Terminix Review 2022: Pricing, Plans and Services

– Terminix Review –

Getting a competent pest control company can solve, or help avoid a pest problem. They are one of the most common names in the pest control business. This Terminix review focuses on the pricing, plans, and services offered by Terminix.

Terminix Review

Pests are more like a problem-they pose a threat to your most important investment. You need the best pest control when it comes to choosing a company to protect your home from termites, bed bugs, and other plagues.

Terminix Overview

Terminix is one of the most successful organizations in the industry, with over 90 years of experience and over 10,000 team members.

In addition to its experience, Terminix’s team is composed of qualified graduate and PhD-level entomologists who have produced government pest control products, authored scientific papers, and lectured to scientific and community groups worldwide.

Also, Terminix prides itself on its expertise and forward-looking technology—it was the first company to ever obtain a termite control patent.

Pros and Cons of Terminix


  • Has nearly a century of experience
  • Its team of pest specialists is composed of PhD-level entomologists and ACE- and BCE-accredited members of the Entomological Society of America
  • With the Terminix Promise, Terminix will perform additional treatments at no additional cost if pests return between treatments


  • Not available in 3 states including AK, ND, and SD.

Terminix Plans and Services

The General Pest Control Program for Terminix includes standard interior and exterior care with quarterly or bi-monthly follow-ups. Terminix also offers its Terminix Pledge, ensuring re-service visits between treatments are complimentary if necessary.

The General Pest Control Plan protects customers from 13 common household pests:

  • House ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Non-dangerous spiders
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Scorpions
  • Clothes moths
  • Silverfish
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Crickets
  • Millipedes
  • Paper wasps

Terminix also protects against a wide catalog of other pests, but you’ll need to schedule treatment for them on an a la carte basis.

Note: If pests return at any time between scheduled visits, a technician will return to your home at no extra cost.

Quick Guard Mosquito Service 

This monthly service immediately reduces the mosquito population after application. Upon review, the expert will create a tailored treatment plan to specifically target the problem areas.

However, this provides long-lasting protection with a special polymer layer that helps shield the active ingredient against natural weather and lawn watering.

Tick Defend System

The four-step approach of this service targets common tick species, using liquid and granulated dual-action treatment that creates a barrier against the pests. Instantly, the drugs kill ticks.

The One-Time Tick Defend System involves just one tick treatment.

Termite Control

Terminix aims to stop termite infestations before they start with its OnGuard Termite Protection System. Their advanced solution consists of a plan of three stages.

First, your property will be inspected by a trained expert, seeking any current termite activity or potential access points. They’ll then tailor a care plan specifically tailored for your home.

Finally, they will perform an annual inspection to ensure your home is free from termite activity. Also, if termites are present, the specialist will treat your home and resolve the issue at no extra cost.

Additionally, there are three levels of termite protection plans you can choose from—Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

Termite Plans

Basic Advanced Premium
OnGuard Termite Protection System OnGuard Termite Protection System Similarly, OnGuard Termite Protection System
Terminix Promise Terminix Promise Also Terminix Promise
  Also Terminix Promise Plus Terminix Promise Plus
    Ongoing Pest Control

The Terminix Promise states that if pests “come back between treatments, so will we—at no additional cost to you.” The Terminix Promise Plus states, “as long as you keep your plan, we’ll cover any additional treatments and repair any new termite damage.”

Bed Bug Removal

The method of killing bed bugs kills all bed bugs at the source where they live and grow. Next Terminix kills apparent bed bugs and then treats the area to destroy any secret bed bugs and eggs.

Its RapidFreeze solution is powerful, effective, and non-toxic.  

Terminix’s bed bug removal process is backed by its Bed Bug Guarantee. With this guarantee, Terminix will return and perform an inspection and additional treatments at no extra cost in instances where you see evidence of bed bugs in your home within six months of the initial treatment

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Terminix Pricing

Terminix pest control prices vary depending on the type. In other words, the different types of pest control services have different costs.

Termite Inspection

Termites are usually difficult to spot. They are also among the most difficult pests to deal with because they are highly destructive. As such, inspection is highly recommended. However, this can only be handled properly by an expert (in this case Terminix).

Although most termite inspections are free, there are few exceptions where you will have to pay a token. Normally, such charges fall within $50 to $150.

During the inspection, several areas of your home are checked. These include crawl spaces, basements, windows, closets, cabinets and drawers, floors as well as attics.

In addition, other areas include door frames, overhead timber, room corners, and walls.

Termite Treatment

After identifying a termite problem, treatment is the next step. However, this has no fixed price but falls within a range.

Rates also depend on the size of the infested area as well as the severity of infestation and type of treatment. As a result, Terminix prices for termite ranges from $5 to $20 per square foot.

As such, charges for an average home are between $1,200 to $2,500.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug control is yet another service offered by Terminix. Rates also depend on a lot of factors. The most common of these include size, the distance between your home, and a Terminix outlet, and the type of treatment applied.

All types of bed bug treatments by Terminix start from $500 to $1,350. Due to how evasive bed bugs are, inspection is thorough. Hence places most commonly checked include linens, furniture, and beds.

A technician will also check your walls for cracks that may harbor these pests.


If you have a flea problem, Terminix is up to the task and ever ready to swing into action. After placing a call through, an inspection is scheduled and your home and pets inspected.

However, treatment follows immediately with prices ranging from $130 to $450. This also covers follow-up treatments that are meant to contain the spread of newly hatched fleas.


Ants also cost a great deal of discomfort when they get too close. Terminix offers comprehensive treatment plans for residential and commercial clients.

Rates charged are also determined by the ant species. For the sake of clarity, a few ant species include fire ants, carpenter ants, Argentine ants, and grease ants among many others. As such, rates are not fixed but range from$150 to $1,400.


If Terminix is your preferred pest control option, you’d likely be interested in knowing how much is charged for a roach extermination job.

However, this isn’t a straight answer as multiple factors need to be factored in. These include the degree of the infestation, size of your home as well as the type of roach species.

However, whatever the case is, rates will range from $100 to $400.


Rodents are notorious for causing significant damage to property. They have also known careers of certain diseases that can easily be transmitted to humans.

Although some DIY methods have proven to be quite effective, Terminix offers a better alternative. However, its mouse extermination service will cost you anywhere from $150 to $1,000. However, this depends on how severe the problem is.

Terminix offers a wide selection of plan options that can be customized t suit every single homeowner. With the mosquito, tick, bed bug, and termite add-ons, customers can make sure they get the coverage they need and don’t pay for what they don’t want.

Terminix also provides outstanding customer service with a chat function available 24/7. Also, all plans are protected with a Terminix Promise, guaranteeing a re-service at no additional charge if problems reappear.

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