Tea Company Names: 400+ Tea Shop Names & Tea Brand Names for You

Tea brand name list, not sure of a name for your new tea business that you want to launch? If so, you’ve come to the page.

tea brand name list

This article will provide you hundreds of memorable tea brand name lists and company names to get you started.

One of the most consumed beverages worldwide is tea. Everyone enjoys drinking breakfast tea, from young children to elderly people and everyone in between, which is why it’s growing in popularity.

When choosing a name for your tea business, keep in mind the following:

Tea Brand Name List

To get you started, consider these creative and memorable tea brand names for your company

  • A Cup of Tea
  • Natural Magic
  • High-end Tea Leaves
  • An ounce of honey
  • Assam Snip
  • As You Like It
  • Finished and Baked
  • SereniTea
  • Mastering Matcha
  • Imagining Tea
  • Eden Natural
  • In-Home Tea
  • Good evening.
  • 5:00 PM Tea
  • Tea & Coffee Empire
  • All-Spice Tea
  • Splash Brew
  • Blissy, please
  • Happy Tea
  • Breakfast in English
  • Drinking Tea
  • Breanna Bond
  • Bonaparte Cafe
  • Tea Glengettie
  • superior brews
  • What The Brew Is
  • Combined Brews
  • wholesome tea
  • Kegs of Tea

Tea Brand Names for Shops

The greatest tea shops with names you’ll like the most are listed below

  • Genuine Tea
  • Tea Horniman’s
  • Crafted Tea
  • Magic Tea
  • Teatopia
  • Inland Tea Court
  • Small Red Cup
  • Magical Burst
  • Sweet Tea
  • Dear Brewly,
  • Inflatable Smilez
  • Natural Tea & Coffee
  • Close to Nature Tea
  • Diamond Red
  • Pixie Pop Tea
  • Tea True Splash
  • Fairy Tea
  • Rooibos tea
  • Refreshing Drink
  • HappyBrews
  • Shining Over
  • Tealiteful
  • Have a drink
  • Tea Tapal
  • Palm Tea Location
  • Tea Float
  • Joyful Bubble Tea
  • Tata Tea Ltd.

Brands of Tea Names

Here are some intriguing and wonderful tea brand name list for you:

  • Limtex
  • Lollicup
  • Choose Batch Teas
  • Genuine Herbs
  • Truthful Herbal Tea
  • Lovely, sweetie
  • Insta Tea
  • Chai Tree
  • Confident Tea
  • Ideal Herbs
  • Road Hut Drink
  • Tea Sweet Leaf
  • Peaceful Scents
  • Brews of aroma
  • Aromatic Tea
  • Inn at the Garden Gate
  • Final Cup
  • Another Cup
  • ElefanTea
  • Hooker Tea Company
  • Drinking The Superia
  • Organic Leaves
  • Natural Leaves
  • Wizard Tea
  • Tea yogi
  • The Yorkshire Tea

Boba Name Shops

Here are some ideas and proposals for boba shop names:

  • Drinking The Superia
  • Spicey Twist
  • Floating Leaf
  • Time for tea
  • Having tea
  • Strong Aroma
  • Have a drink
  • Turban of tea
  • Cute tea shop
  • Real Taste
  • Shop for Natural Teas
  • Having tea
  • Animal Sippers
  • Chusskii
  • Blooming sage
  • Just Tea
  • ‘Bryans Tea’
  • Friendliest Tea
  • The Taste of A Ching
  • TeaTrebb

Inventive Tea Brands

Tea is becoming more and more popular, from tea brewing to tea consumption, with drinks including green, white, and black teas.

It comes as no surprise that many business owners have developed their own tea brands given the beverage’s rising popularity.

There are already many brands out there that you will have to compete with, not just from your country but also from other countries, just like any other popular product on the market today.

 Making your own tea brand need not be tough, although it can be tricky. The secret is to come up with a catchy name for your company that will make it stand out from the competition.

That is why we have created this list specifically for you. Here are some creative brand names for tea-related businesses you may use as a starting point for your own.

  • Fortune Leaf Tea
  • Metallic Needle
  • Specialty Rooibos
  • Brando Tea
  • Tea Fiercely
  • Tea House
  • Strong Leaf Tea
  • Tea Company Branding
  • Tea, loose leaf
  • Tea Time Brew
  • The Delectable Earl Grey Tea Cup
  • Café Oolong Owl
  • Cerealis
  • Cha Ball
  • Coffee or Me
  • You Make It
  • Cafe Happy Daze
  • Now Cuppa
  • Tea in color
  • Mixtures and Flavors
  • Spice Tea Company inc.
  • Low Tea Inc.
  • Invert the System (Black Tea)
  • Company Leaning Tea Tower
  • Tetra Pekoe Company
  • Large-Leaf Tea
  • White Gold Tea Inc.
  • Tea Yummers
  • Coastal Oasis
  • The Ideal Pot
  • Excellent Morning

Names of Bubble Tea Shops

Here are some names of bubble tea shops you might like:

  • Beijing Tea House
  • Cafe Shing Wang Bubble Tea
  • Coffee and tea from Sidamo
  • It’s Tea Time
  • Collection of tea cups
  • brewing tea
  • City Teas
  • Inn at Jing
  • Shining Star
  • Delightful
  • Tea Shine Bubbles
  • superior brews
  • Let’s brew.
  • Concoct Blue Brews
  • Exceptional Teas
  • Household Teas
  • Choices for morning tea


Name Ideas for a Tea Company

In today’s world, giving your firm the name is absolutely crucial. The name gives folks a favorable first impression.

Choosing the ideal product has become extremely difficult because of the market’s dramatic growth in product supply.

However, most consumers are still unsure about how to choose a quality product. They simply think that if a company has a nice name, their product must also be good.

Because of this, using a unique and memorable name for your tea business will help you attract plenty of clients quickly and easily.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a name for your tea business:

1. Ideas of Names for Tea Companies

You should start by coming up with potential names for a tea company. You must compile a list of potential names from which we will choose and choose only one.

Add all the names that come to mind initially to your list of potential tea company names.

The second step is to ask your own relatives for advice and ideas. You can write down any idea they offer. Move on to your pals now and solicit their suggestions.

Going to those who are already engaged in this business is another excellent thing you may do.

They have years of experience in the industry and are fully aware of the type of tea company name that would generate the most traffic.

You must therefore solicit their advice and record it in writing.

2. Short and Uncomplicated is Best

Short and simple sentences are memorable besides being simple to grasp. Such names will encourage repeat business.

And your company will soon be successful once you see repeat consumers.

This is because loyal clients like these will recommend your company to their friends and relatives. They encourage additional business.

3. Investigate your Rivals

Make a note of all the names of tea companies that are your rivals, then evaluate them. Find out how they chose the names for their businesses and what makes them unique.

What is that one item you must put in your name too, and why are people favoring them?

4. Decide on a Name for your Tea Firm

You can undertake the following things to decide on the name for your tea business:

  • Note every social media handle.
  • Register the name of your company.
  • Purchase a domain with the same name as your company.
  • Add your name or the name of your location.


All done! You now have a ton of suggestions for tea company names to get you started. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it.

You should have no trouble selecting a catchy name for your tea company now that you have so many options.

Keep in mind that the finest company names are succinct, memorable, and simple to pronounce.

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