T-Mobile Jump 2022: What is it and How Does it Work?

If you’re looking for an upgrade program that includes phone insurance, T-Mobile JUMP is a great option. This article helps you understand how much these programs actually cost you in the long run..

T-Mobile Jump 2020: What Is It and How Does It Work?

T-Mobile’s Jump is an add-on that allows customers to upgrade their phones more often than every two years — for a monthly fee.

Is upgrading your phone early worth the extra cost? After doing the math, we’ve learned that it’s pretty much a wash.

What is T-Mobile JUMP?

T-Mobile JUMP offers customers the ability to upgrade their phones more frequently for a monthly fee. With this plan, you can swap your phone for a new one whenever you want, and T-Mobile covers half of your original phone’s retail price.

JUMP lets T-Mobile subscribers lease a new device for 18 months for an upfront cost on most smartphones and tablets. This includes smartphones such as the newest Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models.

Whenever you’re looking to upgrade your phone, you simply need to bring yours in for an inspection to ensure that it’s in working order. If it is, then you can swap it out for a new one.

T-Mobile will pay half of your remaining balance so long as you pay half of the device’s purchase price.

How Does T-Mobile Jump! Work?

How Does T-Mobile Jump! Work?

There are three versions of the T-Mobile Jump program: Jump!, Jump! Plus, and Jump! On-Demand.


The base T-Mobile upgrade program works like this:

  • Eligibility: You must be a postpaid plan customer and agree to pay for your device over 24 months. You may have to make a down payment on your phone.
  • Cost: You pay $9 – $12 extra per month (on top of your device payment) depending upon which phone you choose.
  • Upgrading: You can trade in once you’ve paid 50% of your phone’s cost. If you upgrade sooner you pay the difference between what you’ve paid so far and 50% of the cost.
  • Insurance: Premium Device Protection/AppleCare is included in your Jump! fee. This covers accidental damage, mechanical failure, and loss or theft. There may be a deductible associated with using this protection.

The fine print:

  • You must sign up for Jump! within 14 days of buying your T-Mobile phone.
  • You must trade your device in when you upgrade. Your phone must be in decent condition – no cracked screen, hardware malfunctions, etc.
  • You must upgrade to a different model or one with a higher memory capacity than the one you already have.

Jump! Plus

This incarnation of the program is simply a regular Jump! with McAfee Security and Tech PHD help desk support added. If you opt for Plus you’ll pay $12 – $15 per month on top of your device payment instead of $9 – $12.

Jump! On-Demand

On-Demand is just what it sounds like – this version allows you to upgrade your phone every month if you choose. It’s free, but here are the catches:

  • You must be enrolled in an 18-month phone lease. This means you will never own your device – T-Mobile retains ownership.
  • Premium Device Protection cell phone insurance is not included. You will pay extra if you want handset protection.
  • If there is excessive wear on your phone when you upgrade, you’re on the hook for the damage.
  • Prepaid plans are not eligible for Jump! On-Demand.

Jump! On-Demand seems like a great deal, and it is for people who always want the very newest device and take impeccable care of their phones.

It’s not so great for the budget-minded, however. Because you never own your device you’re just pouring in money which you’ll never recoup by selling your phone.

Entering into this program is an 18-month commitment. After that time your options are to:

  • Upgrade
  • Pay off the remaining installments on your device
  • Return your device
  • Enter a POIP (Purchase Option Installment Plan), which is a nine-month payment arrangement to pay off your phone.

How Does T-Mobile Jump! Work?


Is it Worth it?

All that said, what you probably want to know is how all of this plays out in terms of real dollars. Let’s look at a cost comparison between a couple of options.

New Flagship Phone With T-Mobile Jump!

Let’s say you buy the iPhone 8 with a regular Jump!

Phone payment: $29 (24 monthly installments with a total device cost of $700)

Jump! payment: $12

T-Mobile plan: $70

Total monthly cost: $111

If you upgrade after a year, you’ll be off the hook for $350 of your payments due to being enrolled in the Jump! plan. But, you will have paid an additional $144 in program payments.

Total device savings on the Jump! plan: $206

Total cost over two years, with unlimited cell phone plan: $2,664

This comparison is from the perspective of a first-time phone buyer. If you already have a smartphone – which can be sold before you upgrade – the savings from Jump! maybe a wash.

This comparison also assumes, of course, that the monthly cost of your new upgraded phone is the same as your original device payment. In reality, if you’re getting a better phone, you’re probably going to be paying more per month for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is JUMP!? 

JUMP! gives you the flexibility to redesign your phone when you need, not when you’re told, without bother. There’s no underlying holding up period. T-Mobile will pay the rest of the adjust on your Equipment Installment Plan (EIP), up to half of your unique gadget price tag. Any outstanding EIP adjust not secured by us should be paid by you at the season of the update.

2. Where can I perform an upgrade?

JUMP! overhauls can’t be finished via phone. You can either visit a T-Mobile retail location to play out your update, or read how to play out a redesign through My T-Mobile.

3. What if I have a non-T-Mobile phone?

The phone you exchange must be the phone financed with our Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). In any case, our standard exchange program offers aggressive exchange values for non-T-Mobile phones.

Jump! may be of a minor benefit if you’re unwilling to change carriers. Jump! On-Demand is probably only worth it for those who absolutely must have the newest device regardless of the monthly payment amount.

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