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T-Shirt Printing Machine for Small Business

– T-shirt Printing Machine for Small Business –

We have printed garments in a variety of methods over the years. Screen printing is still, arguably, the most prevalent method, as it offers superb color and lower costs for larger print runs.

T-Shirt Printing Machine for Small Business

However, if you have a tiny firm and just get a few orders, screen printing might be very expensive.

Direct to Garment (AKA DTG) printing was invented to solve this problem.

Of course, these machines aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to make sure you acquire the best t-shirt printing machine for small businesses possible.

That’s what this review will cover, so let’s get started.


Small Business’s Best T-shirt Printing Machine

When it comes to printing t-shirts. you must evaluate your use case as well as the capabilities of the printer to find the best combination.

The following are the best printers:

1. HRM DTG A4 Size Printer| Best for Low Budget

The first printer we have is from HRM, a company recognized for its low-cost offerings.

As you may be aware, the initial investment in a high-end DTG printer may be prohibitive for a small firm.

This is when our first choice comes into play. To begin with, the printing speed of this product is quite good.

It makes advantage of Epson’s well-known print head. Which offers excellent t-shirt printing results at a low cost.

This product’s printing size is 210 x 300mm. Because it can print in A4 format, it should be sufficient for most of your workloads.

Because of the compact design, you will be able to conserve room.

When you buy a new gadget like this, the handbook is quite important.

This is where the product falls short, as it might be difficult for a novice to get things set up correctly.

It comes with the popular free printing software AcroRIP. which is only compatible with Windows OS and cannot be used on Linux or Mac OS.

Furthermore, the printing speed will not be comparable to that of digital sublimation.

However, given its size and price, it performs admirably. However, you will need to heat press it both before and after printing (170° on the Celsius scale).

As a result, having a heat press with a wide temperature range would be ideal.

2. Punehod Flatbed DTG Printer (Best for Versatility)

If you want more flexibility for your minor needs, the next option should suffice.

This one will print not just your t-shirt, but also a variety of other printing materials.

Because this is a repurposed printer, it retains all the basic functionality of the Epson L800 print head.

The overall mechanism is also unchanged. Heat press the garments on flat surfaces, then pre-treat them before handing them over to the printer.

Of course, the plate size has a significant impact. T-shirt printing with a maximum size of 210 x 290mm is available.

This one, like the one before it on the list, has an automatic height adjustment system.

In addition, the study team has devised a novel circulation mechanism. It circulates the white ink, ensuring that it reaches the ink sac and prevents precipitation and nozzle blockage over time.

And, unlike systems that use a heating element to transfer prints, this feature is critical for a DTG print system. A hydraulic track and square rail are also used to ensure that the printing location is correct.

It doesn’t have any built-in pressing capabilities (nor does it have a Teflon coating or a Teflon coated plate).

Therefore, you’ll need to use an external heat press. Finally, its cooling system performs admirably.

3. Punehod DTF L1800 DTG Printer (Best Overall)

T-shirt Printing Machine for Small Business

The final item we’ve got for you works a little differently than a standard DTG printer.

You’ll need to print your desired design on a film first, then press it onto the t-shirt with a heating plate.

That’s probably not what you were hoping for, eh? It lacks frills like a ceramic-coated surface or pressure knobs that can be adjusted, but it gets the job done.

Plus, for fabric, you don’t even need the transfer paper; a standard PET film will suffice.

And, like any other DTG printer, you’re confined to cotton clothes with no thick, extra layer.

The temperature range is also reasonable, albeit the temperature management may be improved. Because the print size is roughly 297 x 420 mm. this shirt printing machine can print A3-sized patterns.

Using the free AcroRIP software, which is exclusively available for Windows OS, this printer also has a fairly granular digital control.

It also included 100 sheets of PET film in the package, which is a nice touch.

If you’ve never used a printer like this before, figuring out how to get the best heat or how the lower or top plate holds items in place can be difficult.

However, because of the manufacturer’s superb customer service, it’s a breeze.

4. HRM A3 Size DTG Printer (Best for Automatic Adjustment)

An A4 printer may not be sufficient for some people. In those circumstances, going slightly higher and obtaining an A3 one should help you cover more ground. Our next pick is one such product, yet another one from HRM.

It also employs water-based ink, resulting in high-quality prints. Of course, you’ll need a heat press (clamshell or swing away) and pre-treating equipment, just like any other DTG printer.

However, a heat press with adjustable pressure can be beneficial in more ways than just heating elements, so it’s not a wasted investment.

You can also try using a Teflon sheet to improve your results.

There’s also something special about this printer. It can automatically alter the printing height, easing your workload.

Of course, if you like, you may update it manually as well.

In terms of software, this one likewise makes use of the free RIP software to let you produce and print artwork.

Furthermore, because you use water-based ink with them, you may work in a safer and more environmentally friendly manner.

The print size is 329 x 500 mm, which is quite generous.

When you consider its low cost, this might be a great deal for a small firm.

We hope this has been educating you. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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