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The American Consumer Panels Review – Are they Legit or Fake?

You might be asking, are the American Consumer Panels legit or fake? The reality is we all seek some type of approval from others at one point in our lives. Well, the same goes for new products.

The American Consumer Panels

Manufacturers are willing to pay people to test their products. You probably already knew this which is why you are searching through American Consumer Panels reviews to see if they are a legit product testing website.

Well, this American Consumer Panels review will look at the good, bad and ugly. Don’t sign up as a product tester until you read our detailed review.

What are American Consumer Panels? is a market research company that provides in-home testing services. According to the privacy policy, the owner of the American Consumer Panels website is Innovation Consulting LLC in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but that company information yields no useful results and also doesn’t lead to any individual people.

In other words, there is not much info on this company; with no founder, no employees, no company profile information, and no real contact information.

American Consumer Panels Owners – Who Are They?

A legit company can never be afraid of sharing information about its owners or employees. You can get their owners on the company’s website or via a simple Google search.

And this helps in building customers’ or users’ confidence. Whenever questions or complaints arise, people would know who to ask.

On this note, we were disappointed with American Consumer Panels, a company that claims to have top brands in its book.

On the ACP’s privacy policy, Innovation Consulting LLC, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, appeared to be the owner of the website.

Unfortunately, a simple search about Innovation Consulting LLC ended in futility. There was no useful information about the company, such as owners, employees, or contact information. This was a big concern and a red flag.

What are the Products?

There is a wide range of products that in-home testers are sent to try out and report their findings on; a mini-iPad, a digital baby monitor, a 48’ smart television, a NutriBullet, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Not only do you get paid to test these products, but in most cases you get to keep them too!

Companies that work with ACP include Apple, Dyson, KitchenAid, Sony, and Ray-Ban. So you aren’t getting small things to test like samples of laundry detergent or toothpaste. You are getting to test and keep pretty big-ticket items.

How Do American Consumer Panels Work?

According to their website, American Consumer Panels sends products to testers in their homes. Testers may be asked to write reviews of the product, record audio or take photos of their experiences.

The American Consumer Panels

Testers may sometimes be asked to visit a client site, but always within 20 minutes of their home, or to participate in calls or video chats to communicate with market researchers.

Most of the time, testers can even keep the products they test, so it’s an additional free bonus for the work you do.

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Becoming a Panelist

In most cases, anyone who is at least the required age and a resident of a particular country can join a survey site. That’s not the case with ACP. You must apply through their website.

You will be directed to an application page where you will answer some basic demographic questions and learn how much you will be paid, the conditions of being a product tester, and the type of products you might be asked to test.

Also, You must sign a non-disclosure agreement, stating that you will not divulge product information.

As the products you are testing are still in the development stage, the details of them are private, and the companies that manufacture the products want to make sure they stay that way until they are released to the public.

How Much Can I Make with American Consumer Panels?

If you are selected for testing, American Consumer Panels claims they will send you work every week, with rates ranging from $25-$45 per hour.

The problem with product testing is that it’s an inconsistent way to make money. You only get paid when there are products available to test.

Pros and Cons of American Consumer Panels

The American Consumer Panels


  • Variety of Products to Test
    There are many different product types to test so you won’t be bored. Keep in mind that the products you are asked to test are based on your demographics and your consumer profile. You’ll receive products that are most suitable for you to test.
  • No Experience Necessary
    You don’t need any experience for this job which is great for people who may be out of the workforce for a while or perhaps have never worked outside the home.
  • Keep The Products
    You won’t have to buy any products. In most cases, product testers get to keep the products they test.
  • Great Pay
    American Consumer Panels claims to pay product testers between $25 and $45 per hour. In-home testers are paid after each assignment. You can either expect a check in the mail or be paid through direct deposit.


  • Only Available to U.S. residents
    Product testing jobs are only available to U.S. residents. American Consumer Panels do not ship products outside the U.S.
  • Only Part-Time Positions
    While the pay may seem great, there are only part-time positions here. There’s also no guarantee as to how many products you will test in any given period.
  • But Where Are All The Products?
    One thing you should be aware of here is that there are many claims that once you sign up, you are redirected to sign up to survey sites instead that have nothing to do with product testing. If you’ve ever signed up for a survey site before, you know that you make peanuts.
  • Are They Still In Business?
    According to the BBB, mail was sent to both addresses in New York in July 2019 and it was returned. There’s an address and a phone number listed, but the BBB site lists them as:  “believed to be out of business.”

Should you trust this company?

A couple of red flags punctured my trust in them.

When conducting my research, there were areas I paid attention to before coming up with my conclusion that the American Consumer Panels is a scam:

  1. The website
  2. The contact and physical location
  3. Who is behind the company
  4. Is the company actually registered
  5. User feedback

What’s with All The Spam?

By signing up with some shady survey sites, your contact information may, in turn, be sold to other companies who generate even more spam.

Most people who sign up with American Consumer Panels, believing that they are applying for a job as a product tester, use their legitimate contact information, which bypasses measures you may normally take to avoid or sequester spam emails.

In response to signing up through American Consumer Panels, you receive a wide range of survey email invites, as well as a lot of spam, but never an invitation to actually test a product.

Deception Press Coverage

By having an FTCGuardian emblem on the site, press clippings and social media links (which don’t go anywhere), the site tries to make itself look legitimate.

The FAQs actually tell readers that filling out third-party surveys as part of their own recruitment process and that other sites that call American Consumer Panels a scam are “clickbait”. It’s all designed to take advantage of naive readers.

While many scams are, of course, intentionally deceptive, this one goes pretty far to disguise itself as a legitimate work-at-home job and lure people into signing up.


The American Consumer Panels

American Consumer Panel is not a legit platform. It has too many red flags. Those interested in joining this company should thread carefully.

It’s free to sign up, but you may start receiving tons of emails from third-party sites. Again, most of these third-party sites are not reputable.

So anything can happen. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Please share it with anyone you think will appreciate the information and kindly drop your comment below.

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