The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse You’ll Need for Playing PS4

To truly get the most out of your gaming session, you need to get the best gaming keyboard and mouse you can afford. While the best gaming PCs and the best gaming monitors are vitally important for a smooth gaming experience, so are the devices you use to interact with the game.

The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

In this article, here are some of the best gaming keyboards and mice to use for PS4

Why Use a Keyboard on PlayStation?

Owning a dedicated keyboard for the PS4 can be a surprisingly freeing experience. While nothing can beat the convenience of console gaming, having to type with a controller is often a slow, frustrating process.

For anyone without a microphone or who uses their PS4 for web browsing, having a keyboard compliments the PS4 by adding another level of versatility to an already great console. When choosing the best Bluetooth gaming keyboard and mouse for your PS4, there are a number of factors to consider before making a choice.

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for PS4

1. IOGEAR KeyMander Bundle

  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Full Keyboard: Yes
  • Membrane / Mechanical: Membrane

When it comes to the best full-featured gaming keyboard and mouse for the PS4, the IOGEAR KeyMander Bundle crushes the competition with a number of gaming-oriented features unique to the IOGEAR keyboard and mouse combo.

With a full-sized keyboard, water & dust resistant design, and healthy 33ft connection range, the IOGEAR lacks none of the versatility or durability of its less expensive competitors.

But what really separates the IOGEAR from the competition is a special port HUB which serves to connect the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad to your console. The port HUB allows any console to be kbm compatible in seconds, and also offers PC gamers a chance to explore console gaming without having to give up the pinpoint accuracy of a mouse and keyboard.

Designed specifically for fast-paced shooters and adventure games, the IOGEAR is able to store multiple game profiles, allowing for users to quickly transition between control settings when switching games.

Through the IOGEAR controller mapping software, users will be able to directly configure settings like macros, dead zones, mouse sensitivity, and a range of other useful features. And with IOGEAR’s cross-console compatibility, it can be used with any console game without having to download additional software or drivers.

2. Logitech MK270 

  • Rechargeable: No
  • Full Keyboard: Yes
  • Membrane / Mechanical: Membrane

Logitech MK270 (Budget Option)

One of the biggest powerhouse brands in the gaming industry, Logitech has consistently delivered high quality, innovative peripherals to their loyal customers. With the MK270, Logitech has developed a no-frills full-length keyboard and mouse at a fraction of the cost of other gaming keyboard and mouse combos.

All housed within a slim, streamlined design, the easy plug and play setup for the MK270 make it a great option for anyone seeking a solid keyboard at a great price point.

The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries while the mouse needs one AA battery. With a respectable 24 month and 12 month battery life (respectively), we don’t see the lack of rechargeability as a huge downside.

The mouse features a laser sensor with a contoured design for enhanced comfort, and even a little slot for the USB adapter when not in use.

3. Fosmon Portable Lightweight Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Full Keyboard: No
  • Membrane / Mechanical: Membrane

The Fosmon Portable features a distinct mini keyboard design unique to our list. Rather than needing a flat surface to place a standard keyboard on, the Fosmon works as a handheld device (similar to older phone models with built-in keyboards).
But don’t let its size mislead you, this is a serious device with a surprising amount of thought placed into its design. Its built-in touchpad makes it an all-in-one keyboard and mouse replacement, with right and left bumpers serving as the mouse buttons, allowing PS4 users to feel right at home.

Given its portable design, the Fosmon’s ease of connectivity makes it a great gadget even outside of gaming, its convenient Bluetooth connectivity making it possible to connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device. With a 10 day “working time” battery life (and 50-day standby battery life), the Fosmon is perfect for going from home to office to gaming and back again, all while fitting in your pocket.


4. Seenda Low Profile Wireless Keyboard

  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Full Keyboard: No
  • Membrane / Mechanical: Membrane

Cashing in on the popular design aesthetic of Apple, users of the Seenda low profile wireless keyboard and mouse will instantly notice the similarities between the Seenda and Apple peripherals. With a sleek, minimalist metallic design available in black or space gray, the Seenda is perfect for users seeking a more clean, professional-looking gaming setup.

For those wanting something compact to save on desk space, the Seenda also features an ultra-thin 5mm keyboard and 22mm mouse. Overall, the Seenda is a great looking minimalist keyboard with a professional look and feel.

5. Soke-Six Waterproof Keyboard

  • Rechargeable: No
  • Full Keyboard: Yes
  • Membrane / Mechanical: Semi-mechanical

Of all the keyboard and mouse combos on our list, the Soke-Six will feel the closest to a true mechanical kbm for anyone switching over from PC. With a striking black & cyan colorway gamer-oriented look and feel, the Soke-Six will look right at home next to a PS4.

Besides its distinct look, what stands out most to use about the Soke-Six is its water-proof design. After losing several peripherals a rage-induced Mountain Dew spill, the Soke-Six’s waterproof design grants a nice piece of mind for us whenever gaming with a drink close at hand.

In terms of function, the Soke-Six features a six-buttoned mouse with adjustable DPI for on the fly sensitivity adjustments.

Another useful feature we found was a unifying USB connector for both the mouse and keyboard, meaning you will be able to save an additional USB slot on your PS4 if you want to charge your controller while gaming.

We did find the Seenda had a shorter battery life than the other products on the list, so be sure to key an eye on the battery life after any heavy nights of gaming.

6. CHONCHOW RGB Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The CHONCHOW RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a fantastic way to set yourself up for PS4 gaming without spending a great deal of money. The mouse is attractively designed, while the keyboard comes with a Numpad.

On top of that, it also includes a large and attractive mousepad to help you get started. Both the mousepad and the keyboard are water-resistant to protect them from accidental spills mid-game.

  • Comes with a large mousemat
  • Both the keyboard and mousemat have waterproofing


  • Brand: CHONCHOW
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Keyboard Battery: N/A
  • Mouse Battery: N/A


  • The keyboard feels good to type on


  • The letters on the keys can scrape off after rough use

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