Top 10 Slack Project Management Apps (Task Management with Slack)

Slack project management apps have made task management with slack easier. Are you in search of the best Slack to-do list and project management apps? We’ve got your back. In this article, we will discuss top slack management apps.

Slack Project Management Apps

If you’re new to the Slack platform, familiarizing yourself with some of the best apps is critical for smooth operations. We’ve compiled a list of the best Slack apps for you to peruse and pick the ones that will work best for your Slack teams.

1. ClickUptask management with slack

ClickUp is a multi-purpose productivity app. The Slack integration converts messages into tasks, which are then unfurled for teams to view. Even though the Slack app provides some functionality, many core ClickUp features must be accessed through the native web browser or the mobile app.

2. Workasttask management with slack

Workast is a Slack project management tool. It has its own web dashboard with a calendar, lists, and boards. Slack provides access to the majority, if not all, of its features.

Teams can use Workast to create and update projects, tasks, to-do lists, and due dates, and assign work without leaving Slack.

3. Loom Slack Apptask management with slack

Loom is essential for remote teams working across time zones. You can record video messages and asynchronously share your screen and then copy the URL to share with your team.

Every Loom video plays within Slack, making it a natural integration and simple way to broaden a thread or conversation if more information is needed.

4. Teamlinetask management with slack

Teamline is a Slack task management app that allows users to create and update tasks without leaving the app. Teams can even use messages to track and assign tasks.

To assist small teams, there are additional features such as template task boards, projects, and checklists.

5. Axeltask management with slack

Axel is a Slack virtual assistant for check-ins, standups, and 1on 1s. This tool relieves busy managers and HR partners who want to engage with employees or onboard new staff.

6. Productplantask management with slack

ProductPlan is a simple and creative way to create a product roadmap by simply dragging and dropping, allowing people to focus on the product rather than the roadmap.

The Slack integration is limited because it notifies all members of any changes, comments, or updates made to the web dashboard.

7. Project Insightstask management with slack

Consider a bot that could streamline interactions between product managers and teams via Slack, reducing redundancy. Project Insights does exactly that.

The tool also includes time tracking, an AI scheduler, an issue tracker, and other features. Project Insights is ideal for large teams with complicated schedules and tasks that complicate product development.

8. Hyggertask management with slack

Hygger is a project management app with features such as kanban, sprint boards, a roadmap, a roadmap, a timeline, a tasks list, a value-effort matrix, and a swimlanes.

Teams can view the task of any board in context and receive updates and notifications on any of the above features via Slack integration.

9. Hrvey

task management with slack

Keeping track of vacations or short breaks can be exhausting if you manage a sizable remote team.

Hrvey assists you in effectively managing employee absences so that your organization is not caught short on staff.

10. Jicootask management with slack

Jicoo is a productivity must-have for a variety of reasons, including the ability to schedule meetings, events, and tasks, automate operating procedures, take notes, and collaborate in real-time during meetings.

The Slack integration allows channel members to receive notifications and meeting alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slack integrates with a wide range of task management apps, from those you already use to new ones that can assist your team stays organized.

  • Install a Slack app such as Asana, Trello, or Workast.
  • Once the app is configured, you can add or update activities from any channel or direct message (DM).
  • Without leaving your Slack workspace, assign tasks to team members and mark tasks as complete.

Kanban board is generated automatically, providing you with an instant visual overview of all your ongoing tasks.

Zapier automates the transfer of data between Google Tasks and Slack—no coding required.

Directly beneath the task creation message, click the “View details” button. A window titled “Task details” will appear. Choose the due date and time by clicking on “Due Date” and “Due Time.” To save the change, click “Save.”

To make a checklist in Slack posts, simply select the checklist format option for a segment of your text, and Slack will convert it into checklist points automatically.

Install the Workast Slack app. Import the template and label your workflow. Choose an emoji trigger and a channel for your workflow.

Workflow Builder is a brand-new graphic tool that enables any Slack user to create custom workflows to automate routine functions.

Slack apps can be a fantastic way to interact with your virtual team in an efficient and productive manner.

A lot of these apps and bots can help with team communication and project management, making better use of everyone’s work hours.

Keep members of the team connected even when they are not in the same room by using one or more of these fantastic Slack apps to improve morale and bring your team together.

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