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Of course, there are still Temp Agencies That Hire Felons. If you have been struggling to find work as a felony convicted fellow, going through a temp agency may give you a better chance at employment.

Temporary Agencies That Hire Felons

The best temp agencies that hire felons come in many forms. Some temp agencies that hire convicts help people find jobs in offices while other temp agencies help former felons land work in the medical industry.

Many temp agencies will hire felons after a certain number of years. What organizations will you find on this list of the best staffing agencies that hire felons?

What Is a Temp Agency?

A staffing agency or a temporary employment agency is an organization that matches employers with employees and charges a fee for their services.

Some temp agencies specialize in a particular field, like health care or hospitality. However, most agencies have contacts with employers in a broad range of industries.

There are large temp agencies with thousands of positions available and office branches across the U.S. There are also small local temp agencies, which tend to work with smaller companies that are in the area.

Temp Agencies That Hire Felons


Adecco has over 400 career centers and, on a daily basis connects 70,000 talented workers to the best employment opportunities across the country, making them one of the country’s largest employers.

You will find employment opportunities in marketing, customer service and telemarketing, hospitality, industrial and manufacturing, medical, office and administrative, transportation and warehousing, and many more categories.


Net-Temps has a great site that allows job seekers to find their offices in multiple states and has a listing of available jobs according to interest.


Manpower has been in the temporary staffing business for over 60 years and is an industry leader.  The site allows job seekers to search for positions by interest, skills, and location.

Labor Ready

Every year, Labor Ready sends approximately 400,000 Temporary Associates to jobs in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, events, restoration, auto services, logistics and warehousing, retail support, waste and recycling, and more.

Labor Ready has more than 600 locations. Greater than 225,000 businesses of all sizes throughout North America use Labor Ready for their staffing needs. Labor Ready is the leader in employing ex-offenders and felons.  Their website will help you find your nearest Labor Ready office.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services employment to 550,000 employees annually and is an industry leader in providing temporary employment worldwide. The website allows job seekers to find the nearest Kelley Services office.

This is just a small list and some allow job seekers to apply online or submit resumes. I’m not sure exactly what their respective policies are regarding hiring ex-offenders and felons.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions

When we contacted them to find out if they hire former felons, they let us know that “Eastridge does not place felons.” This clearly indicates a low chance that former offenders will be able to get a job here.

However, it’s possible that they’re willing to find positions for people with misdemeanors. Our research led us to believe that their policies for running background checks and drug testing depend on the client they’re hiring for.

Express Employment

We know from our team members’ experience that Express Employment is extremely felon-friendly. Their website makes it clear that they “promote individuals solely based on their qualifications for the job.”

While there is a high chance that former offenders will find work through Express, there are some things about their hiring process you should be aware of:

  1. You’ll go through an interview to see what skills you have that could be useful to the companies they’re working with.
  2. They will ask you questions about your legal history and will most likely run a background check to confirm your responses.
  3. After this interview process, you will likely be asked to complete an on-site urinalysis/drug screening.

Integrity Staffing

Integrity Staffing serves thousands of clients all over the USA. When we asked them if they hire former felons, they told us “no one is automatically disqualified” because of their background. This indicates that some of their clients are open to hiring former felons, while others may not be.

Overall, we believe former felons have an average chance of finding a job through Integrity Staffing. Be aware that most employees reported going through a background check during the hiring process, and many positions required a drug test as well.

Oasis Outsourcing

Oasis Outsourcing

Oasis Outsourcing works primarily with small- and medium-sized businesses. Their response to our inquiry about hiring felons indicates that many of their clients have hired former offenders “under certain conditions.”

It appears that each client has the opportunity to review a potential employee’s background before they come to work for them. With this being the case, we believe there’s a high likelihood that Oasis Outsourcing will be able to find work for former felons.

Keep in mind that they’ll most likely do a background check when adding you to their candidate pool. Also, depending on their clients’ requirements, you may have to pass a drug test to be eligible for certain assignments.

The Onin Group

The Onin Group let us know that they’re willing to hire anyone. However, they told us that when it comes to placing former offenders, it comes down to what offenses their clients “are willing to accept.”

We think you have a high likelihood of finding work through The Onin Group because they’ve made it clear that they’ve hired former felons in the past.

During their intake process, they will ask you questions about your background and the skills you have to offer their clients. You will probably also need to complete an on-site urinalysis drug test as a part of this process.

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions is another staffing agency with locations all across the USA. While we haven’t contacted them directly, we were able to get a great deal of information from their website and company review sites. These sources indicate that Peoplel ink is willing to hire former offenders.

It looks like former felons have an average chance of finding work through Peoplelink. Some of their clients are willing to hire former felons, while others are not.

They make it clear on their website that potential employees will be asked to submit “a drug screen consent form, release of criminal records, and references.”


Randstad is another large staffing agency in the US. While we haven’t received any information from them directly, we have done some research into whether or not they hire former felons. Ultimately, our research returned mixed results.

With that being the case, we can only say that it’s unclear whether or not someone with a criminal record will be able to find work through Randstad. We do know that it looks like all potential employees will go through a background check and drug screening process.

Remedy Staffing

Remedy Staffing is another staffing agency we have attempted to contact regarding their willingness to hire former offenders.

Since we haven’t heard back from them, we’ve done our own research into their hiring practices. Fortunately, our research indicated they have hired former felons in the past.

One key distinction with Remedy Staffing is that it looks as though your felony may need to be over seven years old to work with them. This leads us to believe that former offenders have an average chance of finding work through Remedy Staffing.

Our research also leads us to believe that all applicants will be asked to undergo a background check and a drug test.

Robert Half

One of the main differences between Robert Half and other staffing agencies is that they seem to offer more clerical and office positions. When we asked them if they hire former felons, their response was unclear.

Robert Half

While it’s possible they’re willing to hire former offenders, we didn’t find any information in our research to confirm that they have.

With that being said, it’s simply unclear how good the chances are that former felons will find work through Robert Half.

We do know that any offer of employment they extend depends on the results of your background check. Drug testing appears to be done on an individual basis, based on the client’s requirements.

Roth Staffing

Roth Staffing has offices in major cities all across the USA. We haven’t yet made contact with them, and the information we found during our research left us uncertain whether or not they hire former felons.

While their willingness to hire former felons is unclear, they do make it clear that all applicants will go through a background check and drug screening.


Veritude differs from other agencies in that it is the internal staffing resource for Fidelity Investments. According to their statement, felonies make potential employees “ineligible in an overwhelming number of cases.”

This obviously indicates a low chance that former felons will be able to find jobs through Veritude. Along with their extremely thorough background check, it looks like most candidates are asked to complete a drug screening as well.


Temp Agencies That Hire Felons With Restrictions

Temp Agencies That Hire Recent Felons

So, after looking through the list of major staffing agencies above, you may be wondering which ones are likely to hire felons who’ve been released recently. If you’ve just returned home after prison, we recommend speaking with one of these staffing agencies:

  • Adecco
  • Express Employment
  • Integrity Staffing
  • Kelly Services
  • Manpower
  • Oasis Outsourcing
  • The Onin Group
  • Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

Temp Agencies That Hire Felons On Probation

For some of you, your felony may not have required you to go to prison at all. Instead, you may have been released on probation. If that’s the case, you may be looking for temp agencies that hire felons who are on probation. Here are our recommendations:

  • Adecco
  • Express Employment
  • Integrity Staffing
  • Kelly Services
  • Manpower
  • Oasis Outsourcing
  • The Onin Group
  • Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

Temp Agencies That Hire Felons After 5 Years

In researching other industries, we’ve found that many employers require your felony to be over five years old before they’ll consider hiring you. As you can tell, the staffing agency industry is very different in this respect.

In fact, most of the companies we looked at above seem to be willing to hire former felons right away after their release! The only exception we found from our list was Remedy Staffing, which prefers that your felony be over seven years old before they hire you.

The main lesson here: there are companies out there that may be more open to hiring you when your felony is a little further in the past.

Temp Agencies That Hire Felons With No Experience

Some of you may be wondering if there are staffing agencies that will hire you even if you don’t have any experience in the type of work their clients do. Fortunately, most temp agencies do!

While they’re always happy to find potential employees with relevant experience, most of them (and their clients) understand that you’ll need training. With this in mind, don’t let a lack of experience be a barrier to applying with any of these companies:

  • Adecco
  • Express Employment
  • Integrity Staffing
  • Kelly Services
  • Manpower
  • Oasis Outsourcing
  • The Onin Group
  • Peoplelink Staffing Solutions
  • Remedy Staffing

Temporary Agencies That Hire Felons


1. Can a felon be Bonded?

There are sponsored by the government that can help ex-offenders and felons to get jobs. One is The Federal Bonding Program. Employers may have concerns that keep them from hiring people with criminal records. Poor work history or other situations makes it difficult for them to get hired.

2. What is Expungement?

In some cases criminal convictions may be legally “sealed” and can only be examined by order of the court. This called expungement. To seal a criminal record means that a criminal proceeding is ordered by a judge to be hidden from public view.

With a temp agency and you can increase your chances of landing your dream job. Your felony conviction may not matter anymore. However, because of how hard it is to land a job with a criminal record, getting paid for a few days of work is still better than nothing!

Plus, there are always more temporary jobs that come up very frequently. You just have to be ready to say “yes” to a new opportunity. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment on our blog.

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