Tea Tree Oil for Beard Growth: Key Benefits of Tea Tree in Growing Beards

Have you ever wondered why isn’t your beard growing? Well, this all comes down to hormones. While some have beautiful-looking beards naturally, others need special care to grow one. Luckily, there is tea tree oil products that can help you in your quest to grow a beard.

Tea Tree Oil for Beard Growth: Key Benefits of Tea Tree in Growing Beards

When it comes to beard oil ingredients and recipes, tea tree oil is one of the more popular ones. Multiple of the big brands are using this essential oil in their formulations, most often to provide aroma to their product.

What is Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is produced from the leaves of the tea tree plant (Melaleuca Alernifolia). The main source of production and harvesting of the tea tree oil is the Northeast coast of Australia.

You can expect a clear to pale yellow liquid with a thin consistency. When you inhale the aroma, you could feel a strong, fresh, woody, slightly spicy, and herbaceous aroma.

Topical application of diluted Tea tree oil helps to thicken hair and repair the split ends. It is too good for dry and damaged hair. The oil also moisturizes the skin and hair.

Thanks to the antibacterial property of tea tree oil and it acts as a cleanser as well. It prevents dandruff and dry skin flakes. It protects the skin’s moisture and promotes the appearance of skin and hair.

The benefit of Tea Tree Oil For Beard

1. Prevents Itchiness

Most people who grow beards suffer from itchiness. And for itchiness, tea tree oil is the right choice because it relieves the itchiness by providing a soothing effect to your skin.

2. Prevents Anti Bacterial Infection

Nicks and cuts are everyday things while shaving. These cuts might lead to severe infection. But applying a few drops of diluted tea tree oil prevents it.

3. Prevents Beard Dandruff

One of the common problems while growing a beard is beard dandruff. There are two causes of having beard dandruff  – dryness and fungal infection. If you have beard dandruff, you can eliminate it by using tea tree oil.

Does Tea Tree Oil help in Beard Growth?

Most people think that beard oil helps to increase the rate of beard growth. But it isn’t true at all.

Beard growth totally depends upon your hormone ( DHT and testosterone ). If your body is producing these hormones, you won’t need to use any beard oil for the growth of your beard.

Does Tea Tree Oil helps in Beard Growth

However, you can use beard oil to make your beard silky and healthy. You can use it to prevent irritation, itchiness and beard dandruff. People are misguided about how oil helps to increase the rate of beard growth. It’s totally your hormone that determines your beard growth.

Homemade Beard Oil Recipies With Tea Tree Oil

What is needed:

  • You need one oz. of coconut oil (extra virgin)
  • Also you need one-quarter of argan oil (Moroccan is better)
  • You need four drops of tea tree essential oil
  • Lastly, you require two drops of rosemary essential oil

Method of Preparation

  • For preparation, you need a bottle slightly bigger than 1 oz.
  • Include 1/4 oz. of the Moroccan Argan Oil.
  • Add 1 oz. of extra virgin Coconut Oil in that bottle.
  • Add rosemary essential oil (two drops, remember!)
  • Also, add tea tree oil (four drops)
  • Blend the mixture well and then shake it.
  • The clean beard oil recipe is here.
  • Apply it on your beard hair to get a dandruff-free, smoother, and softer effect on the facial hair.

Tips for Using Tea Tree Oil

1. Use it in a moderate amount

Never use massive drops of oil directly into your face. It might provide a soothing effect but is highly toxic to your health. If you ingest even a few drops of it, it might make you feel dizzy.

2. Lethal for the child and Animals

Never put tea tree oil anywhere near a child’s reach. You can lock it up in the cupboard because you need to take precautions before anything nasty happen, right.

It is also lethal for the animal. It might paralyze your pet or even the worst could happen. Thus, you never think to use this oil for animals.

Instead, you can take your pet to the vets for better treatment.

3. Can’t be used regularly

Unlike other beard oil, you can’t use tea tree oil daily. It degrades the stimulation of an androgenic hormone(male hormone to fuel the growth of beard). You know what will happen if the production of an androgenic hormone decreases, right!

Thus, you need to use this oil once a month.

4. You might not like the smell

Tea tree oil hasn’t got a pleasant aroma. It has a pungent and medicine kind of smell. Half of the readers reading this post won’t like the smell of it.

5. Use it but dilute it first

Tea tree oil contains a higher concentration of toxins. Rather than using a high dose of toxins directly into your face, we suggest you dilute it first with other essentials oils before using it.

Bottom Line

Tea tree oil if used correctly provides the best outcome. It relieves itchiness, removes beard dandruff and prevents bacterial and fungal infection. It’s the oil with multiple benefits.

Does Tea Tree Oil helps in Beard Growth

However, the downside of this oil is its harmful factor to health. It is toxic, and a few dabs of it is enough to make you fell unconscious.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Please share it with anyone who you think will appreciate the information!

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