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Children grow fast. That is a reality. It seems like in a matter of days the clothes purchased for them are being outgrownThe Best Mattresses for Kids in 2020: Full Family Guide

Having to choose the right mattress will easily help your child sleep and get the good night’s sleep they deserve. Many of the same factors about mattresses that affect adult mattress decisions will play a role in what mattress is best for your child.

Factors like the mattress’s firmness, pressure relief, temperature neutrality, edge support, and the child’s preferred sleep position may influence your mattress choice.

The Best Mattresses for Kids

1. Avocado Green

Although this mattress is more costly, it comes with the purest materials on the market and the best sleep check. Those qualities will help well rest both the body and mind.

Avocado Green is an eco-friendly mattress option featuring top-quality natural materials. Their natural mattresses are made with GOLS organic certified latex, GOTS organic certified wool, GOTS organic certified cotton, and up to 1,414 pocketed support coils.

Avocado mattresses are perfect for the whole family but the clean ingredients are particularly essential for kids.

All Avocado mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment for emissions, the world’s most rigorous, third-party emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants.

This includes VOCs, formaldehyde, and phthalates. You can rest easy knowing this mattress doesn’t include ingredients harmful to your children. These include toxic gas, harsh chemicals, or synthetic materials.

2. Naturepedic Verse Kids Organic Cotton

This innerspring mattress provides solid support to both children and adolescents. No sagging or sinking, this bed comes with high support and comfort to satisfy the hot sleeper’s growth spurts and good ventilation.

Naturepedic offers twin and twin XL mattresses, as well as full and queen-size mattresses. Made in the USA with organic cotton, this top-quality mattress is a great middle-ground for the budget shopper who wants a long-lasting mattress.

The quilted-finish cushions 15 gauge coils and strong edge support for kids who may like to jump and play. For babies and toddlers, Naturepedic also offers crib mattresses.

This one-sided mattress is not meant to be turned out. rather, the mattress should be rotated head to foot every six months. Mattress reviews show while most purchasers are satisfied with this medium-firm mattress, some find it too firm and recommend a foam topper to soften it.

This mattress ships compressed and will expand when laid flat. Because of the natural materials, this mattress has no odor or off-gassing as it regains its shape.

3. Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 is, not an exception. When kids grow up they need a mattress that can support them. Since most kids doný have a sleeping pattern yet, they frequently switch around during the night. Therefore they need a medium-firm mattress.

This level of firmness will provide them with a smooth, plush surface of sleep and will also keep their spine in alignment.

The soft, breathable cover of the AS3 is cozy enough to help children drift off to sleep peacefully, and has enough airflow to help them stay cool.

The top layer features Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur® comfort foam, which has an advanced open cell structure that is more responsive and breathable than most memory foam.

The second layer of foam features their HIVE® technology. This transition layer is zoned to give the perfect balance of cushioning and firmness to the parts of the body that need it most.

Beneath this layer is the Bio-Core® foam, which provides enough durability to ensure that the mattress supports your child for years to come.

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4. My Green Mattress Pure Echo

My Green Mattress provides a latex-free kid’s bed, ideal for any latex-allergic child who still needs a great night’s sleep.

This durable mattress is made of 100% GOTS-approved organic cotton and wool and is suitable for sleepers in the back and stomach.

If you later discover that this mattress is too firm for your child, you can easily add a plush or foam topper. This mattress is upholstered on one side, meaning you can’t flip it over.

Instead, My Green Mattress recommends you break in the mattress evenly by rotating it head to foot once a month for the first three months. From that point, they recommend rotating it once every three months. T

his mattress is firm and stable, and it will work with any type of bed foundation with slats 3.5 inches apart or less.

4. 5 Little Monkeys

This bed is ideal for young kids transitioning from a crib to a regular bed. This mattress is built to offer a cradling effect and to help small children grow their spines.

The cradling technology discourages tossing and turning, regardless of whether your child is a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.

It’s made from hypoallergenic ingredients with no off-gassing and comes in standard twin, full-size, and queen. It also has a temperature-responsive top layer of gel foam to help keep your child cool as they sleep.

More Mattresses for Kids

5. Vaya

The 12 inch breathable, the hypoallergenic foam helps children sleep night after night soundly. The foams used in the mattress are verified to be low in VOCs by certified to be low in VOCs by CertiPUR-US too

The lightweight cover of the Vaya mattress helps to encourage airflow throughout the bed, so kids never wake up during the night due to overheating.

The foam top layer supports growing bodies with pressure-free contouring so that muscles can repair and rebuild themselves during the night.

The base layer of the Vaya is built to last and also helps the bed maintain its shape. This mattress is also very versatile since it works well with most foundations and frames–including boxsprings, slatted frames, and adjustable beds.

6. Nest Bedding Big Kids Bed

Nest knows kids. That’s why they’ve created the first kids’ bed in a box designed with comfort in mind. In addition to offering the Big Kids Bed (BKB) for growing kids and teens, they also offer a crib mattress for baby and toddler beds.

The BKB comes in twin, twin XL, and full mattresses to accommodate growing kids at the later stages of development.

Because Nest offers factory-direct sales, you can get a top-quality CertiPUR-US certified foam mattress at a lower price than many competitors.

This certification means no fire retardants, no VOCs, and no off-gassing.

What Size Mattress is Right for a Child?

While there is no “right” mattress size for your child, considering your child’s growth, the mattress’s lifespan, and how you plan to use the mattress in the future can help you select the best mattress for your family. Each mattress size has potential benefits and drawbacks.


Twin mattresses are usually big enough for most children. As the smallest standard mattress size, twin mattresses tend to be the most affordable, and they may fit exceptionally well in a shared or small space.

However, as your child grows, they may prefer a larger bed.

Twin XL

Twin XL mattresses are the same width as twin mattresses, but they are about 5 inches longer, so they can accommodate taller children and teens.

This mattress size tends to be slightly more expensive than twin sizes, but they still take up a relatively small footprint.


A full mattress provides more space for a child to move around during the night, so it may be beneficial for children who change positions frequently.

The larger surface can also allow a parent to lie in bed as well, which may come in handy for reading bedtime stories or comforting the child.


Most children do not usually need as much space as a queen mattress provides. Queen mattresses are more expensive than smaller sizes, so for many families, this added cost may be unnecessary.

However, if you plan on using the mattress for a guest bedroom or other purpose down the road, a queen mattress may be appropriate.

King/California King

King and California king mattresses are the largest and most expensive sizes of mattresses. While they allow ample space for a child to move around, they usually aren’t a top choice for families looking for a mattress for their child.

Health remains your main priority, so make sure you’re shopping for chemicals, contaminants, and moisture-free breathable fabrics that wouldn’t allow the growth of mold and bacteria.

If you’re choosing foam, innerspring, or a mattress made of organic materials, make sure all existing consumer protection requirements are met.

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