The 5 Best NFO File Readers to Open Your NFO Documents

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Best NFO File Readers to Open Your NFO Documents: Are you trying to open a nfo file? Find here the right software which will enable you to view, open or edit Warez Information File type.

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What is an NFO file?

Data file used by Microsoft’s System Information tool, a Windows software utility for gathering system information and for diagnosing problems; stores information gathered by the program.



Best NFO File Readers to Open Your NFO Documents

1. GetDiz

GetDiz is a fully-featured text editor and NFO viewer available free for Windows. It lets you view and edit NFO files. It displays the ASCII art correctly stored in NFO files.

The editor also lets you view and edit DIZ and TXT files. You can save the opened files in GIF image format also.

It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. You can install it on a USB drive also.

2. iNFekt

iNFekt is a free NFO viewer for Windows. It has three different view modes (rendered, classic, and text only).

You can export the NFO file to various formats including PNG, HTML, TXT, PDF, etc. It has zoom in and zoom out functions also.

You can change the text font and background color easily. The ASCII art in its rendered mode looks very nice. It supports clickable hyperlinks and email addresses. It also comes in a portable version.

3. NFOlux

This tiny application will both let you view or create NFO files. Although the viewer doesn’t stand up to big guys like ACIDViewer.

It’s extremely rare and useful to have an NFO reader and creator in one – to my knowledge, this is the only application that does this.

The special features are to be found in the creation section.

There’s an ‘auto generator’ that’ll create an NFO for you, based on some basic release information, with a Movie- and an Application template included.

Custom characters can be added to the integrated characters palette and the click of a button.

NFOlux won’t do anything special in the reading department, but offers a few unique functions for creating NFOs – it’s the combination of these two applications that makes NFOlux a winning formula.

4. Compact NFO Viewer

Compact NFO Viewer is a free and popular NFO file viewer. NFO files are used to store ASCII art and text information.

You can open and edit NFO, DIZ, and TXT files with it. You can change the text font and background color of your choice.

It has a navigator tab that lets you view the URLs in the NFO document. It does not require installation and comes as a single executable.

5. DAMN NFO Viewer

DAMN NFO Viewer is a free utility for viewing NFO files easily. NFO file contains ASCII Art and information in text form.

It is a simple and handy software to view NFO files. You can change the font size and color and background color of the window of your choice.

It supports clicking on URLs. You can make it a default application to handle NFO files. It is also available in a portable version.

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