The American Consumer Panels Review

You might ask, are the American Consumer Panels legit or fake? The reality is we all seek some type of approval from others in our lives. Well, the same goes for new products.

The American Consumer Panels

Manufacturers will pay people to test their products.

This is probably something you already understood, which is why you are checking American Consumer Panels reviews to determine if they are a reliable website for product testing.

In this review from American Consumer Panels, the good, bad, and ugly will all be considered. Don’t sign up as a product tester until you read our detailed review.

What are American Consumer Panels? is a market research company that provides in-home testing services.

According to the privacy policy, the owner of the American Consumer Panels website is Innovation Consulting LLC in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but that company information yields no useful results.

There isn’t a lot of information available about this business, including its creator, staff, company biography, and actual contact details.

American Consumer Panels Owners

A legit company can never be afraid of sharing information about its owners or employees. You can get their owners on the company’s website or via a simple Google search.

On this note, we were disappointed with American Consumer Panels, a company that claims to have top brands in its book.

On the ACP’s privacy policy, Innovation Consulting LLC, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, appeared to be the owner of the website.

Unfortunately, a simple search about Innovation Consulting LLC ended in futility.

There was no relevant information about the business, such as the owners, workers, or a way to get in touch with them. This was a big concern and a red flag.

What are the Products?

A broad variety of goods, including a mini-iPad, a digital baby monitor, a 48-inch smart television, a Nutri Bullet, and a ton of other cool items, are given to in-home testers for review.

Not only do you get paid to test these products, but in most cases, you get to keep them too!

ACP collaborates with businesses including Apple, Dyson, KitchenAid, Sony, and Ray-Ban. So, you won’t be receiving samples of toothpaste or laundry detergent to test out.

You get to test and keep some fairly expensive products.

How Do American Consumer Panels Work?

According to their website, American Consumer Panels sends products to testers in their homes.

Testers could be requested to record audio, take pictures, or write reviews of the product.

The American Consumer Panels

Testers can sometimes be asked to visit a client site, but always within 20 minutes of their home, or to take part in calls or video chats to communicate with market researchers.

Most of the time, testers are allowed to keep the things they evaluate, so it’s an extra perk for your efforts.


Becoming a Panelist

Most of the time, anyone who meets the age limit and is a resident of a certain nation can sign up for a survey site. With ACP, such is not the case. To apply, go to their website.

They will send you to a website where you can fill out an application and learn more about becoming a product tester.

It will also include how much they will pay you, and the requirements, and they could request the kinds of things you to test.

Also, You must sign a non-disclosure agreement, stating that you will not divulge product information.

American Consumer Panel Profit

American Consumer Panels promises to offer you work every week at prices ranging from $25 to $45 per hour if they choose you for testing.

Product testing has the drawback of being an unstable source of income. Only when there are items available for testing do you get compensated.

Pros and Cons of American Consumer Panels

The American Consumer Panels


Variety of Products to Test
You won’t get bored because there are so many product varieties to test.

Remember that the goods you are requested to evaluate are based on your consumer profile and demographics. Products that are most suited for you to test will be sent to you.

No Experience Necessary
For those who might have been out of labor for some time or who might have never worked outside the house, the fact that no experience is required for this position is fantastic.

Keep the Products
You won’t need to purchase any goods. Product testers typically get to keep the goods they test.

Great Pay
Product testers, according to American Consumer Panels, are paid between $25 and $45 per hour. After each assignment, in-home testers get payment.

You can either expect a check in the mail or be paid through direct deposit.


Only Available to U.S. residents

Only U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for product testing employment. American Consumer Panels does not sell its goods.

Only Part-Time Positions

There are just part-time opportunities available here, despite the seemingly high compensation. The number of goods you will try over the course of any period is likewise uncertain.

But Where are All the Products?

One thing you should know here is that there are many claims that once you sign up, you are redirected to sign up to survey sites instead that have nothing to do with product testing.

If you’ve ever signed up for a survey site before, you know that you make peanuts.

Are they Still In Business?

According to the BBB, mail was sent to both addresses in New York in July 2019 and it was returned.

There’s an address and a phone number listed, but the BBB site lists them as:  “believed to be out of business.”

Is this Company Trustable?

A couple of red flags punctured my trust in them.

When conducting my research, there were areas I paid attention to before coming up with my conclusion that the American Consumer Panels is a scam:

  1. The website
  2. The contact and physical location
  3. Who is behind the company
  4. Is the company actually registered
  5. User Feedback

What’s With All the Spam?

You risk having your contact information sold to organizations that produce additional spam if you join up for some dubious survey websites.

Most people sign up with American Consumer Panels.

They think they are doing so to apply for a position as a product tester and use their real contact information, which gets through any spam-prevention or spam-sequestration procedures you could ordinarily take.

You receive a ton of spam and a variety of survey invitation emails after signing up with American Consumer Panels, but never an offer to test a product.

Deception Press Coverage

By having an FTCGuardian emblem on the site, press clippings, and social media links (which don’t go anywhere), the site tries to make itself look legitimate.

The FAQs actually tell readers that filling out third-party surveys as part of their own recruitment process and that other sites that call American Consumer Panels a scam are “clickbait”.

Although while many scams are obviously designed to mislead, this one goes rather far in order to pass for a real work-from-home opportunity and entice people to sign up.


The American Consumer Panel is a fraudulent website. It contains far too many warning signs. Individuals who are considering working for this firm should proceed with caution.

Although signing up is free, you can start getting a ton of emails from unrelated websites. Once more, the majority of these third-party websites lack credibility.

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