Thank You for Referral (Messages, Cards & Emails)

Referrals are an important part of the marketing strategy for many companies, and for good reason. Writing a thank you for referral message is a way to show gratitude to the person who suggested your company, goods, or services. 

Thank You for Referrals (Messages, Cards & Emails)

Referrals are the second-best source of quality leads, right behind trade fairs and events. 

You should attempt to appreciate consumers and clients who share useful connections with you, given how important referrals are to the success of your company.

You’ll see 10 top-notch examples of referral thank-you letters below that will make it easier for you to express your gratitude. Make your own by using these as a guide! 

Amazing Ways to Write Thank You for Referrals

1. Welcome the Recipient in a Formal Manner

Add a greeting and use the recipient’s last name when addressing them. This way of addressing them shows respect and expertise.

2. Convey Your Appreciation

Be precise when describing the referral’s nature and how it benefited your company. Explain how their recommendation resulted in a particular outcome that will highlight your sincere gratitude.

3. Edit Your Message, Then Send it

Use spellcheck tools to ensure your thank-you note is free of grammatical and typographical problems if you’re sending it as an email.

Have a friend or workmate check your thank-you message before mailing it so they can spot any typos or other mistakes.

4. Include Your Details

To establish a cordial connection, include your personal phone number and email address. This may increase your professional network or result in more company recommendations.

5. Finish and Sign Off on Your Message

Add a concise ending. Think about providing a free service or a discount on your next purchases.

If you received a reference from another company, you might express your gratitude by informing them you would return the favor by referring customers to them.


Thank You for Referrals (Messages, Cards & Emails)

Thank You for Referrals Templates

In terms of company recommendations, a straightforward strategy might work perfectly. These samples just provide the information that is required.

Keep in mind that expressing gratitude for recommendations is a kind of customized marketing.

1. Dear [contact name],

I want to express my gratitude for your recent recommendation. That is a great honor, and it makes me happy that you think highly enough of our service to pass along our name to your esteemed connections.

Please be certain that we will try to give your referral the same superior level of service that you do. Thanks!

Best wishes

(Your name)

2. Dear [contact name],

The recommendation card you provided us with was just sent to us.

Thanks a lot! We work hard every day to deliver the exceptional service that inevitably prompts recommendations, so we’re using yours as evidence that we’re doing it right.

We appreciate your confidence in us, both for you and your connections.

Sincerely yours,

(Your name)

3. Dear [contact name],

Serving you and the entire staff at [company name] has been a joy. You risking your reputation by introducing us to your connections says a lot.

As with all of our current clients, we will try to prevent you from regretting your choice.

For years, [company name] has cherished its relationship with you, and we appreciate your help in expanding our reach.

Once more, many thanks!

(Your name)

4. Dear [contact name]

It was wonderful talking to you yesterday after you made use of our email template for recommending a friend.

That you recommended us to your client matters a lot. [Referral name] is a market leader and a well-respected provider of real estate services.

It’s a huge honor that you think enough of us to recommend us to such an established business.

We appreciate your generosity and assure you we won’t let you down with this real estate recommendation.

Happy New Year,

(Your name)

5. Dear [contact name]

I appreciate your latest real estate referral quotations very much. I sincerely hope it succeeds. We all truly appreciate dealing with you here, and we figure your partners aren’t too far off the mark either.

This new connection will be well worth the cost if it is even half as successful as ours. Once again, I appreciate you thinking of us.


(Your name)

Letter of Thank You for Referral

Letter of Thank You for Referral

1. Dear [contact name]

Salutations, [contact’s first name]!

We are overjoyed that you like our items! We wanted to let you know that we appreciate the shout-out after seeing that you shared our name with a friend yesterday.

It’s amazing when people affirm that message for themselves. We founded our company on providing the best items at reasonable costs. You are top-notch!

Many thanks!

(Your name)

2. Dear [contact name],

Thank you so much for spreading the word about us. We appreciate you choosing us and telling your friends although you had several options.

Please accept the discount that is included as a token of appreciation. These will also be sent to your friends by us. Once more, many thanks!

Your colleagues from [business name],

(Your name)


You may wish to send a little gift and a thank-you message besides a small gift, depending on the referral.

Instead, you can decide to provide the person who made the recommendation a reduction on a future order.

This alone will make them feel valued and will tempt them to use your goods or services once more in the future.

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