switching in a hilarious, irreverent fashion.

The battle rap sequences are shot right out of one of Khan’s music videos, in all their exhilarating action.

Despite all the offensive things you’ll hear in this movie (and you’ll hear a lot), the movie takes a refreshingly clear and vital position:

You can ultimately say whatever you want, but people will rightfully hate you if you’re a jerk.

The movie follows privileged white grad student Adam (Calum Worthy) as he studies battle rap for his thesis and discovers that he has an incredible talent for it, in all of its offensiveness.

3. Sherwood

It may interest you to know that Sherwood may look like a cousin to Clone Wars, but this animated series, created by Diana Manson and Megan Laughton and animated by Giant Animation and Toybox, is an original.

Revamping the Robin Hood story to star a teen girl in a dystopic kingdom of Sherwood in the flooded aftermath of today’s climate crisis.

Sherwood features scenes that are so compellingly layered visually and a dystopic world that is so distressingly believable that it can be forgiven for featuring fairly prosaic villains and hinging half the time on a blood-borne MacGuffin

4. BTS

The 2018 behind-the-tour documentary film BTS: Burn the Stage was huge. The BTS: Burn the Stage docuseries, drawn out from the feature film using more footage of the members in their backstage lives.

As someone who understands next to nothing about K-pop, I can’t be a reliable reporter of what this docuseries means for fans.

As a critic who spent some time tracking down fans’ reactions to the series, I can tell you that being given so much time inside the intimate moments behind the scenes of the group’s massive 2017-2018 world tour means the absolute world to BTS fans.

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