How to Get Paid to Test Mobile Apps and Video Games

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Are you aware that you can get mobile apps and video games at a very minimal cost? Who doesn’t dream of getting paid to play games all day? To make that a reality, in this article are a bunch of websites you can check out. Keep reading!

How to Get Paid to Test Mobile Apps and Video Games

For many developers who do not want to get a lot of negative feedback from consumers when their products are released, making people test mobile apps and video games before they are released to the public is necessary.

Apps need to be user-friendly and finding beta testers is one of the best ways to find out, so you can get real feedback before the app is officially launched.

Usually, most developers and companies go to a website or source for a third party to recruit beta-testers who are just ordinary people and users of actual apps or video games.

The testers get to sign up to use the product and give input once they register and pay a fee.

As a tester, depending on the needs of the project, your role may vary, but first, you will be able to accept the project and all the tasks.

Keep in mind that it does not always have to be positive about your analysis and feedback. In order to genuinely help the developer enhance its product, it should be honest.

What Exactly Does a Game Tester Do?

Game testers support a game development team by playing versions of the game that are under development and reporting on any bugs that they find.

Some of the tasks that game testers do might include:

  • Play the build, looking for bugs and other defects
  • When you find a bug, figure out how to reproduce it (“repro” it) predictably
  • Type up a bug report, using the company’s bug-tracking software
  • Submit the bug report to the game development team so they can try to fix it
  • The programmer who receives your bug report might ask you for more details to help them track it down

There are many other things that testers do, such as attending meetings with the development team or the other testers in your group. But the bulk of the work of a tester is finding and reporting bugs as described above.

How to Get Paid to Test Games 


iGameLab, part of PanelPolls, lets you test online games, mobile games/apps, virtual worlds, and websites while receiving $10-$15 per month.


Nintendo is a site that pays you to play & test video games. Your feedback will give developers the information they need to improve their apps.

App Coiner

App Coiner is another site you can use to test apps for cash. To get started, you need to download the app, then you can access the database to see which testing opportunities are available.

There’s no cap on how much you can earn.

Android Central Forum

Android Central’s forum has a section specifically targeted at finding beta testers to try out Android apps and games. There are all kinds of inquiries on here every day.

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99 Tests

99tests is more of a site that pays users to test software. You’ll be specifically looking for bugs as you use the app and keeping a log of everything you find.

Mobile Apps and Video Games

This is a good gig for beginner or advanced testers. Payments are made via PayPal and compensation amounts are based on the complexity of the task and the amount fixed for the testing projects.



Banantic is a testing website that’s perfect for video game enthusiasts. When you sign up for the site, you get to play, test, and review games.

In exchange, you earn ‘bananas’ which is a virtual currency that can pay for game content, steam wallets, and Amazon gift cards.

Cash Crate

Cash Crate has been around for several years, and the site is like Swagbucks. Users can earn money by doing small tasks like taking surveys, shopping online, testing new products, and playing games.

Game Testers

As this site’s name suggests, Game Testers pays you to test out new video games. To become a tester, you must pass an assessment because you’ll need to provide detailed reviews and feedback for each product you try out.

On their website, it states that testers can earn anywhere from $50–$150 per hour.

Gaming Jobs Online

Gaming Jobs Online is another video game testing website you might want to try out. Testers can play video games along with taking surveys, taking part in focus groups, and watching movies and game trailers for extra money.

Users can earn an average of $30/hr on the site.

Whether you love video games and apps or are just looking for an easy way to make some extra cash, you’ll want to check out these sites and explore this fun side hustle opportunity.


Every once in a while, you might see Modsquad, a moderation and social media management company, put out an ad stating “Gamers needed to playtest.”

Mobile Apps and Video Games

I’ve seen them pay $12 per hour for people located in the U.S. or Western Europe to test video games on different platforms.

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