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Thai Food Near Me that Offers the Best Thailand Cuisines

-Thai Food Near Me-

If you love the awesome taste of Thai food and cuisines, then pay attention. You really don’t have to travel to Thailand to get that satisfaction of hot, sour, salty, and sweet balance. This article will help locate Thai food near You.

Thai Food Near Me that Offers the Best Thailand Cuisines

There are restaurants in the US that serve these foods. Also, these restaurants serve the best Thai food in America, from noodles to satay, dumplings, pad Thai, and more.

Read on to get a list of 20 restaurants striking that perfect Thai balance that you could get from a Thailand restaurant in the US.

Best 20 Restaurants in the US that Offers Good Thai Food

  1. Lers Ros — San Francisco

A favorite after-work haunt among Bay Area chefs, the original Tenderloin outpost of Lers Ros is renowned for its interesting, regional dishes that diverge from ordinary Thai offerings.

thai food near You

More than 120 different menu items are available at the three locations. Avoid the ubiquitous with picks like stir-fried quail, smoky grilled pork shoulder with chile sauce, duck larb and kra prow moo krob, thick slabs of chewy pork belly stir-fried with basil and sliced red bell pepper.

Many go for the hearty proteins, but lighter selections are just as good, think skillfully prepared seafood such as steamed fresh bass with chopped chile and lime juice.

  1. Night + Market – Los Angeles, California

Night + Market - Los Angeles, California

Night + Market, a dimly lit spot on the Sunset Strip with folding chairs, long communal tables, and fiery orange walls, specializes in dishes like sour sausage, curried crab, fried pigtails, and other Northern Thai street food favorites.

  1. Jitlada — Los Angeles

With a perpetual spot on Los Angeles’ must-visit lists, Jitlada is the City of Angel’s temple of spice. It consistently ranks as one of the top Thai restaurants in the country for its supremely scorching Southern Thai specialties.

Jitlada — Los Angeles

It’s a heat that starts slow and keeps on building. Even so, this place doesn’t get the acclaim for fiery gimmicks. The chiles are well-matched in balanced, complex dishes.

The menu offers various curries (including spicy southern, southern dry, yellow, and green), noodles, rice (with a blush-inducing turmeric fried rendition), aromatic soups, and pages upon pages of other delicacies.

On the more esoteric side, there are options like fish balls stuffed with salted duck eggs, fish kidneys, and acacia-blossom omelets that aren’t often available. Though it is hot enough to make most cry, the Crying Tiger Beef or Pork is worth an order.

  1. Night + Market Song — Los Angeles

What started as an informal experiment for Chef Kris Yenbamroong — an art space offering his personal riffs of Thai street food, annexed to his family’s decades-old West Hollywood restaurant, Talesai — has since morphed into one of the most acclaimed Thai concepts in the country.

thai food near You

Both his West Hollywood original and the newer Silverlake outpost serve his unique versions of fully flavored, highly complex Northern Thai fare, like grilled fatty pig neck with jaew, a Thai chile dip.

The menus differ slightly, but both offer three different khao soi variations and a selection of spicy salads with somtum and larb, all in a hip setting with sensational, unexpected wines.

  1. Little Serow — Washington, D.C.

Johnny Monis opened his Greek-inspired restaurant, Komi, at just 24 years old. Now the winner of a James Beard Foundation Award, the chef shows a serious commitment to any dish he prepares.

Little Serow — Washington, D.C.

To wit: Monis traversed the globe to research dishes for his second concept, Little Serow, before its opening in 2011. The seven-course tasting riffs on the night-stall fare are found throughout Thailand’s north and northeast.

Set in a cool, nearly hidden basement space, the casual restaurant doesn’t allow for substitutions or even reservations.

The weekly changing selections are served in a set, family-style meal with a complex balance of sugar, sour, and plenty of spice.

For $49 per person, fill up on Mekhong whiskey-marinated pork ribs and gai laap Chiang Mai, which features every single edible component of the chicken (offal included) hand-minced and mixed with an intricate paste of dried spices. It’s so good it’s worth the line queued out front.

  1. Khong River House, Miami

Named for the culturally binding Mekong River, James Beard Foundation semifinalist Khong River House pays homage to several Southeast Asian countries.

Khong River House, Miami

But we’re partial to its northern Thai plates like peppery green papaya salad and crispy duck with green peppercorn and jalapeño garlic chives—served, naturally, with sticky rice.

Credit goes to chef Clayton Miller. Meals unfold in an inspired setting of reclaimed wood, Thai motorcycle license plates, birdcages, fish traps, and chairs made from fishing boats. Even the bar, which stocks 70 varieties of gin, embraces fiery chiles, steeping them in cocktails.

  1. Phat Thai, Carbondale, Colo

Having never cooked Thai food or visited Thailand, chef Mark Fischer found himself in a bit of an ah-jaht (Thai pickle) when he decided to open a Thai joint.

Phat Thai, Carbondale, Colo

But after staging at Michelin-starred chef David Thompson’s Sailors Thai in Sydney and multiple research trips to Thailand, Fischer was able to create an experience that is neither authentic nor fusion nor copycat.

Rather, Phat Thai is a shameless love letter to Thai cuisine. The green curry with chicken and the pad thai (also called phat thai, hence the name) are each a triumph of flavor.

Phat Thai makes its curry pastes in-house—a feat requiring 20 pounds of Thai chiles each week. Wash it all down with chilled Singha; the restaurant buys more than anyone else in the state.

  1. Sapp Coffee Shop — Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the largest community of Thai ex-pats in the world. There are so many great restaurants in LA’s Thai Town specializing in so many diverse dishes and regions that it’s nearly impossible to single one out.

Sapp Coffee Shop — Los Angeles

Inexpensive and delicious, Sapp Coffee Shop is one of the top picks, though. This small diner in an L-shaped shopping center is best known for two things: boat noodle soup and jade noodles.

The former, kuay tiew rua, is served all over Thai Town. Originally sold from boats (hence the name) lined up along Bangkok’s canals, boat noodle soup features meat, liver, and blood — usually from a pig, but also with beef — with fresh noodles in a chile-, cinnamon-, star anise- and citrus-laced broth.

The less common jade noodles are delicate spinach-infused noodles topped with barbecue pork, crabmeat and roast duck with peanuts, chile, herbs, and a sprinkling of sugar.

  1. Hawker Fare – San Francisco and Oakland, California

At Hawker Fare, Michelin-starred chef James Syhabout serves the home-style Thai food of his childhood in a street stall-inspired setting.

Hawker Fare - San Francisco and Oakland, California

Order a laab (minced meat salad) off the menu and prepare to be delighted.


  1. Bambu Asian Cuisine — Richardson, Texas

This casual North Dallas restaurant prepares outstanding Isaan-style dishes with high-quality ingredients, many grown in-house by owner Shelly Nan and her mother, Bounmee Nanthaphak.

Bambu Asian Cuisine — Richardson, Texas

They are masters on the grill, which says something in steak-loving Texas.

Their prowess shows in dishes like Crying Tiger Beef — slices of nicely marbled beef are seasoned, then cooked on the grill, topped with scallions as well as crushed and toasted rice, then served with citrus-chile sauce.

Beef jerky with hot chile sauce is another meaty hit. Those wanting vegetables shouldn’t miss the papaya salad.

  1. Panya Thai Restaurant — North Miami

South Florida’s serious Thai food aficionados head to this North Miami restaurant for its diverse regional specialties, including noodles, curries, and satays.

Panya Thai Restaurant — North Miami

Everything offered is done well and layered with plenty of spice. If you can’t take the heat, order the mild — even the medium is scorching.

While all the old reliables are present, the real treasures of Panya are more enigmatic: rich soups infused with offal, like liver, kidneys, and blood.

Filled with tofu and wide rice noodles, guay jab soup features pig intestine, flavored with oyster sauce, star anise, cinnamon, and garlic. Boat noodle soup is also on the menu, with options for tamer proteins like pork or beef meatballs.

There’s also yen ta fo, pink noodle soup made from preserved red bean curd, filled to the brim with noodles, shrimp, squid, white fungus, and fried wonton, presenting plenty of flavors, with no meat.

  1. Little Uncle — Seattle

In a city where Thai food is more popular than pizza, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.


Chefs Wiley Frank and Poncharee Kounpungchart have managed to stake a claim operating not just one of Seattle’s best Thai restaurants, but one of the best restaurants in the country.

The duo is hailed for perfecting noodle dishes that are ubiquitous, despite being too often bland, greasy, or overly sweet. Pad thai is prepared as it would be in Thailand, with peanuts, roasted chiles, and sugar on the side.

The khao soi is so rich and full of flavor from proprietary Peeks Pantry red curry paste that the duo has made the paste available for purchase to help sate diners’ cravings. 

  1. Larb Ubol – New York, New York


At this laid-back Lower East Side eatery, northeast Thai region Isan is the star of the menu, which is packed with grilled meats, green papaya salads, and ground meat with fresh herbs.

  1. NaiYaRa — Miami Beach

While manning the stoves of the now-defunct Khong River House, just off Lincoln Road, Chef Piyarat Arreeratn (aka Chef Bee) earned rave reviews and a nomination for a James Beard Foundation Award.

Thai Food Near Me that Offers the Best Thailand Cuisines

Now, at a restaurant co-owned with his mom, the Chiang Rai native is serving a selection of elevated Northern Thai specialties in a cool, retro-contemporary space.

Bee’s khao soi (referred to as Chiang Rai curry) replaces the chicken with braised beef over perfectly cooked noodles in an aromatic yellow curry base. His neau dade deaw (beef jerky) is highly seasoned with coriander and smoked, served with a bold Thai dried chile dipping sauce.

Although much of the menu consists of Bee’s chef-y takes on classics, there are some fantastic family recipes too. The organic crispy bok choy with garlic chips in a sweet sesame-soy sauce is the exact preparation Bee’s grandmother used to sell at their village’s local market.

  1. Pok Pok PDX — Portland

Since opening Pok Pok PDX in 2005, James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Andy Ricker has been a spokesperson for Thai flavors, appearing in print and on TV to share his thoroughly researched, delicious regional Thai dishes.

Thai Food Near Me that Offers the Best Thailand Cuisines

He popularized piquant Isaan-style papaya salad in the states, bringing more heat, more flavorful fish sauce, and more sour notes than many Americans were willing to eat before.

Though not Thai, his signature Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings are named for his daytime chef’s recipe, and they are a perennial fan favorite.

Isaan-style charcoal-roasted chicken (Kai Yaang) and sticky rice are another must-try and the launchpad for Ricker’s burgeoning restaurant empire, which now has locations in Portland, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles.

  1. Somtum Der — New York City

The New York spinoff of its Bangkok original, this East Village restaurant does not temper its heat for American palates. The uninitiated often leave sweating and rosy.

Thai Food Near Me that Offers the Best Thailand Cuisines

There are eight variations of its eponymous dish, somtum, the refreshing, funky, and chile-riddled green papaya salad that hails from Northeastern Thailand. The original tom Thai is the most straightforward, but it still packs spice and plenty of small dried shrimp for a salty, umami-filled bite.

Those who prefer more intense versions of the salad can order toppings of salted egg and sweet chile sauce, Thai mackerel, or a combination of fermented fish sauce and field crabs.

Finish up with one of six Isaan-style spicy mincemeat salads, called larb (the most popular are duck and pork), and an order of the deep-fried chicken thighs. 

  1. Teton Thai — Teton Village, Wyo

Set at the base of the Tetons, just a short walk from the chairlift, this lauded family-run Thai place is the ideal place to warm up with a kick of chiles apres ski.


The menu offers regional specialties that are difficult to find in big cities, let alone the middle of Wyoming. The customizable spice scale, ranging from one to five, offers pepper lovers a chance to fulfill their pungent passions.

The excellent barbecued pork with sticky rice is a sweat-inducing four on the spice scale, with thin strips of pork fillet slathered in sweet sauce, sprinkled with sesame seed and cilantro, then served with a side of fiery chile dip and a basket of sticky rice.

Another favorite is the pad gar pow duck: savory duck breast, basil, and vegetables in a standout garlic-chile sauce.

  1. Erawan — Philadelphia

The decor is basic at Erawan, but the staff is friendly, the food is inexpensive and the menu offers dishes from around Thailand.

thai food near You

There are Indian-influenced yellow and massaman curries from the South, sausage from the North, and papaya salad and larb from the Northeast. Most of the dishes hail from the central part of the country.

Standouts include the green curry and pad prik king, a fiery, currylike stir-fry of chile sauce, string beans, kaffir lime leaves, bell peppers, and diners’ choice of meat, without the softening coconut milk.

Much rarer is the Imperial Golden Bags, a popular Thai appetizer for celebratory occasions like weddings or New Year’s. Erawan’s version features chicken and shrimp in a wonton wrapper, deep-fried with sweet chile dip. 

  1. Lotus of Siam – Las Vegas, Nevada

Some of the most beloved Thai food in the country can be found at a strip mall in Nevada.

thai food near You

At this James Beard Award-winning restaurant, you’ll enjoy excellent renditions of Thai favorites like chicken satay and papaya salad.

The bar at Hawker Fare in San Francisco. Photo Credit: Aubrie Pick/Hawker Fare

  1. Pok Pok – Portland, Oregon, New York, and Los Angeles

The menu at Pok Pok is filled with Northern Thai favorites that aren’t watered down for the American palate. Don’t miss the wings, which are marinated in garlic, sugar, and fish sauce.


In this article, we have listed 20 restaurants that give great Thai food. We hope it was helpful to you. Please do well to share it with friends and loved ones. 

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