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42+ Fun Virtual Team Building Activities and Games for your Remote Team

Team building games on Zoom? Try these must-have virtual team-building exercises, games, and suggestions to get your staff involved in online meetings using Zoom or Slack.

team building games on zoom

It is crucial for workers to get to know and connect with one another as more businesses choose remote or hybrid work arrangements.

The social and enjoyable elements may do wonders for team morale and camaraderie in the workplace.

The solution to having contented and motivated workers is online team building.

So how do you engage in icebreakers and team-building exercises online? Simple: play online games and activities on Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom, and Slack!

42+ Fun Virtual Team Building Games on Zoom

1. Chat Channel for Furry Friends‍ (15 to 20 Minutes)

This one is a success! What better approach to building relationships with coworkers than to start a conversation about our furry children?

Make a chat channel on Teams or Slack specifically for sharing pictures, memes, GIFs, and pet-related anecdotes.

The team building and interactions on this channel are really basic and require little work. yet they have an important impact on engagement and pleasure.

On this soon-to-be-most-busy and enjoyable Slack channel at your workplace, we promise 100% engagement.

2. Team Building Boxes by Caroo

Boxes for group activities? You did really hear correctly! You can give your coworkers well-prepared wellness boxes using Caroo (formerly SnackNation).

Also, you can choose from a variety of options for your coworkers’ boxes. including nutritious snacks, group activities, electronics, and more.

The best thing, though? Every delivery provides food to underprivileged households.

3. Fun Icebreaker Questions  

When onboarding new staff or simply getting your team talking. Icebreaker exercises are a terrific idea. 

With these more than 120 icebreaker game questions. Simply divide your team equally and let the conversation begin. 

However, Don’t forget to ask some amusing ice-breaker questions. Whenever you’re looking for enjoyable team activities or just want to have some fun and laughs!

4. Two Truths & a Lie

This activity is very simple and enjoyable. Ask each employee to participate in a video conference using Zoom or Google Meet.

And share three facts and one made-up lie about themselves.

5. Who am I: Child Edition

This exercise is both easy and efficient. Request that your coworkers only share their childhood photos with you.

Keep all of your childhood photos in a secure location. Be sure to give them meaningful names.

Every week, simply share one childhood photo with the team and ask them to identify the person.

6. Two Choices (This or That)

At Choices, games are a lot of fun at all times. Most choice games allow you to learn more about the other person’s life.

Teams can get along well and eventually become friends this way. You can also select a specific sort or category of these choice games.

such as humorous, introspective, or something more all-encompassing like those centered on cuisine, music, or movies.

7. Would You Rather

This game is enjoyable and well-known, and it also makes a fantastic topic of conversation.

Would you rather (also known as This or That.) basically includes providing your team two options, and they can choose the one they prefer.

8. DIY Sessions

Many people have talents outside of the workplace. And it can be entertaining for teams to showcase these talents to one another.

With your team, plan a fun DIY art, craft, or food project. You can even pay a professional to provide online lessons on preparing pasta or dumplings.

9. Virtual Field Trip

Who said that field trips were solely for students in schools? Let’s channel our inner kids and go on joint virtual field trips.

We can find an excellent technique to relax and take a break from work in this.

10. Most Likely To

You must ask a question that begins with the words “Who is most likely to?” in a sentence when playing the game Most Likely To.

They must then name the person who fully fits the description. Who, for instance, is most likely to encounter difficulty while engaging in a routine activity?

People can chuckle while playing the game, which helps them get to know one another even better.

11. Create a Company Culture Book

Note, this depends on how much participation you desire from the staff.

Making a corporate culture book may seem like a big effort at first. But you could turn it into a team-building exercise to make it look more genuine.

Everyone will express their opinions and take part in accurately capturing your company’s culture.

When employees collaborate on the culture book. You can request artwork and quotations from everyone for the culture book.

12. Share an Embarrassing Photo

This is a fantastic approach to strengthening team bonds. Create a channel in a workplace like #photostory or use an already-existing channel like #random to participate in this activity.

13. Digital Charades  

This is Another entertaining and novel method for groups to interact socially and nonverbally.

While gaining more sophisticated skills in friendship and social, involvement is dumb charades.

14. Scavenger Hunt  

Scavenger hunts are a fantastic tool for team building. Since they encourage teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and general knowledge.

15. Make Your Own Story  

This is a fantastic approach to increasing teamwork, creativity, and communication skills.

This is simple to play during a Zoom call.

16. Party Prank Picture

Choosing a celebrity for each area of Party, Prank, and Picture makes it an easy and entertaining game.

Each round will feature three famous names. And it will be up to you to decide with whom you want to party, prank, and snap pictures.

Everyone is free to select their own options and submit them via Slack.

As soon as you open the topic in Slack. all the results are visible. It’s a terrific approach to make work more enjoyable and help coworkers get to know one another.

17. Word Chain

Word chain is a good game to play in large groups at the beginning or finish of a meeting.

It entails thinking about words that begin with the previous word’s final letter. Playing with your friends and coworkers is incredibly simple and enjoyable.

One person says a word, and the other player must think of a word. Using the word’s final letter as the beginning letter.

18. Pancakes vs Waffles

A fun teamwork game where you make decisions as a team is Pancakes vs. Waffles. It entails sharing decision-making.

The group must determine whether pancakes or waffles will be retained globally in order to begin the game.

The alternative that is not selected will vanish. In the end, a vote can make the choice.

19. Fix Days for Virtual Activities

Establishing a day just for virtual team building is a really effective method. to ensure that everyone takes part in these activities.

To make sure everyone on the team is aware of the activity in advance, you can send them each a weekly calendar invite.

20. Virtual Jeopardy

The most well-known online game show is Jeopardy. It is great for evaluating knowledge and memory recall.

Jeopardy is a great game for establishing virtual teams and only takes 30 to 40 minutes to play.

5 to 10 teams of 2 to 4 people each can play it on Zoom, WebEx, or any other video conferencing platform.

21. GIF Charades on Slack

Who doesn’t enjoy playing Charades and watching GIFs? The result is GIF Charades, which combines the best of both worlds.

Choosing a movie is the first step, and then posting GIFs with hints about it is the second.

Based on the GIFs, the team members must identify the film.

22. Never Have I Ever

The perfect party game to bond with your employees and get to know each other.

Is “Never Have I Ever,” which is a very well-liked game. Most “filthy never have I ever questions” games are chosen during gatherings.

although a “clean never have I ever” game can be just as entertaining.

It’s also possible to play a game where everyone can raise their hand and say, “I have,” in response to a question.

23. Virtual Gaming

You can see how Millennials and Gen-Z interact with one another while playing video games.

Like Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, and Call of Duty. They describe the scenario in the simplest and most direct terms possible.

High communication skills, quick thinking, rapid reactions, planning plans, etc. are required when playing strategic video games.

A team can bond well by playing video games together.


24. Virtual Role-Playing

In social learning circumstances, role-playing is a helpful strategy for fostering teamwork.

It is appropriate for small groups because it just needs a minimum of two participants.

The team members can study events from many points of view and practice for various scenarios.

Also, they will encounter this in the real world thanks to this kind of team-building activity.

25. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fantastic tool for team building. Since they encourage teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and general knowledge.

26. Pictionary on Zoom

Playing Pictionary is a fantastic method to develop your creativity, wit, and nonverbal communication abilities.

You have the option of playing Pictionary live or online via Zoom.

27. Virtual Karaoke Night

 Zoom makes it simple to take part in virtual karaoke.

Create a community survey where everyone may submit their top Karaoke tunes.

Once you have a list of all the results. You can use a platform like Watch2gether to play music together. Compile all the results.

28. Make Your Own Commercial

What a blast it would be if everyone came together to design a workplace ad.

To accomplish this, separate everyone into smaller groups, and give each group a name. And decide on a general topic for the advertisement.

Everyone will collaborate with individuals they have never met before thanks to this.

Also, You can make this a lengthy team-building exercise. That lasts for several days, or you can challenge the group to do it in one day.

29. Virtually Brewed Coffee

During our tea and coffee breaks, we all miss the water cooler conversations.

So how might remote workers have the most effective virtual coffee breaks?

Taking 15-20 minute virtual coffee breaks can be quite beneficial for creating a sense of community.

And getting to know your coworkers better. You can decide to use applications like Disco and Hallway.

that randomly pair you up with someone and invite you to meet up virtually to get to know each other.

30. Group Meditation Instruction

When things at work become too stressful, we all occasionally need to rest and unwind.

Relieving stress and taking breaks can be beneficial. Regardless of whether your team is working overtime for a brief project or neglects to take breaks during routine tasks.

Particularly during the pandemic, businesses must increasingly take precautions. to guarantee the mental health of their workforce.

Make group meditations a regular practice at work. Bring everyone in your company together, and schedule daily meditation sessions for a specific time.

Send care packages to your staff members with scented candles, a calming Spotify playlist, and some herbal tea in advance.

If you want to lead a one-time guided session. You have two options: either work with a pro or use other virtual means.

31. Virtual Remote Team Lunches

Team lunches are becoming more uncommon and challenging to organize.

as businesses transition to remote or hybrid working environments.

On a workday, only in-person lunches can compare, but we have a novel answer.

32. Friday Fun Meetings

We adore the sensation of shutting down our laptops on Friday nights to begin the weekend.

So why not have enjoyable team-building meetings to round up the weekend?

You can use these weekly gatherings to accomplish anything uplifting and joyful.

Beginning with entertaining, pre-planned activities, and drinking games. And a weekly staff appreciation event to cap off the week in style.

Employees will have something to look forward to each week, which will keep morale strong.

33. Games Club and Banter Day

What’s the greatest method to build a strong team dynamic while still involving everyone?

Every week, designate a day for playing games called “Game Jam.”

But here’s the intriguing part: ask participants to create clubs of their choosing and designate a club leader.

For example, a movie night for the movie club, a virtual book club reading for the book club, or remote karaoke.

For music, clubs are all games and activities that the leader is to lead. It sounds like fun.

Every club can have a fun rewards program, like Amazon Gift Cards, to boost participation.

34. Two Truths & a Lie

This activity is very simple and enjoyable. Ask each employee to take part in a video conference. Using Zoom or Google Meet and sharing three facts and one made-up lie about themselves.

To make the lie even more compelling, maintain it realistic. The employee who correctly identifies the deception among their coworkers receives points.

You may add Ricotta Trivia on Slack and take part in the no-cost ice-breaker activities to play Two Truths & a Lie there!

35. Typing Speed Race

This pastime is a lot of fun and a fantastic stress reliever. It’s time for some friendly rivalry!

You can ask your staff to complete the challenge for one minute apiece. Using a free tool like typingtest.com.

After that, ask each person to post their outcome on Slack or another social media site.

For uniform results, be sure that everyone is using the same speed test before you begin.

To add to the fun, you may create teams and have them report the total score!

This exercise will undoubtedly help your team bond while having fun.

36. The Birth Map

Players in this online team-building activity learn about each other’s backgrounds and stories. This may become really fascinating.

Print off a globe and put it in a group folder. Ask everyone to mark or pin their place of birth at the beginning of the exercise before beginning the conversation.

Inquire your team members about what they enjoy the most. About the location and ask them to share a tale about their most treasured recollection.

This game can help spark some meaningful dialogues and shows the many cultures and values of the workforce.

37. The Aliens Have Landed

Want to do a team-building exercise and break the ice?

The teamwork and innovative skills of coworkers can be better understood by playing this game.

Simply divide your team into even groups and pretend that aliens have come on Earth.

and want to learn about the business to begin the game.

Because the aliens cannot understand gestures or spoken English. you must use five symbols and images to communicate.

38. Bucket List Challenge ‍

Invite your team to a virtual gathering to talk about their bucket lists. and the things they hope to accomplish in their lifetimes.

Let everyone discuss their bucket lists and share their lists.

You might even join up individuals with comparable items on their bucket lists. and encourage them to cross them off together!

This is a fantastic team-building activity that can help people get to know one another better. and perhaps even help them cross items off their bucket lists!

39. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

In this virtual murder mystery online team-building activity. assemble your remote team and work together digitally to solve a fatal crime.

Which squad will identify the killer of wealthy Neil Davidson first?

40. Team Building Hub

The Escape Game’s corporate events division. Team Building Hub, is a one-stop shop for enjoyable online team-building exercises.

Team Building Hub provides team-building activities online. at 24 retail locations throughout the US, and on-site.

Booking is surprisingly easy, the hosts are cheerful, and the games are fun.

41. Confetti

Confetti is the only tool that enables you to quickly. and easily plan unforgettable virtual team activities and events.

It only takes a few minutes and is free to sign up. As soon as you enter, it provides you with a playground of dozens of concepts.

that you can click and alter in a matter of minutes with fast estimates readily available on the platform!

They offer a briefing for each event that organizes all the specifics. including a prepared invitation, host data, and a spot to list your points of contact.

42. Payout Prizes

A fantastic technique to increase engagement is by awarding rewards and prizes.

Depending on the size of the group, you can choose the top 3 or top 5 scores from each session and give them an Amazon gift card as a prize.

More people may participate and show interest in these activities as a result of these prizes.

Additionally, it can increase the level of healthy competitiveness in these online game sessions.

43. QuizBreaker

A fun method to interact and engage with remote teams is through the use of the virtual icebreaker game QuizBreaker.

Players have to guess “Who Said What” in each round. which is a fun way for your online team to get to know one another better.

A gamified leaderboard can be used to track the results of virtual icebreaker quizzes.

 that you arrange to be sent out through email many times each week.

Hundreds of remote teams, including those at organizations like Google, the New York Times, and Microsoft.

use it to foster a strong workplace atmosphere.


The absence of employees from these online activities can be a significant problem.

Since these events are conducted digitally, it is simpler to miss them.  and live events always draw more attendees.

This shouldn’t deter you from holding these online team-building exercises though. A few foolproof strategies to guarantee participation are:

Make sure your employees will be interested in the activities you arrange.

After each session, keep in touch with them and solicit their comments.

 In order to keep everyone’s interests in mind, try to vary things up.

These activities should occasionally be brief and regular.


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